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    • You can't use CodeBlocks on Windows sadly. You need visual studio. The compiler used by CodeBlocks on Windows (Mingw) can't compile the game as is...  
    • Not features not new alpha. Simply.
    • Alpha 17 and 18 took 5 months, Alpha 19 took 6 months. But comparing early to  late releases is like comparing apples with potatoes: On the one hand: The more features there are, the more code has to be maintained, fixed, rewritten, improved. For example it took me 6 months to rewrite 65+ random maps during alpha 23 development. So many maps and bugs didn't exist back then. Secondly the capable motivated and available developers went down. Thirdly we put more emphasis on quality now than was done before from what I can tell (for example we try to balance the game so that it can be played competitively on the lobby, which wasn't the case until alpha 14-16 when the lobby was introduced and scythetwirler started trying to fix the balance. But the quality in other areas was neglected too. I recall alpha 18 was about to be released with an OOS, nowadays we would fix it). Another example are the trailers, which consumed up to 2-3 weeks. Very early releases often were only a new snapshot of the most recent state with sometimes only few and small addtions. In the last years we try to add at least 3-4 new impressive features that have  distinct, memorable character to call it a release, so that people actually get excited about the release (rather than just installing something that doesn't differ from the predecessor). The 4th reason is also the reason why this should not be called alpha 24 but alpha 23b. There is literally not a single new feature unless you call privacy policies or connection encryption one. It's a classic maintenance release. An update to an existing product as the existing product had some serious defects. So if one wants to target 3-4 month release cycles, that will come with a serious quality or feature reduction unless there are some supermen coming. I think we should continue to keep the quality, use our time more economically / productively. People have kept piling hacks and workarounds. It seems we currently add more contributions the way they should end up in the final version of 0 A.D. and pyrogenesis. So the end of having to rewrite historic spaghetti code might come eventually. After that, we can provide the same quality and same new impressive features in a shorter timespan. I don't see how we can change the rest of the restrictions (in particular if we want to use the time most productively). Alpha 23 rerelease in particular had some weeks of timewaste unrelated to above argument as everyone fled the dirty GDPR work. That is more a problem of negligence.
    • Then you should check the log file for 0AD after all the OS does not know what the app is doing in detail check the wiki for Game data paths the one you want is interesting.html which is just the errors   
    • Have not used Codeblocks to compile 0AD on Windows but on Linux , after you run update-workspaces.bat you will find a Codeblocks folder ready to use so you don't have to get that pile of manure from Redmond so no grass under your feet Enjoy the Choice
    • Since there are three separate languages this post might not get noticed by the relevant people so a more general announcement with a suitable title would be appropriate. Enjoy the Choice