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  1. Well, improvements of this sort are all well and good, but I think that the real thing we need to learn about is when Byzantium will be featured since you can't have forks without that.
  2. I think that it is valid to point out that as far as I am aware, there is scant primary evidence as to how the Colossus was clothed, and while there was a definite tradition to depicting nudity in Greco-Roman art, there are advantages (and of course disadvantages) to censorship.
  3. Well I think that if it is kept in the game, it should at least be used for its actual purpose: a primarily commercial one. Shields are all well and good, but it might be better served having merchant stalls or places for artists. Not to forget as well, the Stoa was an important site for philosophic schools such as Stoicism. I would definitely remove it from Sparta though. A number of gameplay purposes could be drawn from this: it could increase merchant output if by a market for one.
  4. Given Nescio's argument, it seems valid to potentially scrap the unit due to the ambiguities surrounding its use. If we want the Persians to be represented fielding hoplites, there were ample examples of that in simply recruiting Greek mercenaries. The most famous one that comes to mind is the employment of Memnon of Rhodes and his men during Alexander's campaign.
  5. I think that a problem that is summarised to an extent by Nescio is the issue with arguing that just because wood is used, spearmen should require wood. Probably a better approach to take would be to have most basic units cost some ratio of food and wood with the amount being arbitrary to an extent. Cavalry, being more expensive to field, would cost not only more food, but also an amount of metal, and any unit that begins with an amount of experience would similarly cost metal. Champions would cost even more metal while mercenary type units could cost only metal. Stone should probabl
  6. I would definitely find that interesting with the strategic potential it could provide. At one point ranged missiles and to an extent melee attacks could be relatively harmless against most shielded units until javelins disable that, leading to a cool hammer anvil effect.
  7. Just to nitpick to boost my meagre ego, lighter does not necessarily imply better penetration. The primary factors at work are size and density. A huge rock might not be able to be launched at a very high velocity, yet its mass would compensate, giving it a large degree of momentum. The issue with its size then comes with pressure, in which the area in contact with a surface works against that. Obviously you were generalising, but I think that it should be pointed out that the javelin could have functions unlike the others in that they could to an extent render shields ineffective
  8. Depending on the type of weight of the sling projectile, I think that there is a valid reason to give them the ability to ignore armour to a limited amount. Javelins, being even heavier should have even better abilities to penetrate armour at the cost of requiring a good deal of micro to not get caught out after launching a volley with their short range.
  9. I don't really see how that gives too dramatic of a difference unless my understanding of RTS-like control is different from yours. Sorry if I am coming off as a skeptic; I think that an idea like this has potential, and if I could think of a suggestion to make it more engaging and not just make it feel, if you pardon this sounding harsh, like a Total War clone.
  10. I guess to put this out there, the idea of a mode seems decent, but I think it's worth asking what this would really offer that a game like Rome Total War doesn't.
  11. Ah yes, thanks for explaining. Those or some variant of that would look great as far as my opinion goes.
  12. I don't seem to follow what you mean by left panel. Could you clarify? If you are referring to the attachment, I had trouble opening that up, probably a fault on my end. Either way, assuming the icons mentioned match the general concept of guard and use a more historical basis for the shield design, it has my approval for what that's worth.
  13. I have to say that the icons look a lot better in the way you have streamlined them. The primary point I would criticise would be the shape of the shield; obviously you were working off of the previous iteration, and I understand your desire to be conservative about the changes, but the shape seems to be ported right out of a fantasy setting. I think that the game might be better served with a simpler shape such as a legionary's scutum. Otherwise, great work.
  14. I wouldn't say this is enough evidence for the prevalence of studs on that sort of shield, but I did find a piece of pottery that might be a reason to depict them:
  15. One change that is definitely warranted, however, I would say is to add proper braiding to Spartans both for unit textures and hero portraits. It is clearly attested in sources such as Plutarch and Herodotus.
  16. To put forward another Hellenistic structure, the Altar of Zeus at Pergamum would be be a plausible option. The Attalid dynasty based in Pergamum was directly from Lysimachus' successor state, and the structure is in an incredible state of preservation due to the meticulous work of German archaeologists.
  17. Well, I wasn't being precisely candid there, but if the need is for something like that, I'd be willing to give it a go.
  18. Well, if there is demand, I can assure you that I can give monthly updates about the progress of 0 A.D. with the same quality and factuality of the first post of this topic.
  19. Valid point. There are definitely some that would have some great potential depending on how they were designed.
  20. I know, right? Some people might even take this as a joke.
  21. Hello to 0 A.D. fans and community members As you may have noticed, there have been few recent developer posts on game progress. With that in mind, I will be taking some time to fill in the community with the first April update. A lot of artwork has been done to incorporate more historically informed, hellenistic architecture into the Ptolemy faction. This in turn compelled our resident art workaholic Lord Good to introduce a couple new factions into the 0 A.D. roster that have been sorely missed. Many of you might be thinking that the Chinese might be making their debut,
  22. Perhaps let's discuss on a more positive note. What upcoming features are you most looking forward to at the moment with the eventual alpha release?
  23. That's why we need to branch out and launch Spork AD.
  24. Well Overreign is clearly the future of Age of Empires 2.
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