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    • IIRC those stats are in XML files though each civ has a separate file for each unit so it is a tedious process to edit each file in question so a way of dealing with all the files at once is needed not a trivial task basically a macro for a text editor and not many text editors have macro search and replace functions and then they are not available on all the platforms we support. Enjoy the Choice   
    • Hi! Another possible solution: could you add `preferglsl = "true"` line into your user.cfg file? You can find path to it on our wiki page.
    • that would be great for an API or for the editor.
    • Hi @ekele, welcome to the forums. Nice to see someone actually attached the relevant files! I didn't look at them yet, but the first thing you probably want to do is to check that 0AD is using your dedicated GPU. Should you be unsure how to check that, here is a recent thread that should contain all the relevant info: HTH
    • Hi,   When I launch the game, an empty black window appears and then nothing. The cursor is there though.   Some additional info: Using a Lenovo Yoga Slim 7 Pro 16ACH6 with Ryzen 7 5800H CPU and Nvidia RTX 3050 dGPU Nvidia card selected for Pyrogenisis.exe in Nvidia Control Panel Tried deleting Nvidia driver from Device Manager and reinstalling from Lenovo website userreport_hwdetect.txt system_info.txt mainlog.html interestinglog.html
    • An idea: make unit stats adjustable during game setup, and all players use the stats stored on the host's computer. This resolves all of the balancing issues on the forum, no need to trouble the developers and players can decide the stats of units for balance. There will be no more balancing conundrum. 
    • On a more serious note. There's a lot of "OMG 0 AD is going to die!" type of comments being made. Let's assume, if only for the sake of argument, that this is true. So what if 0 AD dies? What's the big deal? Will the planet explode? Will your life be over? Of course not.  Have you ever seen users with green nicknames? Those are former staff. There's been a lot of them, from artists to programmers to historians to project leaders, etc. People come and go. They make some contributions and then they move on to other things. Projects themselves come and go. If 0 AD dies, it's not the end of the world. So the whole rhetoric of "OMG fix the balance or the project will die!" is moot. 
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