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  1. 1 minute ago, wowgetoffyourcellphone said:

    Looks nice, thanks! 

    Can I request an Imperial Italic helmet like this for DE's Praetorian Guard and Evocatus with and without the crests (just reuse the Gallic crests)? 

    Up to you though.  :) 

    Looks like this whit the decorations just that i forgot to do the decorations and different visor:




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  2. Just now, Stan` said:

    Almost :P (Thanks for keeping up)



    Missing file 'art/meshes/props/helmet/old/rome_coolus_a.dae' referenced by: 'public/art/actors/props/units/helmets/old/imp_coolus_b.xml'
    Missing file 'art/meshes/props/helmet/old/rome_coolus_b.dae' referenced by: 'public/art/actors/props/units/helmets/old/imp_coolus_b.xml' 



    Done. :D Np, i want to have that folder clean and stop scrolling a lot throught tons of duplicated helmets of the old variants. If i have some time after ending the animation re-export i've see if i can separate helmets by their respective kind in the old variants, there are a lot of duplications because of helmet mixing.

  3. 44 minutes ago, Phalanx said:

    I know this was already said, but please! The Diadochi factions already suffer economically, because pikes move slower than all other units, so their economy is not as robust. Everybody mentioned the speed of skirmishers when gathering, but not the slowness of pikes.

    @Nescio patch fixed that removing the nerf or buff off every unit kind. And yes im glad you mention that, that is also another broken fact of infantry speed the only way speed should be different between infantry is running and running should be implemented only with stamina for not having it as an exploit of skirmishers. Honestly this isnt a "balance" issue, this an exploit and an insult to realism or immrsion in gaming, is kinda stupid and not doing anything only worsen the fact of the speed exploit.


    Look the most modded game of all: Skyrim. It has magic, beasts, dragon, huge axes and everything an RPG has to offer, Yet the community of this game made thousands of mods to make the game more realistic and immersive by adding hypothermia, thirsty, hungry, deceases, Mods to modify combat into directional damage and proper sword and shield combat etc. Everything to make the game realistic and immersive for the community taste. Who was wrong in here; The community who plays and buy the game , Or the developers ? Remember AoE 2 Forgotten devs.

    Doesnt that applies too to 0.A.D. ? This is a game for educate our community about history but what about realism? We have to question ourselves "What are we teaching ?" That a skirmisher walking zoom all over the map? That a ram is faster than a pikeman formation charging ? That an skirmisher army was more dangerous than an army of well protected and shielded pikeman.

    Also the fact of having different kind of walking speed is just another excuse for being a clon of AoE.

    If this game doesnt want to be compared with AoE, do the right. Implement good features: Realism in human matters, Realism in combat, the opportunity of create batallions after creating single infantry and then make them forget about gathering and improving their combat skills while they are in batallion.

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  4. Just now, Hidan said:

    Argh! Very nice helmets, but ...

    Doing a 2nd commit with the infantry adjustments, the 1st one was only the addition of the helmets. That one will be deleted in the next commit and replaced with the new one.

    Just now, Stan` said:

    Which one ? :) If the one above posted by wow I agree it would like nicer with crest :)

    EDIT: can you fix those errors ?

    Missing file 'art/actors/props/units/helmets/props/hele_crest_thracian_b2_small.xml' referenced by: 'public/art/actors/props/units/helmets/hele_thracian_b1.xml'
    Missing file 'art/actors/props/units/helmets/props/hele_crest_thracian_b3.xml' referenced by: 'public/art/actors/props/units/helmets/hele_thracian_b3.xml', 'public/art/actors/props/units/helmets/hele_thracian_b3.xml'
    Missing file 'art/textures/skins/props/armor/greave_04_bronze_spec.png' referenced by: 'public/art/actors/props/units/armor/greave_04_bronze_l.xml', 'public/art/actors/props/units/armor/greave_04_bronze_r.xml'


    Thanks! will clean those while removing the other unused files.

    Will do one with crest soon with hair particle.

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  5. 6 hours ago, wraitii said:


    Pikemen and such, when gathering, aren't supposed to be burdened by their heavy armour anyways (since we show them not having it), so their regular walk speed should be basically identical. Only when in special 'formation' mode should they possibly be slower.

    Champions are a different deal.

    Been saying that the whole post :D, speed should be the same for all as well as taking walking speed into a multiplier of 1.0 right now javelinist have 1.4 wich is too much for a "citizen" and the animation just illuminate the broken template and not integrate a "broken" feature like running into a tree, the infantry was always running in terms of speed but not of animation.

    and if the other solution is implemented a solution would be take speed walking to the resource and to the dropsite to a 1.0 and 0.5 while going to dropside (overweighted by the resource, specially if they have 30 carry resource tech)

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