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  1. could it possible to make the river a little less regular? it seems the Panama canal
  2. maybe it's better call them "Italic swordsmen" instead of "Italian swordsmen". About Samnite soldiers, they was similar to greek hoplites, and after they evolves in formations similar to roman maniples, changing their equipment. There was a special corp called Legio Linteata, similar to the theban Sacred Band, but probably they don't fit with the game purpose of cart embassies, because they weren't mercenaries. Playing with Carts, i see that in UI Naval shipyard is called /Naval shipyard/ and also /Italian swordsmen/
  3. when i try to join the server, Hamachi says: "Error, password refused". Are you sure you can use a password with blank spaces? EDIT: i have just seen this thread, and the password is changed (now is caesar). I've tried with the new password and now i am able to log in to the server
  4. well, roadmap says that feature freeze date is set to February 25th, so maybe Alpha 9 could be published on March 15, and "Ides of March" could be a cool name I have edited the first post with yours suggestions
  5. thanks, i have edited the first post to remember that precious info
  6. Illyria was the old Yugoslavia... modern Albania was known as Epirus
  7. i think that MonoDevelop also support c++, but i don't know how it manages such projects: http://monodevelop.com/documentation/creating_c_and_cpp_projects
  8. ok... alpha 8 is here but we are all anxious to put our hands to the next alpha that should add the roman faction. So i open this thread to make suggestions for the alpha 9 name. This post will be updated with your suggestions, so please read this post before posting a suggestion, to check if it's already be suggested RULES I remember that the Alpha 9 name must begin with the 9th letter of the alphabet, letter "I", and should be about the Roman world SUGGESTIONS ribez's suggestions: ITALIA: in ancient times it indicated only the southern regions of modern Italy, but from 42 AC, with the suppression of the province of Gallia Cisalpina, it indicates the whole italian peninsula (see this map)IMPERIUM: is a concept of power that already exists in roman republic (see here for the meaning)IUPPITER (equivalent to greek Zeus), the father of other gods and menIUNO (equivalent to greek Era), the wife of IuppiterIANUS, the most ancient roman god, the god of beginnings and endings, from his name are derived January and janitorAlpha of the Eagles's suggestion: Ides of MarchThorfinn the Shallow Minded's suggestions: Iceni is a possibility. That was the tribe which brought up Boudicca.Illyria could work too. That is in modern Yugoslavia where there lived a people that emphasized on guerrilla warfare.Iphikrates was an important reformer, and was responsible for inventing Ekodromoi and heavy peltasts.Icarus The son of Daedalus who ended up getting killed by not heeding the fact that wax melts with heat.Indibil Not too original, but he is an Iberian hero in 0 A.D. so I will not give much of a biography on him.Iris Greek messenger goddess who used the rainbow for travel.zaphzaph's suggestion: Ilipa is a name of a battle: The Battle of Ilipa in 206 BC was considered Scipio Africanus's most brilliant victory in his military career during the Second Punic War. Though it may not seem to be as original as Hannibal's tactic at Cannae, Scipio's pre-battle maneuver and his Reverse Cannae formation was still a culmination of his tactical ability, in which he forever broke the Carthaginian hold in Iberia, thus denying any further land invasion into Italy and a rich base for the Barca Dynasty both in silver and manpower.abral's suggestion: Ilia, also known as Rea Silvia, the mother of Romolo and Remo, the founders of Rome. The story of Ilia is in "Ab Urbe Condita libri CXLII" written by Titus Livius, really important for our knowledge of the Roman history and for the Italian culture in general.POW_Attack's suggestions: Ilion - the widely known troy, in ancient greek(you know trojan war, trojan horse etc.)Ippos - horse in greekGeek377's suggestion: Iulus. The ancestor of Julius Caesar, and son of Aeneas. Also known as AscaniusIaculum (Roman javelin or short spear)Iratus OR Irata OR Iratum (angry, wrathful)Infortunium (misfortune - what happens to Carthage after Romans show up )Inveteratus (long standing - describes Rome)Incontenica (lack of restrain - Romans couldn't help expanding )Iaculus. This one is derived from iaculum (spear). It's associated with small serpeant or dragon, also called the javelin snakeBCM's suggestion: Illyricorum or Ituraeorum - Roman auxiliaray regimentMythos_Ruler's suggestion: Imperator - Means "leader" or "commander"gadox13's suggestion: Iulius Caesar (but Mythos_Ruler noted that "Julius Caesar won't even be in the release")Lion.Kanzen's suggestion: Iulii (House of the Julii- Patrician roman family)Argantonius's suggestion: Isis: Greco-Egyptian fertility goddess, Augustus tried to curtail her cult without successhhyloc's suggestion: Ionia: is an ancient region of central coastal Anatolia (Asia Minor), now in the modern Turkey. In antiquity Ionia is known for many great philosophers it produced, including Thales, Anaximander, Aniximenes, Pythagoras, Heraclitus, Empedocles, Anaxagoras, ArchelausMajicman's suggestion: Imperial Destiny: The Rise of RomeEnrique's suggestions: immodicus : immoderate, excessive, beyond measure. impetus : attack, onset, rapid motion / impulse, passion, force. ingenium : innate character, talent, nature
  9. i've played a game in Median oasis map. At the beginning the ai is aggressive, but after some time it became inactive: i think that ai players finish their resources and don't know how to use the bartering system... when i have attacked their territories, i've found plenty of women doing nothing near the border of the map ready to be slaughtered. I'm a very slow player (the game finished after 2 hours), so maybe the ai players are just tired but overall the ai has made great improvements since the last alpha release
  10. i think that renewable resources are useless, since alpha 8 has introduced a bartering system
  11. welcome! take a look here: http://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/0adManual and here http://www.wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=15388
  12. hey, they're all volunteers!!! i follow the development of many open source games, and i think the Wildfire team is one of the best all around the world: they are always friendly and open to suggestions... and compared to other teams, they post progress reports very often. As already suggested, check this page to follow development: http://trac.wildfiregames.com/timeline I receive updates to this page directly in my email program (Thunderbird) using the RSS link: http://trac.wildfiregames.com/timeline?milestone=on&ticket=on&ticket_details=on&changeset=on&wiki=on&max=50&daysback=90&format=rss
  13. http://trac.wildfiregames.com/changeset/10777
  14. and they are beautiful as always i think that Omri Lahav soundtrack is at the level of the best professional games
  15. i like this video: http://www.jeuxvideo...es-00004554.htm it's very epic, but these formations were implemented or just scripted for promotional porpose? unfortunaly the development is stopped since 2006 http://www.goblinz.com/goblinz/develop.php
  16. swamp, desert, and grassland will cost the same? no, please it cut away much of the fun of strategic choices
  17. another game to see his implementation of formation is Cossacks 2: i've never played it, so i add it just for reference OT: i like how units follow the road when there is one: probably there are heavy heavy modifier to choose the road instead the grassland
  18. thanks for the reply well, there's nothing to do, then... it's a shame
  19. Someone knows if it's possible to convert Civilization 4/5 units to 0 A.D. units? There's an infinity of units created by the Civ community, and maybe their conversion could help the creation of some mod for 0 A.D.: http://forums.civfan...splay.php?f=398 I know nothing of 3d modeling, so i'm just asking. Maybe some doc/tutorial i've found on the main Civ community forum could help Making units that use Civ 5 animations TUTORIAL: How to Add New Units in Mods [TUTORIAL] Getting Civ 4 Units into Civ 5 Initial look at Nexus, 3D Art and reskinning [TUTORIAL] How To: Import Civ5 Meshes to Blender to Create Civ5 Units
  20. @Android_ i agree with you... it seems that they try to minimize the importance of both the engine and of 0AD @feneur I've just seen your reply on their moddb page: good move
  21. yes, it is indicated in the Profile on the right that they use the Pyrogenesis engine I'm curious if there's a communication between them and Wildfire or if they contribute to the engine in any way
  22. ehm, do you know this? http://www.indiedb.com/games/byzen
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