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  1. [edit] Sorry, carry on. I thought you two were bots.
  2. Aeros

    What Is Still Missing In Art Development ?

    Welcome to the forums! There are some very talented artists who can turn out art relatively quickly, faster than the programmers can keep up with. Before the gameplay can be fine tuned, all the gears that it calls for need to be in working order, the rest is just stats. The majority of the process building this game is coding it to do everything the design asks for. Thats a lot. As the alpha grows, you'll start to see more of the civs. If you are learning to model, take a shot at making something Show it on the forums, nothing is stopping you and documentation exists on how to do all of this
  3. Aeros

    Alpha feedback

    There is no reason Pureon's work shouldn't be the game. In the scenario design community we call this eye candy and use it to embellish the game world where-ever we can. I remember there is some design layed out for world ambient objects exactly for the purpose. We anticipate attempting to recreate the look of dense cities...Along these lines.... What would be very helpful is creating generic buildings out of the current art already used for the civs. They don't have to be much for starters, just a few simple shapes. This and any of the eye candy Puereon is making can go to designing cities for the campaign or even random maps (if the sky were the limit) These might not have a gameplay use (yet) but they can be included as objects in atlas. Or in PR videos and screenshots. Ofcourse its useable. We had a list going back in the day which is a goldmine of ideas to start with. Its beautiful work
  4. Aeros

    Alpha feedback

    Just dropping in to say that you're doing GREAT things, Pureon Keep up the awesome, very happy seeing this
  5. Aeros

    A map

    Hmmmmmmmm I notice the main thing keeping these maps empty is a lack of easy to set up foliage and ground cover. half the biome art still isn't there
  6. Aeros

    Spotlight on recent fan art

    That is really fresh Pureon! Really happy to see this. Having done hundreds of these in the past, a word of advice will be to catch a more dramatic angle of the shot, with the view brought down abit and tilted skywards (we call this POV, point of view). This will make the buildings look more proportional. Really like how you've got a city going on
  7. I seem to think that just a faster training time is enough too. If there was a resource discount, NO ONE would train in any other way other than batch training, since if they didn't they would lose to the person who did. I'm okay with saying 20% discount too, its not a major detail. We really could just not worry about it right now and have the whole squad pop into existance right outside the barracks. If this is tremendously easier thats what we should do and worry about polishing it later. I'm not sure our buildings are even scale enough to pull off units emerging from within them. Maybe one by one, but batch training would totally break that. I know some games where units are very small, they can emerge as a formation out of the door. All the units clip through eachother at the door but then spread out once on the ground, it looks convincing enough from the default game view. Another way of doing it is having the units generate at the back of the building away from view and then walk to the front or the rally point. I kind of like this idea. My preference is for the easiest to impliment option, these aren't killer features here that we can brag about
  8. I see where you are comming from, but in the long run I don't think the players need to know the concrete algorithms on discount amounts or any information like that, it will turn the game into balancing a spreadsheet in the mind of the player, when all they need to know as the strategist is that training in batch is faster. I guess its a difference in design ideas of how technical we want the game to get with numbers. In my experience and belief these things detract from immersion. We just word it differently. Discount sounds kind of odd. so my view... It just says "shift click to train in batch for improved efficiency" and the appropriate resources or time (as balance will dictate) are adjusted for. If we have techs or anything that raises the efficiency and we need to communicate that, we still dodge numbers by updating the tooltip to: "shift click to train in batch for [researched tech name] improved efficiency". Michael what do you think? I think the gameplay will speak for itself if we end up wanting that to happen. For now I think no just to keep it simple and because the more numbers a person is looking at the more they are balancing spreadsheets instead of playing with strategy.
  9. Aeros

    I hate to be a know-it-all...

    Thats the way we think too Fionn thanks!
  10. Aeros

    Seasonal Dynamics

    Seasonal effects on resource gathering rates is actually a very good idea. A game could start durring a random season which would change over every 20-30 minutes. This way people cannot relly on certain build orders if for example you cannot forrage or hunt if it is winter, and more players strategies would be disrupted by needing to spend a longer amount finding out how to gather their food resource. Though I wouldn't overcomplicate this and make it as rich you have it suggested, the idea is something I really want to try out in an RTS. Still, our intensions with seasons was that they be purely visual, but in order to not end up having to make 4x as much art, we're kinda taking it easy on that idea. Definately something to do and investigate later once solid gameplay can discern if ideas like this work out or not.
  11. Aeros

    Incredible Stuff

    Xen... Why not anthropology Cultural or physical... maybe even lingual could be interesting enough. Its much the same thing but more fluid and open to interpretation. A degree in anthro can be applied to a lot of things as well, like a photographer (work at nat geo), journalism, history too, etc etc. If I wasn't such an artist I'd piously be persueing cultural anthropology, nothing more fascinating than concretely studying alternative ways of everything and looking for the puzzle peices as to why it is rather than just how it is. Also... I want juicy details about your story. People are getting screwed over left and right these days, I wouldn't pin it specifically to their careers in archeology. Unless you have juicy details to support this claim.
  12. Aeros

    Suggestions for 0 A.D.

    Okay please think about this. Would it really? Is it really going to make you say "wow! this is so much fun!" when one of your territories containing a ton of your forward buildings and units suddenly for no reason is no longer yours and begins to attack you? Most likely this would confuse you the first time, and make you extremely annoyed every subsequent time it happens. If there were conditions you need to meet so that your territory doesn't revolt, then those just become standard busy-work features that just waste your time micro-managing things. There is no reward for the player, in terms of fun or otherwise for a territory to revolt other than preventing the game from being terribly unfair and anoying. What makes things fun is rewarding the player for doing clever actions...punishing the player or rewarding the player by not punishing the player isn't how to make something more fun. The idea however is an interesting twist that can be applied to campaign situations, but in regular gameplay this would be the most anoying thing... in the midst of combat I do NOT want to worry about half my units suddenly turning against me because I forgot to purchase additional ping and it has now become very high.
  13. Aeros

    Hey guys...

    We just wanna release the game instead
  14. Aeros

    Please welcome my Lord

    Will the lord's presence be requiring any tributes for his unfaltering allegiance?
  15. Aeros

    Editor screenshots

    Although, you may dig up some old articles and previews on gamedev.net to see some old stuff