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    • @Hidan already made a thread like this: For the sake of satisfying them, why not create an Atlas-only Nabatean skirmisher with the same stats as the mercenary Blemye ones? The unit icon for the Seleucid cavalry skirmisher needs to be changed though, currently it's a re-use of the Achaemenid Median cavalry. Persian, not Hellenistic. A bit off-topic, but from the recent changelog the Odrysian skirmishers and Thessalian lancers for Macedonian faction has been reverted to their old icons instead of re-coloring their present models to green.
    • I added a new option in A24 to allow them to be stationnary like an helicopter or a spaceships
    • I tried out some planes. They don't seem to respond well to the move command. Initially they'll move right away, but after that, they kind of fly around in circles before moving to a spot that's been selected and don't stay in one place when ordered to. But I'll experiment more; maybe there's something I missed.   This test map I made is a 2v5 game on a modified Red Sea skirmish map. P1 and P2 have 5 planes each, and 2 players on the opposing team also have 5 planes each. air_unit_test_01.pmp air_unit_test_01.xml
    • The deviation is Greek and Latin and has more meanings than just "promotion" though the metamorphosis from caterpillar to butterfly/moth is a promotion Enjoy the Choice     
    • @Stan`, what @Carltonussaid. And for extra trivia, "morph" is derived from the English word metamorphosis  and in French I believe it's "métamorphose".
    • It makes a difference for units garrisoned in buildings e.g. in a Civic Center; attack, capture or retreat? But so far the shown number doesn't take into account multiple arrows. The CC shows 6 attack (12pierce/2sec), the sentry tower 4.5 (9/2sec), but the CC has 3 default errors while the sentry tower has only 1. So it should be 18 for the CC and 4.5 for the sentry tower. Also so far the numbers don't change with more units inside So the full Civic Center would have 23 arrows with 12 pierce every 2 sec, means 138. That's quite useful to know. It's another question if you should be able to see that for an opponent's CC or would need an upgrade ..
    • Eae manos, While the SVN version is already playable,  there have been little to no opportuninities to play a TG. This is due to players not having installed the version, but also to a lack of coordination, which is the issue this thread aims to solve.  So please state here if you are intrested to play a SVN TG and also mention when you might find time to do so. Get SVN Version: https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/BuildInstructionsGettingTheCode svn co https://svn.wildfiregames.com/public/ps/trunk/ 0ad     @Issh @Lorenz11 @Dakara @Dizaka @yilmazgng @randomid @SaidRdz @kristian @Boudica @carthage @ValihrAnt @Feldfeld @borg_ @Stockfish @ffffffff @Pudim @JC (naval supremacist) @PhyZik @Talenters @nani @badosu @YT99 @aixo @BoredRusher @chrstgtr
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