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  1. Goddarn Johann Jakob Bachofen! More egalitarian societies have existed (although with sexual division of work) including female warriors inside of them, but there's been never a matriarchy as an opposed patriarchy where the women rule the men by symbolic and direct violence. We've matrifocal, matrilineal and matriocal societies: some of them are more egalitarian, some don't.
  2. At first, pathfinding and formations should be better. I see a lot of work being done by @wraitii, but I don't know to what extend and with what aim. I miss the dev diaries. (I think are improving the system to thread the pathfinding, among others things, like fixing the gliding units)
  3. Seems that the 4 civs have been leaked by Steam. Cumans, Lithuanians, Tatars and Bulgarians. I have some hope. While DE launch was a mess (altough I liked the graphics) seems that they retooke the game and Microsoft finally threw some budget to fix it (the last 3 patches) Probably AoE DE2 will start with AoE HD as a base. With some budget, they could improve the game. This is the star game of the saga, with more players
  4. Screenshots that sum up the trailer: Seems that there's not that much difference between AoE2 to DE2 in comparison to AoE1 and DE, specially on buildings. Announced features: 4K resolution, audio remastered, new campagin "The last khans". Some things that I noticed: the Indian architecture set it's used, probably for a new civ that uses a chataprhact lancer style. I guess that India officially won't use anymore the eastern set. Eastern European set have been improved. Seems that there's a new architecture set. And a civ with a chariot.
  5. Seems that in 4 hours we will get the announcement https://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?iso=20190609T13&p0=137&msg=E3+Microsoft+Keynote+Presentation&font=serif
  6. Calm down everybody, and back to the specific topic: try to do this in the game, lay a foundation of barracks, and select women to build it. Right now women can build everything, they just cannot lay the foundations. You know that? So this change is actually trivial.
  7. Reviews are very positive since udapte 10. That should have been the release, not one year after
  8. You have an opinion. That's great. Some of us we have another vision how the game should be, that is great as well. But then there're the devs, the guys that finally have any last word. I have been wording for some years that the game should review the gameplay and try to do a cohesive vision, because in my personal totally subjective opinion, the game was designed with an addition of ramshackle features that some blend well, others don't. But because I really haven't don't so much work, kudos to the dev team that carry forward this project. And we've to keep in mind that the game isn't finished at all: for example formations would change everything. The design document says a lot of things, with an actual counter system that is not implemented right now, and it's very intricated. It says also that the civs should have only 2 champs, seasons, provinces. Sticking to the defense of that It doesn't have sense at all, currently, it's being revisited. For me citizen soldier concept have a lot of problems that have been wrotten down for years. At least in the forums, there's some consensus, hard to measure, that Borg mod is accepted. Maybe I'm wrong, maybe not, but I just don't understand that so much hostility against him. We all get that you are against their mod and you don't approve their merge in vanilla.
  9. Marring after half year? Crazy, we dont do this here. We even dont get married at all
  10. Yeah. But I was looking into this paragraph specifically: Well, I was thinking about groups of the Suebian confederation -> regional standard unit Neighbors or Allies -> mercenaries. Is a way to have mercenaries and have fuller rooster in the barbarian civs. Think the metal cost as part of the alliance and deals, or something like this. Also, the name would be something like "Cherusci Allied Pikeman" in the same way of "Italian Allied Cavalry" of Romans. Other units would be just the demonym of the tribe + Class
  11. Well, doing a fast reading of wikipedia seems that Suebians and Cherusci coexisted and sometimes were allies. If the idea of the civ is doing regional units for the tribes that were under the confederation, Cherusci pikeman could be an allied unit (mercenary)
  12. IRC, that was in Cimbrian wars, were Cimbrians, Teutons and Celts fought Romans in the Alps.
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