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    • This is a common problem in the channel, most of their map are sh*t. When they talked about the skirmish around Geneva between Caesar and the Helvetii, they put the position of the oppidum at the other side of the Rhone and the bridge got misplaced after the conjunction with the Arve river... This is so f*cked up. Moreover, they used the map from Rome 2 TW as a reference for the position of the Gallic tribes... so naive. Furthermore, they are popularizing the myth that the Marian reforms existed as something written in the stone. Kings and Generals is of mediocre quality for the accuracy but some times in a few topics they give interesting information. This is only an introduction and clearly we should fact check their videos. I think they have an excessive productivity and are too much focused on releasing videos than verifying their sources. I saw they mostly worked with Osprey titles... which are really problematic on some topics. It seems they have a general problem with geography and for them "Africa" is only below Egypt I noticed too that they skipped the other part of North Africa.
    • I'm also against it, it would be very easy to guess a rush due to the temporary eco boost, the exploration score would also make it very random in early game and in general I wouldn't like informations given like that. This is not exactly what he meant, it is not hidden in AoE2 when the next age is reached (there is a notification), but to start advancing there is hidden. In AoE2 advancing to next age is slower and has more consequences than 0 A.D. so score can spoil it a bit. But next age advancing would not be a problem in 0 A.D anyway.
    • If you scout you can tell by (the movement of) the borders anyway. But I agree, it should be optional.
    • Well it's gonna tell us something about the opponent.  That's the whole point, isn't it?  It could be less informative.  It could end up being more informative.  I don't understand the desire to have it in a multiplayer game. To simulate the rumors as described by coworotel? I don't think it's cheating.  It's not cheating if everyone can do it. But we can see how everyone did with all the nice graphs at the end of the game.   What is desirable about having the enemy score visible during the game?
    • turn off , then..option enable and disable or mp ranked disabled.
    • I think it's obviously a bad idea... You need to scout to assess the strength of your enemies. Seeing live scores makes it so easy to pick off the weaker players, and shouldn't be allowed in MP matches in my opinion. 
    • @Genava55 Thanks, very interesting, and nice to see more of this info disseminated to a larger audience   I do feel like he missed a lot... It's actually not a video of "Roman trade with Africa", but more a video of "Roman trade on the Indian Ocean".  His maps aren't that accurate. And no mention of Kush Rhapta (in modern day Tanzania), Nicon and Sarapion were much further South than his map depicts.  Nubia wasn't a term used in the 1st century. The Kingdom of Kush was actually a much more important trading partner with Rome than his glossing over the region suggests, and unlike the "primary" sources he refers to (the writings of the Periplus of the Erythraean Sea which deals specifically with the Indian Ocean trade), the evidence of Roman-Kushite trade can be clearly seen in the archaeological record, as well as other written sources. Also, how could he not mention Nero's "peaceful but not so innocent" expedition to find the source of the Nile, in collaboration with the reigning Kushite monarch?  There is no mention of the Roman trading expeditions to West Africa   No mention of Cornelius Balbus expedition, who defeated the Garamantes in 19 BC and sent an expedition further South that reached a huge river, probably the Niger river! Roman coins and apparently even ceramics were found in Mali... No mention of Suetonius Paulinus expedition which may have reached the Senegal River. Roman coins and fibula attest to commercial links at least as far south as modern day southern Mauritania.  No mention of Septimius Flaccus and his joint Roman-Garamantian commercial expedition which reached lake Chad. Likewise no mention of Julius Maternus who also lead a joint Roman-Garamantian commercial expedition to the same area (Central African Republic)   
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