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  1. I really would like a game mode (probably optional) with a renewable economy. As it is now, after a couple of hours an average-sized map runs out of resources, so you have to win or lose before that. In this mode, one would be able (especially on very big/giant maps) to create a true "empire", a strong civilization which can win or lose a battle without being completely defeated, resulting in much longer and elaborated matches, where the economic choices and the diplomacy would play a very important role (of course a prerequisite for this would be an option to save the game). To achieve this, I would make (again, optionally) these changes: - Forests re-grow, unless a player completely destroys them (which actually happened in some Greek islands in the past: now they are empty, but 2500 years ago they had woods and forests which were used to build ships ans do on). - When a building is destroyed, it becomes a ruin which can be mined like a normal mine (which was so common in the past that half Rome was built with stone from roman monuments). So, while the total stone or metal is limited, it can be recycled. - Farms auto-regenerate, requiring about 1/3 of the food they produced (that was the best efficiency achieved in the Roman Empire). - Fish reproduce itself, unless you make it extinct. This game mode might be called "renewable" or "unlimited".
  2. Yep! It works perfectly now, and it also seems faster at generating the map.Yes, I'm using an amd64 build on an amd64 system.Thanks!
  3. Thanks for the input. I downloaded the source from svn, updated that value up to 256 Mb, then 512 Mb, then 1 Gb and rebuilt every time, but nothing changes. Maybe I have to change also something else?
  4. I'm using the latest development version (0ad.dev ppa) on Kubuntu 11.04. Is there anything I can try (like a setting to allow more than 96 mb of ram)? In the settings I've changed the lodbias to the value suggested in the comment to make the graphics sharper (-1.5), but reverting the change doesn't fix the problem.
  5. 100% of times so far; I've also tried with different maps.
  6. I have 8Gb of RAM, so I don't think I'm running out of memory . I'm on amd64 if that makes a difference.
  7. Hi, I have found that I cannot select "very big" or "giant" in the random maps size menu. If I do, after the loading screen the game returns to the main menu. In the log there is: ERROR: JavaScript error: out of memory ERROR: JavaScript error: Argument must be an object ERROR: CMapReader::ParseTerrain() failed to get 'tileData' property Thanks
  8. Thanks for your replies. The problem seems indeed AI related: with only me, I could get up to 280 units without any noticeable slowdown. Just to be sure, I tried again with a single opponent and by the time we both had about 130 units the game was really unusuable. Map size or graphical effects don't seem to matter.
  9. Hi, first post here, I just discovered 0ad and think it is fantastic.However, I have some performance problems: as I create more units and buildings the game becomes increasingly slower, until (when I have about 100 units) it pauses for about half a second every two-three seconds, so that it is really difficult to play.I have a Quad core cpu at 3.5 Ghz, 8Gb of RAM and an Nvidia 285 GTX 2Gb. I'm on Linux amd64 using the proprietary driver.Is it a known problem? Thanks.
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