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    • I'm not convinced at all. Manor Lords looks incredible for many reasons, but in terms of combat strategy, this video doesn't really say anything interesting to me.
    • the game is better at lower pop imho.
    • these look really cool. If you need other ideas, we will also need a Scythian dock, a Scythian version of an ovoo, nomads stable, and a 'royal yurt' (other discussion):
    • next one, left side view
    • Shader effects 0 vs shader effects 10. It's not really a beauty. 842 model tris in atlas, 421 in blender, hope that is not too many @Genava55 @Ultimate Aurelian Should I make a stone baba and steles from the deer stones culture or would that be ahistorical?
    • What I think makes the Seleucid cavalry so interesting is that they were, unlike other Hellenistic kingdoms, forced by external enemies to develop a strong cavalry force. And this necessity aggravated even more after loosing (and becoming enemies with) some of their own important cavalry suppliers, regions like Parthia and Bactria. This even led to a tendency to neglect infantry which turned out fatal in some battles. In the above text, I was focusing on the composition of Seleucid cavalry. Its role and importance probably deserve its own text. You worded it pretty well, if you're fine with it, I'm gonna use the passages you wrote, I couldn't write it better.
    • It's true, it is open source and I am not a dev.  So it is easy for me to complain about the poor performance in team games, even though I myself cannot put in the work to fix it. Nevertheless, I have been asking myself recently: should I really be playing a game this laggy in 2024?  Time out of one's day is lost in games where actual time is significantly longer (2x, for example) than game time. WAY more than the unit rebalances or new units, I look forward to performance improvements like Vulcan.  I also heard a27 will bring a way for the host to check if a player is causing lag due too just having a slow computer.  So the host can choose not let that player in 4v4 games for example. That is annoying.  Probably what you are running into is the fact that a maximum of 200 units can be selected at a time. 2 things can help mitigate this now:  Hold alt while dragging the mouse to select military units only.  Holding alt + y while dragging the mouse to select will select NON-military units only.  Or, Play games with a lower pop limit. A bit of self critique:  Some of the performance issues can be mitigated by choosing different options.  We DON'T HAVE to play 4v4 200 pop team games.  I think 3v3 is pretty interesting, actually.  We can play lower pop limit games (albeit this effects the defensive structure vs unit balance). Just because we have the freedom to choose grander options doesn't mean that it's the best choice.
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