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  1. @Lion.Kanzen Maybe you could advise this in the 0 a.d en español @Sundiata I think that list only shows the popularity but not the games ranking award (that of course should have relation, but is not the same)
  2. ==[ENHANCEMENT]== Hellenic Unit Textures

    Macedonian or seleucid? Seleucid right? It would be cool to differentiate at first glance all units of different civilizations, even the ones that share cultures. They look very distinctive to the other Hellenic pikemen.
  3. Well, I don't know if it's only a simple change of name, or also a extension of functionalities that could extend the game modding capabilities up to the cube (and also needed for the roman pilum attack)
  4. Sorry, I was pointing two different things: I don't know nothing about programming, but I can imagine that D931 it's somehow easy to implement, and it's nice to see that probably will land for Alpha 23 The second phrase (the status and consensus) was referring to @wraitii's D281 (sorry for the double ping, just to get sure to get an answer, because it's one of my most "desired gameplay features")
  5. Ayuda! no puedo unirme a partidas

    En este caso, en principio no seria culpa tuya. Recuerda que el foro es en inglés.
  6. IMHO, multiplayer mod filter in the lobby is a must if Hyrule becomes a popular mod This ticket could very extend the gameplay design capabilities, what is the status and dev consensus about implementing it? @elexis, @wraitii
  7. For me it's not too bright... I think that the original was even more brighter, and then Aoe2 was tuned down. Sad to see that they didn't updated the diagonal walls... (they show like a wall of end-walls., like in the old game). Didn't watch the full video, the game have been improved? (the lag could be from the pc performance, or network issues)
  8. [Collection] Mute's Gameplay Mods

    Just a 2 minutes investigation
  9. [Collection] Mute's Gameplay Mods

    Yep, it is.
  10. Searching for Alexander battles, I have found this series: I post it here cause it's educational and uses 0 A.D main song title at the end (and it's properly credited)
  11. Polybolos animations for infantry

    The "girder" of the center needs ropes, right? There's also a black circle that shouldn't be there.
  12. ==[Task]== Seleucid champion chariot

    For me I feel that the interior is rounder, but not the exterior circumference. Random fact: the chariot at the first drafts of the Seleucid design, was a melee chariot, but probably because there's no run and trampling, was moved to a ranged unit.
  13. Berries inside a stone

    I don't know if the generation of resources inside resources or buildings (generally Iberian walls) are a map script problem, or a general one. I know you're aware, but in case that the problems are map specific, here you have one. The problems is that in my CC (black), I had berries inside stones. berries inside stone.7z
  14. Well, we're talking about a remake, not a reboot, don't? Maybe it will happen in Aoe4, cause there's nothing written against taking the series to the ancient era another time (modern era it's well covered by other games, and probably better covered with another gameplay systems) Well, I didn't signed a NDA. And don't think that it's very important. Also in the first and allowed gameplay video, there're ponds and happen the same.