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  1. Along the announcement with aoe 4, they have announced definitive editions for 2 and 3. For the second, it will generate some fury to people, cause aoe 2 HD supossed to be that, but instead is a buggy mess. At least we will have a solid version (I hope). I also think that there should be like a half discount for HD buyers. Then for aoe3 I expect a reunification of the game. With the expansions, the game was somehow fragmented. (Don.t know if it were meaninful numbers) And for the original aoe 1 definitive edition, i.m a bit dissapointed. Windows 10.. And that they went too much purist. No gates, no women villagers, no formations. Farm system reseeding hasn.t been confirmed how will work or if there will be one at all.
  2. [Alpha 22] Balance considerations

    Maybe a rps system of spearmen>tower>skirm cav>spearman for phase 1
  3. Suggestions for 0 A.D.

    Can be reworded like this: female worker unit it.s slow, unarmoured and have low hitpoints...
  4. Known Problems (Please read before posting)

    Swastika it's a easy symbol to draw, so different cultures have probably came to the same design independently. This game it's an opportunity to detach the symbol of Nazism, and taking into account that the symbol have rounded ends and four points, maybe it can be shown in Germany. If the in-game encyclopedia it's similar to the AoM design, with internal links ( @s0600204 it would be?), swastika could have a dedicated entry to explain this.
  5. Counters must come back

    Sorry, you're right. Overall a better pathfinding for formations, but also the battalion system that have been talked. Unit that fight in formations and don't disband, formation and directional bonus (just to add sense to syntagma, phalanx and testudo formations)
  6. Counters must come back

    Well, formations don't need the rewrite? So about charging, it's a matter of design consensus, or need of work?
  7. Counters must come back

    Charging and formations depend on pathfinding and UnitMotion rewrite, no?
  8. The Counter System

    Well, the game could be based on the asymmetrical balance concept. Starcraft is the main well-know game with 3 very different races, but then you have AOE 2 that also revolves with different tech trees, currently with 31 civs. Champions could be reworked, instead of being super-units, could have special features, like aoe 2 unique units, pe: -Iberian swordsman champion: slight better swordsman, that gets better bonus with the special monument, and moves faster. -Spartan champion: very good stats (like current champions) -Persian immortal: could be the only champion trained on barracks (current champions that are trained on special buildings, could need the building to be trained if it offers some other bonus), slighty better than spearman but doesn't have the penalties that other persian infantry has (if persian infantry gets penalties as it is written on the DD) and also can use a ranged attack... (immortals were called like that cause they were replaced very fast) and so on..
  9. Unit (help) info description.

    Yes, I think too that I made them too long
  10. Unit (help) info description.

    Well, my objective with this topic isn't to debate about gameplay design or counters (so I don't need a sheet), just to put in-game the roles that are intended to do the current units and their stats. I made a sample for starting the discussion, but seems that there's no interest in this proposal, at least in this moment. There's no problem in that, but I think that it would be helpful for the average player. Description can change (I made them with my personal test, and maybe the meta in multiplayer is different, I dropped to play a lot, but I like to stick here). I want to say that I tried to understand how to make an diff., but failed to. I created a ticked and I wanted to upload a patch (cause I know to edit .xml) to make that thing by myself... Here's a sketch with my bad photoshop skills.
  11. Counters must come back

    Well, Aoe I hasn't the best counter system design. The design sheet it's okay if you mean that. I tried to make a description about units roles, but devs didn't say anything.
  12. The creation of an internal policy.

    Of course! I enjoyed a lot grand ages of rome! (Imperium civitas)
  13. The creation of an internal policy.

    i'm not a developper, but this kind of suggestion (with the other one in the other topic) falls more in to a City simulator. I don't think that the dev team would agree in neither, but this is a open source game, and you can do whatever you want, included gathering a team to make a city manager fork.