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  1. Sure I'll keep it somewhere.
  2. Okay, thanks for the feedback.
  3. Trying to update the model to make it less bland, guess it didn't have the expected outcome.
  4. @Thundori @Itms is the person you need to contact for that. Thanks for your interest
  5. No it doesn't get overwritten. It should be in documents/my games/0ad/replays.
  6. I was thinking of buying one for that purpose but it seems a bit overkill ^^ I don't think it's ram related, there is something else at play here.
  7. I guess given the name of the file, a yellow specular ?
  8. Duplicated vertex groups crash the game in debug mode. Happy to see you back.
  9. I have an idea. Both the field (plot_field_temp.xml) and the wheat (farming_wheat_harvest_a / farming_wheat_harvest_b) have extra materials. Maybe @LordGood know more of what he wanted to achive. plot_field_temp.xml spec normal diffuse material (basic_trans.xml) required textures: diffuse farming_wheat_harvest_a spec (props/yellow.png) diffuse(gaia/farming_barley_harvest_a.png) material (basic_trans_wind.xml) required textures diffuse So my uneducated guess @vladislavbelov, @wraitii would be that the game is somehow having fun swapping those unused textures because one shader still calls them. It usually uses the one it finds around like the palisade here.
  10. It is unfortunately not possible without modding yet. See https://trac.wildfiregames.com/ticket/2459
  11. See Unfortunately I haven't found a solution. Maybe @Itms's spidermonkey 45 update will fix it.
  12. I'm taking a break from the forums for a few days maybe the weekend maybe more. Cya everyone.
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