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  1. Not a mahout but a walking man for others animations
  2. Could match with the wounded soldiers animations
  3. Not only the immersive thing, but also one of the core problems IMHO of 0 a.d. Defend and collect resources it's generally better than get the workers to fight. But back to somehow to topic about elephants and farms: what about a real worker that guides the elephant, like the merchant? In this case, the elephant could be unloading grain sacks, and the worker seeding them
  4. It has been like almost 1 year...
  5. Seems nice! Map shouldn't autoreveal in mission mode. Also, the UI doesnt match at all with the dialog boxes (the style of those are better IMHO)
  6. That sources are after Mauryas contact with Alexander, or before? Maybe a mix of Macedonian Stone Thrower with later medieval Indian engines? (mixing Indian aesthetics with Macedonian mechanism) Also would be nice maybe to add rams to Elephant civs (Mauryan, Egypt, Seleucids, Kushites and Carthaginians), and Kushites ( @Sundiata) had stone throwers IRC
  7. Fits in 0 ad timeframe, or it's an imperial era weapon?
  8. The small patches means that is a matter organization, not of testing, that can be done with all the general patch. The mod hasn't been tested already? But IRC my question was regarding the official team desire to include the balance
  9. To be fair, it was a year ago, and the game has receiving some patches. Could be better, but I didn't experienced this
  10. The inclusion of Borg mod it's official? I hope so, but it's not still included in the dev branch.
  11. Hey @wowgetoffyourcellphone, just a random_idea© What about allowing to train like N number of Harii ambusher leader (name TBD) that function as mobile barracks to train Harii Ambushers? (in a limited number, let's say 20) II or III phase, regular mercenary or glass cannon mercenary champ. Basically to some gameplay differentiation to the other celts. Another idea is to merge axes and clubman into one class (swordman stats). Different actor for the same unit.
  12. Wow, last version improves readability a lot. There was some patch to add icons instead of words, IRC
  13. Seems that the link are broken Besides the name change, they served as light phalanx but also as runners and chasers. So probably they used spear as main weapon, as Wow have changed. Giving spears could be a little misleading from a POV gameplay, but on the other hand it gives cohesion to the civ spear identity and aesthetics (I'm not suggesting an stats change)
  14. That it's a very interesting topic. I would like to study regenerative agriculture (but I have neither the money or the time)
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