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    • In order to make the game more balanced and even more credible, the elephant or group of elephants could scare only a percentage of the enemies, something like 20-30%. 
    • Great adaptation, @maroder! Perhaps create a new class e.g. Habituated. Or add Basic class to the aura so advance /elite units are not affected. As to @faction02's concern, I think it could be mitigated by tweaking the aura range, i.e. should be within elephant's attack range so fleeing enemies can still be killed.
    • Well you'd think so, but there are multiple types of players, and some like to zoom in
    • They would only complain........ If they could see the thing to complain about. That means you just need to make it so they can only see it if they look close enough, but in a strategy game, everyone would be busy with other things, no?
    • I love these, but if they were to be implemented why not use all of them? Different colours for different ages would make it more like we are, say, progressing through history. So use one colour for each age. How i would go through them would be Copper/Silver/Darkish Gold/Lightish Gold. My reasoning being the copper age is the closest of where 0ad's timeline starts, silver is used as money but not worth as much as gold, dark gold is used less than it's lightish more twinkly variant which looks more showoffy.                                                                                   
    • I mainly wanted to spark discussion to have a feel for what people genuinely think.  Most seem to like it the way it is or do not have terribly strong feelings about it.  Your questions really open a can of worms that might be worth a different topic, but for the moment, not considering the economy, let's go through those. The primary answer to ranged units for Sparta should be the Skiritae unit, but possibly all melee infantry could benefit from a technology that increases their pierce armour called "Fight in the Shade."  Honestly the idea of cavalry being an answer to a camel unit is a bit unintuitive. As for late game cavalry, that's kind of when things for Sparta started taking off.  King Agesilaus II even formed a fairly decent Spartan cavalry force while they often were able to rely on horsemen from cities such as Olynthus.  That all said, them not being able to build a stable during the Village Phase is better than nothing.  The guide you shared did provide some interesting nuance to the early game that I was unaware of, but a cavalry rush with Sparta honestly seems weird.    All that said, most people do seem to prefer things the way they are, making much of this discussion needless.  I went into this with one primary reason; cavalry to my understanding are at the moment vital to early game economy, which seems weird for most village and does mean that all civilisations, regardless of historicity, must start with cavalry to be able to function in the current meta.  That all said, it seems that I am more or less just a vocal minority about that position, and I do appreciate the fact that people have been willing to share their thoughts on this aspect of the game.
    • Reading the wiki/Phabricator article helped me and it also taught me how to use Arcanist to upload my patch.  You would need someone to review your patch, here is a quote from a former developer describing the situation: PS: Wiki doesn't seem to work properly at the moment, archive.org might be a temporary solution. Also I can't review your patch, I'm just a player/ tester and someone who learns JavaScript by modding the game. I mostly just test patches  for @wraitii or @Freagarach and write my results in Phabricator.
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