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    • Update: added phases to details and icons are now squares and not rectangles  
    • @nani honestly I did not think about smaller resolution  Second version now has icon size 35x35 with 4 pixels space between them, it fits 26 icons with 1024 perfectly and possibly all 30 (in case some civ has so many buildings with some research in them)
    • Small Updates... After developing all products ( i will implement soon in the Mod) , is important to set prices, for this i developed a product Manager Component, which will keep track of all products produced and consumed every 5 Min of game play,  if the products consumed are more than that produced the price for that kind of product will get higher , if instead the produced are more than that consumed, the price will go down.  To give a more Trading Dimension i decided to divide all the game Economy in Cities Economies, that mean that the prices are calculated for each city, independently of all other cities, ( doesn't matter if 1 player has more cities, all cities even if owned by 1 player are still independent to each other)  this give a real trade opportunity and peculiar economic output for each city. To keep truck of each city  products, producers, price and stats, i am developing the Economy Panel, which will replace the 0AD trading Panel. I also decided to give more identity to each city, assigning to each of them 1 unique name, and also display it on top of the 3d Model. Here the Economic Panel  so far:  you can see all cities in the game, each has a unique name (i add the number 2 after the name when the cities name list of that civ is expired) and the player color . I will soon add the functionality to click on one city and show all producers, products and price . Here the name for each city will appear on top of the 3d model :   About cities names i need help, i want to keep all the names historically correct, so if someone with good historical knowledge  can provide me at least 10 name of city for each Civ, so far i just added 10 name of Carthage Civ , i even not sure are correct. Thanks
    • @user1 Here's another quitter. After a really long match he/she just quit. His/her username is Micky. Quitter_named_Micky.rar
    • I like it! One thing I don't (not your fault, this is the canonical 0ad style sprite) is the excessive number of horizontal lines. By the way, does this layout (lines of icons) fit in the minimun screen width resolution ?
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