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    • I personally wouldn't want to collect email addresses. We could do something like providing a "recovery code" that you would have to make note of, and then could be used to delete or reset your account.
    • I would suggest looking at how hotkey.selection.idleunit is implemented. First you need to add the hotkey definition to default.cfg.  Then you would implement something like findIdleUnit in binaries/data/mods/public/gui/session/input.js. Here are a few tickets covering this feature: #1899, #1492. You might be able to reuse some or all of those patches.
    • Not sure it is related to autociv but since the name appear in the error messages... I have the latest version available in this thread. I couldn't quit the game normally after that. Do u need replay files?  
    • I did not meant to attack you, please accept my appologies if I did in any way. I just tried to correct your knowledge about the game. And to my simple question why something should be seen as error all I got was "so u have no clue but speak good words " Please be a bit self-critical and admit that from your post "also in the description of the civ it says 10% international trade bonus only, bnut here it says 25%" I could not know what you exactly mean
    • Hi, you can try a.) uninstalling the game (either through the start menu or "Add or Remove Programs"), and then b.) delete the "0ad" folder in "Documents\My Games\". Then reinstall the latest (0.0.23b) version. If that doesn't work, which mod/mods are you downloading?
    • That s the whoile point of taking a civ, having an advantage over another civ in a particular area. I think the game u want to play doesnt exist. U should invent a shooter game  with only 1 type of weapon, so that everyoine has the same weapon as u, since having different things means OP to u, lmao
    • I know this thread is old, but I just found it too ridiculous as to not respond to this. U are calling unique features OP? So maybe the mouse u r using should be called OP too, and u should return it. 
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