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  1. Maybe you are taking it wrong ? Or maybe i just understood the legal stuff wrong. My port will be open source when it finished. I am not going to do illegal. I wont sell it if that's not ETHICALLY true. its just that. Look: It is a hobbyist port. And has potentials.
  2. To support the comment, i'd like to mention i have developed for C/C++, Java, JavaScript and C# for 10 years. Among these languages (and also including languages i didn't name them) i believe C# is easier to learn, construct a stable code-base/framework and to debug. However, C# is too much Microsoft-dependent and solutions with Mono/Xamarin are not mature enough to consider non-Microsoft platforms with C#. But with C#, at least we will have Windows Phone, Xbox, Windows Desktop, Windows Modern and WinRT versions of the game even without recompilation effort. It is too much i believe. One more
  3. We can go beyond this and say this fork supports Windows 8, Windows Phone and Xbox.
  4. There are two separate platforms in Windows 8: - Desktop, which is as same as Windows 7, XP and ... with improvements and yet backward compatible. Yes supports OpenGL, but you cannot put a Desktop app in Store. - WinRT, which is a new platform introduced in Windows 8, does not support OpenGL, apps can be sold via Store. Tablets with Windows 8 only support WinRT. There is no Desktop.
  5. Sideloading the apps to windows 8 is possible for enterprise only. Not all members have enterprise license and using sideloading hack tools should be illegal. However there is no hack for ARM-based Windows RT as far as i know.
  6. WinRT is a completely new platform. There is no 'backward' to be compatible. Also, there is no direct download. all the apps must be downloaded/purchased from Microsoft Store (and/or their partners).
  7. The store requires a completely different coding style, mainly it does not support OpenGL (we have DirectX). Also coding in a C++ for WinRT is completely different from coding in old-fashion Desktop applications. Absolutely the answer is Yes, we only have to develop a new user experience as Xbox does not have a mouse/touch device. The player should be able to control his nation with a GamePad. Hopefully the are some RTS titles available for Xbox and we can inspires ideas for this issue. I think, after the project is separated/branched from the mother project, it could be a totally new and of
  8. Spending nearly 1 year to port the game from C++, JS and OpenGL to a Windows-base platform C# and DirectX, it seems i cannot continue to finish the rest of job without getting support from a sponsor. The latest status is this: - Graphics almost done, except shadows and water effects. Terrain rendering works fine (the same as original CPP version) but it could be optimized to some extend. - Artificial Intelligence needs tons of work. Specially on porting Bot scripts from JS. - User Interface has minimum progress. - Needs a new user-experience to let the player play the game without needing a mo
  9. Here's C# code for UnitAI component, Originally created in Javascript. using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Linq; using System.Text; using System.Threading.Tasks; using ZeroAD.Helpers; namespace ZeroAD.Components { public class CCmpUnitAI : ICmpUnitAI { public static void RegisterMessageTypes(CComponentManager mgr) { mgr.SubscribeToMessageType(ComponentTypeId.CID_UnitAI, MessageTypeId.Create); mgr.SubscribeToMessageType(ComponentTypeId.CID_UnitAI, MessageTypeId.Destroy); mgr.SubscribeToMessageType(ComponentTypeId.CID_UnitAI, MessageTypeId.OwnershipChang
  10. Here is another screenshot from Arcadia II scenario. http://www.hilva.com/0ad/ArcadiaII.png
  11. Thanks, - No i have changed model rendering system to enable GPU animations and GPU instancing, though the public interface of the code is as same as 0 A.D. - I have not experienced an RTS on Tablet yet, but i'll have to struggle about it when i buy a Windows 8 RT tablet. Yet, tablets will have USB port (iPad dont have) so we can connect a mouse. However right clicking in a tablet would be holding your finger 2 more seconds, or tap a finger and swiftly tap another finger. I have played an RTS title on Xbox with GamePad. It was a great XP and maybe a source of inspiration.
  12. - Having SVN, it is not a very hard job to keep the source code in sync. Because the SVN shows you the exact file names changed in a particular revision and which lines of code and how it changed. Thanks to Diff. This can be done with every stable version or per revision. - Yes, possible. many games do this for years. - I don't know any better cross platform javascript interpreter for C++. But on Windows and C++.NET, you can still run C# as both compiled code and/or runtime interpreted code (Thanks to Microsoft's Roslyn). I had used Roslyn in several cases (for other projects, not 0.A.D. port)
  13. Thou C# is slower than C++ (i say C# is 95% of C++), the main reason for getting this gain would be: I used DirectX 11 Feature Level, so i did GPU-Instancing for static models/particles and GPU-Skinning for animated ones; Which saves millions of matrix multiplications done by CPU per frame. The OpenGL code is eating CPU which makes the game compatible with any computer, But please consider that most of users have graphics cards not older than 4 years, so they support modern GPU features. I translated Javascript to C#, so they are running code closer to machine language. I bet Microsoft's C# c
  14. OK i compared the frame rates of the two versions the with shadows and GUI enabled. Both on 1920x1080 pixels screen size. My C# port runs 167 fps. Original C++ version runs [41-54] fps. Same scenario, same camera view.
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