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  1. av93

    Ideas ?

    With dancing we're not talking about, legit hit and run strategies, right?
  2. av93

    2522: Warhammer [Overhaul mod]

    A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one You have units models?
  3. I gave a try to the mod, but sadly I need to put a wire to have a good connection to the internet. It's an huge improvement, want to see how evolve the meta of multiplayer.
  4. av93

    slaughtering chickens with cavalry?

    Yeah, I know, was me who proposed this "hack". I was proposing the same for the slaughtering animation, although it could look very bad if the animal moves while being killed, and then the cavalry unit have to move
  5. av93

    slaughtering chickens with cavalry?

    That reminds me that the slaughter animation should be done with the cavalry dismounted. @Alexandermb ? I suppose that the logic behind the current sexual division of labour is because the citizien soldier concept. Then, like mostly males where the soldiers in ancient culture, you have to represent somewhere women. So let's create a women unit. I don't really know, maybe an older member team can explain. I would say that historically, both genders have worked in every field, specially slaves. Except hunting, specially big animals, that have had a special status, and it have been done mostly by men. But sexual division of labour is a cultural thing If we keep Citizien soldier concept, my opinion it's that cavalry should be only able to hunt wild animal, and not to gather domestic ones.
  6. Another argument against would be that it devalues the importance and uniqueness of the CC But I haven't strong opinion against or in favor, nor I been playing multiplayer since long time. In gameplay terms, that would make conquering much more difficult in third phase, and that should be balanced.
  7. How I forget it. Surely my bias waiting for a big gameplay change. I just hope to see more differences between gauls and britons, and better art for them.
  8. You mean a patch that will fall in (changes) or that there's some patch rotting somewhere? Didnt understand BTW, was thinking specially about the art changes, if they will replace the current celt units
  9. I also did this topic, if it helps. Because now we will have hard counters, filling the tech tree could help balance, while I think that every civ shouldn't have every unit avaliable. Like AoE 2, civ unique bonus and unique techs, and avaliability certain research, could make differenced between the ssme kind of units, making emphasis on some of them, while allowing a variety of strategies It's very far from the quality of @Genava55 or @Sundiata research, but here it's
  10. While changes unit roster messes with gameplay (and this is a sensitive topic, altough we all could agree that the two handed sword champ should be changed), what we know about the unit models and textures? The teams aproves them and they will be implemented for the next alpha?@stanislas69 @Alexandermb Offtopic 1, but related to art, what about remaining placeholders for seleucids and ptolemies (arab javeliner, camel archer variations, judean slinger IRC)? Offtopic 2, but related to historicity, IMHO, Skiritai commando should be renamed to Skiritai runner (commando refers to a modern unit) (It's the way to avoid multiple short topics)
  11. Finally I got internet to download the mod, but sadly my wifi range doesnt reach my pc... I will test the game against the AI... I found my counter proposal, if it's there some idea that could help
  12. Hope that this will go official, including the han civ. (Always have been argued that having this civ away from main 0 ad version, was to show modding possibilites, but now there're some others civs mods... among others reasons) Moar questions.. what will be the role differences between javs and slings?
  13. Will try to comeback to 0 ad and play some multiplayer match next week when I will have internet again. Because this topic have been talked a lot, won't write suggestions, but @borg- have you considered to change hack/pierce/crush to melee/ranged/siege attack? Maybe it's easier to design and balance this way
  14. av93

    Borg- vs Valihrant on Expansion Pack mod

    7zip anyone?
  15. av93

    Fork AD

    I would like to know when we will know something, specially what approach of gameplay will follow this fork