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  1. I know I'm lazy... I would only like to know the new main features that we should find in Alpha 11 in Alpha 10 the main new features are: - walls - healing units
  2. What are new features that maybe we're going to find in Alpha 11?
  3. Maybe it's OT but it would put more spice in the game to have little groups of barbarians arising randomnly in the map and attacking the players... maybe there was something similar in Civilization ?
  4. approximately, when the new wall system is goig to appear in the Dev Snapshot Repos? https://launchpad.net/~wfg/+archive/0ad.dev
  5. Hi, I would like to inform that on Alpha 9 the problem still occurs... it's a pitty 'cause I love Latium map!
  6. I just want to say that I'm so exited... can't wait to have the wall system on 0AD... keep on the great work!
  7. Bugs - trigger a sound alarm when my faction is under attack, even if it's Gaia attaking me. The location of the attack should also be displayed on the map - if i have 10 archers, and due to battles 3 of them get upgraded, i'm no more able to select all of them by diuble clicking one - when a unit garrisons a builind, it gets istantly 100% of life (it heals istantly) Ideas - some war units can also work, let's say that they are mining with some civilian units.... when an attack occourse, it's hard to select the civilians and send them in a safe building, then select war units and set them to counterattack... it would be great to have the city alarm system (bell alarm) like in AOE2... or even something more sophisticated like the ability to create a defense plan - would be nice to be able to train basic units to get upgraded... something like a special building that if you put those units inside they get upgraded after certain time
  8. What do you think is going to be done with Alpha 9 ?
  9. Hi! I was playng with Alpha 8, i would like to inform you that the problem is still there. Especially with the Latium map. Citizens of the AI try to go and do things on unreacheble hills and the game's performance badly decrase.
  10. I confirm that the problem seem to be caused by the AI... some units try to go in unreachable areas forever. Sometimes this units are on the sea shoreline, sometimes at the base of a mountain, then the game starts to slow down. If you kill those bot units (with the dev overlay / show map / command all units) then the game speed returns to be normal.
  11. maybe all these things i'm going to say are allready known... but i'll try... I had a game me vs 1 JuBot at the beginning the framerate was 20/30 after sometime it started going over 60 with peaks more than 100 the profiler shows high values in simulation update > move (the pathfinder?) my enemy was weeked by my attacks (civ center gone, only few units left) the game was really slow... I kill all my units, but was sill slow so with the dev overlay, I enabled the full map view, I saw 2 buildings started by JuBot in unreacheable areas, and some units (nearly 6) near those unreacheable buildings I destroyed the unreacheable buildings (gaining all units controll with the dev overlay) and the game started again in a good speed hope this was somehow helpfull ciao!
  12. Yeah! i've subscride to the image rss feed and the video rss feed on modDB http://www.moddb.com/games/0-ad very interesting the video of the birth of the 3D model of the Persian Merchant Ship! hope you keep on posting things there... it's kind of hard to find dev news in the forum...
  13. Hi, first of all I must say I love 0AD... it's still a young alpha but it rocks, and even if there is this bad performance bug I constantly play with 0ad and follow news about it Some news and infos are deepinside the forum, I think you should put them in the main website... some ideas: - next alpha feature preview - next alpha expected release date - faq - why I can't select Romans? - more news about what you're doing... for example it would be nice to follow from the website the dev of the Persian civ! ciao! keep on the great job... I love 0AD
  14. what a pitty! i like to play 0AD... even if it is an alpha is fun playing with it but when games began interesting i have to kill the match for this bug is there any workaround?
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