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    • I  found a great source for free music, attribution-only required. Might include this music in the next alpha.
    • Caldera, a 3 player map.  
    • This list is everything I can think of that is in Delenda Est right now. Will be release within a few days of next alpha (couple weeks from now).
    • then it will all be in delenda east ?? What have the Romans ??? ok
    • Hi guys. Elexis he asked me to make a records package and put in forum, here are some of my games 1v1. We would like to see other players sharing their games here borg- games.rar
    • Okay, so since the first release is soon with the next alpha, I will use this space to list all the change and features in Delenda Est compared to vanilla game. This is not a changelog because I don't have the time to document every minor change. I will organize this better later.   New civilizations: Principate Romans (Imperial era, heroes are Augustus, Titus, Trajan, they have a "Slave Economy" mechanic and a "Auxilia" mechanic; they also unlock phase upgrade by building Temple of Vesta and Triumphal Arch respectively), Epirotes (a war elephant Greek civ with interesting mix of mercenaries, war dogs trained from houses), Thebans (fire raiser, Sacred Band, Thespian Black Cloaks), and Scythians in the planning stages (with packable, moveable buildings).   All new technology tree for every civ. About 75% of the tree is shared, but 25% is unique to each civ, especially at the Blacksmith. Pair techs reimplemented with lots of technology innovations (for example, there is a tech pair at the Blacksmith that either reduces cost for blacksmith techs or reduces research time. Since blacksmith techs tend to take 60 seconds to research, this can be interesting choice if you want to rush or anticipate being rushed).   Phases are like this now:  Each phase upgrade increase unit line of sight (which start very small) and Civic Center territory radius. Phase I "Village" - Economic focus. Storehouse and Farmstead can be built in own and neutral territory. Can only train infantry soldiers and 1 cav (cavalry limit removed at Phase II "Town"). Dock is split to 2 buildings, the Dock (economic) and Shipyard (military). Dock available in Village Phase, with whole new technology tree Phase II "Town" - Settlement becomes more sophisticated with access to more important buildings, like Market (whole new tech tree), Shipyard (warships, with whole new tech tree), and Blacksmith (large new tech trees unique for every culture). Stone Wall is unlocked too, so use stone to build powerful walls or use the stone to go to Phase III "City" Phase III "City" - Can now build Fortress and train heroes and champions. Catapult and Bolt shooter unlocked with Ballistics technology. Civic Centers can be built now so you can plant new colonies. Build a WONDER to go to the last phase. Wonder automatically increases the max pop cap for the player, "A Wonder for the Ages."  Phase IV called "Empire" Phase - Unlocks a bunch of powerful technologies. All siege upgrades can be obtained in Empire phase as well as champion and hero upgrades.   Defense Towers have upgrade from Wooden (Village Phase) to Stone (Town Phase), for 100 stone cost and 30 seconds. Outposts can upgrade from Wooden to Stone as well, for 50 stone cost.   Mercenary Camps are permanent objects on the map that can be captured by any player. Train up to 30 mercenaries at the camp very quickly, but cost a lot of metal. Mercenary limit increased +10 for every camp under control. Not all civs have mercenary units yet in this alpha, but will for next alpha.   Formations: 3 formations deleted, the rest are altered. Column formations give a speed boost. Phalanx and Syntaga formations are slower, but because of "Locked Shields" aura for hoplite units and "Massed Pikes" aura for pike units, units get armor and attack bonuses respectively. The Wedge formation for Cavalry gives a big speed boost. "Open" formations look a little messy.   Melee Cavalry have a trample aura. It is not idea, since it works even if the cabalry are standing, but it's a start. Chariots have this aura too.   War Elephants are very strong now. They have a Trample Aura and a Terror aura. The Terror aura reduces the attack and speed of nearby enemy units. War elephants are countered by Skirmishers and Flaming Pigs, which have an aura that reduces the max health and attack of war elephants. Train a pig from the corral, then set it on fire with the upgrade button (lol).   Ranged siege are revamped. The stone thrower or catapult class siege is no longer trained at Fortress and no longer packs up to move. Instead it can be built by soldiers in the field and is stationary.   All new unit balancing and hard counters. This is not quite balanced yet due to lack of 1v1 play. Costs and train times for everything adjusted.   All new skirmish maps: Britannic Road (2 players), Caldera (3), Miletus Peninsula (2), Treasure Island (2), Two Seas Redux (6), White Cliffs of Dover (5). Acropolis Bay heavily altered. Autymn Fields is a reskinned Gallic Fields, and Alpine Valleys reskin. New sandbox scenarios for many of the civs. Started on Corinthian Isthmus (8 players), Blue Nile (4), and Scythian Steppes (4) - these last 3 will finish in the next alpha.   Population dynamic is changed. Support Units are 1 pop. Infantry are 2 pop. Cavalry are 3 pop. Default population limit changed to 500 to reflect this. Population limit options revamped.   Game Settings: Population options revamped (100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 500, 750, 1000), new Victory Condition (Conquest Civic Centers), Conquest Units renamed to Genocide. Starting Resource options revamped (default set to 500 each). Game speed options adjusted. Descriptions of things rewritten.   New loading screen tips and images. New GUI portraits for many units. New technology portraits by myself, Lion.Kanzen, and others. Going to remove the placeholder ones for the release bundling. New map preview images for many maps (most skirmish maps, some scenarios, and all random maps).   Female Citizens can be captured now, but Spartan women cannot. Celtic women double capture points.   Carthage is revamped so that mercenaries and embassies are a lot more important, because "citizen" units are limited to 40. Sparta is revamped so that the Syssition is more important. Spartiates can be upgraded to Olympic Champions (limit of 2). Sparta starts with 1 Spartiate as a special starting unit. Sparta can't build stone walls until Empire phase. Macedonians can upgrade the Barracks to a Royal Barracks, with more techs and champions. Can upgrade individual champions to better versions. Macedonians also get a 4th hero: Craterus. The Republican Roman and Principate Roman army camps can be upgraded to Civic Centers in Empire phase. "Mediterranean" civs, like Romans and Greeks and Successors train their heroes from the Civic Center.   A bunch of updated terrain textures with spec and normal maps. Much to do in this area.   More to come.