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  1. The Scorch

    Conservatives, Capitalists, (social) Anarchist, and tribal nihilistic civ?
  2. Stoas and champions

    Totally right, I forget to say that I struggled to try it but didn't achieved to get it work
  3. Stoas and champions

    I really don't want to argue about a mercenary system, although I could agree, because design discussions seems to lead to nowhere. The way I see this is like a name fix. It's always better to do it instead of saying others to do it, right? Sorry for the ping @elexis, @stanislas69 but if you agree on this change, here you have the modified templates from A22. Mercenary Camp patch.7z
  4. Stoas and champions

    Wikipedia says (not the best source, I know): A stoa, in ancient Greek architecture, is a covered walkway or portico, commonly for public use. [...] These buildings were open to the public; merchants could sell their goods, artists could display their artwork, and religious gatherings could take place. Stoas usually surrounded the marketplaces or agora of large cities and were used as a framing device. I really don't want this discussion to go off-topic (sorry for my part). Just want to suggest a model change, from stoa to a mercenary camp.
  5. Stoas and champions

    Well, all the new champs introduced are mercenaries. Thracian black cape are not greek, maybe you're right about thorakites and the heavy skirmishers. Regarding persians, both melee and ranged kardakes were mercenaries. And indian elephants are foreigners.
  6. Stoas and champions

    Yes, although I'm in favour of your ideas, I'm assuming the current gameplay. Well, but in this building you can also train champ skirmishers. About Kushites IMHO, the problem is that they a lot of units overlapping the tech-tree, while some other civs could also have more soldiers fitting the same role, they break the others factions design. Well, researching a little seems that maybe the added champs are not so out of place. But at least, please change the stoa for a mercenary camp!
  7. In the original design, every civ had acces to only 2 kind of champions, except Carths (2+1 elephant champ). Then came the Seleucids, and to avoid a big roster of then, the paired tech was made. Mauryan also had 4 champs (3+1 elephant), and that was given as an special civ bonus. Ptolemies have all cavalry champs, so they get the pikemen for balance. But then some random champs were added for greeks civs and persians, killing some of their special uniqueness and historical realism, because I don't know if that units were used by them. They were scenario units only.... Altough I understand that maybe there was some balance issues for Sparta and Persians. I try to not make more design topics or discussions, but I just wanted to remember that for the new civ. And maybe also that Stoa is not a correct place to train them. Is like train mercenaries in the market. I would suggest to swap the building for the mercenary camp.
  8. I think that Ancient Empires it's my favourite concept (altought I never play it unlike DE). BTW, that doesn't mean that I find interesting ideas or changes in others mods or concepts.
  9. you're right, but Egypt sounds a little plain for me. Just wanted to add a little more of epic for hooking players to play it.
  10. The Battle for Egypt, War on Egypt, Egypt at War..?
  11. We don't know how would react the player base with a major redesign. For sure always there would be conservative people, but maybe a lot of people will welcome changes, and some other will just accept. I don't know. BTW, another great problem is the coding side. Is not the same designing the game with some key features that condition all debates, because they could drastically change the gameplay (I'm thinking in run/charge, formations/battalions movement and fighting, and directional damage), and isn't the same redesigning the game with the current stats of things that the engine can handle.
  12. Would be cool some kind of easy trigger editor integrated in the Atlas. I think nobody had work on this, right?
  13. Maybe "The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-earth" provided some tactics in this sense with cavalry and monster charges, and formations (specially pikemen to counter the later). That kind of system would be cool (as we've talk a lot in forums) to implement in 0 A.D but without being to micro, cause in this kind of RTS or RTT, you only have one or two resources, and the economy it's very simple.
  14. Please Lion, when you're posting something in the forums, instead of doublepost, try to edit. You're shadowing others post or contributions. The left column of recent activity will look cleaner and more diverse.
  15. But won't be less weird that the mounted horseman stabbing the corpse? The transition could be done later. And also right now the citizens soldiers undress they armours and weapons magically when tasking to work.