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    • TLDR; All these ideas about making the disconnected player lose will never work and are worse than the current system. With no WFG insight into rated games, the main challenge is to make sure that the system cannot be fooled. The current model operates on the basis that two separate players would not lie. And both are telling the truth. After each game a report is sent by the two participants to the ratings bot who only accepts it if both match. If its decided that individual players can be trusted to always be telling the truth, there is no safety against players who would lie. A player can forge several reports of games that he didnt play and gain points while at the same time an innocent player would lose points. This is what will happen if the host is given the power to decide the winner of the match when someone else loses connection. The challenge is to make sure that WFG can determine the authenticity of game reports. The most reliable way being to monitor the whole game ofcourse. I could be wrong about that stuff, but I hope that clears up the question of “how come they haven’t fixed something so trivial by now?”.
    • The only changes you need right now is their combat discipline and training more armies regardless of types. When you play against AI it’s for fun and you just toy with them. If you want more difficulty then play against multiple Hardest AI and until the challenge is maximized and you get satisfaction. 
    • Yeah that might be true @balduin but if we make an Al which learn from people playing against it might do better. 
    • At we could make a new thing @(-_-) like giving 5 to 10 minutes time for disconnected players to reconnect or just let the remaining player as winner
    • To be honest it would be fun to have different experimental AI's. Maybe somebody wants to play around with machine learning to develop a self-evolving AI.
    • That might be true but you'll need some 4 outpost and 30 troop and 4 troops inside the outpost for these types of defense. 
    • I did not realize that people have such an experience. I did grew up wanting to add or remove things to a game and I played a lot of mods. However, I am not what @Sundiata categorizes as "real gamer". I actually find the term "real gamer" divisive. I do not think it is necessary to split people into groups just because one group experienced mods previously to playing 0 A.D. In additions, having mods is just a natural evolution for an open source game. There is no technical or legal limitation, which prevents people from modifying the game. Quite the opposite, 0 A. D. encourages you to contribute. Furthermore, people mentioned that most civilizations in the Terra Magna mod are in a good spot to be included into the main game especially the Han Chinese. As much as I like playing the Han Chinese, they were and still are not in a spot to be included into the main game. For example, the Han Chinese did not have heroes or champion units, when I first started playing them. Today they have heroes and champion units. The Han are very different from other civilizations in 0 A. D. I would like to see the differences further worked out, without becoming a super nation. I think it will take more time to balance them further against other civilizations. The Zapotecs and Xiongnu need more research. I mean I am impressed with the rapid development of both they are very playable today. Kudos for the great work, I mean both civilizations were added in roughly a year. Do I want to see the Han Chinese long term in the game. Yes, I would love to see them included in the game at some point. On the other hand, enabling them today is already easy. I mean go to the mod section, download them, activate the mod and start playing. Furthermore, I think in the long run there should be the possibility for mods to use only the engine and exclude the 0 A.D. default mod entirely. This would be helpful for mods such as Millennium A.D., which is not really a mod. In the long run it should be it's own game with it's own mods, but use the same Pyrogenesis game engine as 0 A.D.