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  1. Well, I'm in favour for singular civs, but only if balanced. About Britons, maybe they should replace the Iberians as the javelineer civ. The skirmisher Iberian stereotype is not real, it was more the Lusitanians that could fit it. But maybe it could be written somewhere that the Iberians represent all the peninsula tribes, including Celts and Celtiberians. Splitting them it's a bad choice where other civs could more interesting. And the wall bonus is too extreme
  2. Don't understimate wicker and mud, actually it's a very good technique.
  3. Thatched roofs for houses, and wooden slates for important buildings?
  4. if there's some evidence, It would be nice for differentiating from the Celts.
  5. Wow, love ecology (and ecologism). Your contributions are very well sourced, thx for that. Okey, back to topic
  6. Btw, you're an historian or an archaeologist?
  7. I don't know if first there should be a better trigger support, more win and defeat conditions, and a way to adapt the AI to the scenarios
  8. BTW, how it's going Fork AD. When we can expect a release?
  9. I don't think so in this case. But there's some rumour about a campaign dlc pack. And a regional unit pack would be cool
  10. BTW, the video is a defense of why is important to have a feminist perspective and showing diversity
  11. A topic have started in the AoE forums about women in the videogames. This is a sensitive topic, because goes directly to your beliefs and triggers your deep emotions. The aim of this post is link and show this video if somebody finds it interesting, I really don't want to fight. Sadly, it's in Spanish, although automatic translate could be used, it's usually very bad.
  12. BTW, there's some kind of aim or objective, like finishing some the pathfinding updates? There's been a lot of changes and maybe a release could help to chase bugs and unfigurated behaviors by a major playerbase than the dev build
  13. Arab skirmishers are the last unit TBD?
  14. Finally, ptolo and seleu havent been done for years. I think camel archers needs more variations? Idr
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