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    • I'd say for now focus on finishing the building. Props in this case the worker can be added later. 
    • @LordGood is appreciate that kind off topic. Some times I compare the models from late AoE(3D) series. the heroes in AoM are more detailed from the rest. Can be nice give to them more visual relevance. ------- I remember @Jos3BV have problems with animations. He use another program different from blender.
    • Perhaps we can make animating as secondary objective in that case. We have meshes and very nice rigs, but as blend files unfortunately. I might start dedicating my time to giving the new humanoid meshes a full set of animations myself, actually. Those models Enrique made have looked good from a distance for far too long anyway, off topic a bit lol
    • @LordGood you knows about this?
    • You explore the game finding skeletons, there are many units without animations, I recommend to you use SVN version.   @stanislas69 can help you, he works with 3dsmax. Or was... a question what kind of unit is easily to animated that aren't into the game.
    • My problem is find something, for example i go to gaia folder and here have i 2 different files of one animation, i use max files and they are not synchronised yet with blend files so maybe can it be big problem to synchronise my workflow when i am 3dsmax user,  i will help, but it seems very hard to me. When i make only models , there  is it no problem additional rescale of units and link the props or something dumb. I open now many of max files and there see i it very clearly, one horse need new animation... Or i can animate something  new for beginning to understand yours workflow hmm maybe tornado.
    • Indeed and needs will keep safe. That I was shocked