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  1. What feature would you like to see that isn't present currently ?
  2. @feneur , @Itms can you guys have a look ? I don't think I have that kind of access...
  3. There is a ninja in the game. It does not have custom animations though, nor a template. Maybe a low priority challenge for @Alexandermb.
  4. You're welcome have fun with the game @matricea
  5. Stan`

    0abc mod

    An image is better than words
  6. https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/Translation_DE/0adManual I'm not sure I understand what you need after that!
  7. Stan`

    0abc mod

    Also now we have the experience bar below haven't we ?
  8. Hey there @Ideaguy, glad you like the game and welcome to the forums
  9. Stan`

    0abc mod

    Star craft seems to do this. I wonder though if it's really sustainable and also doesn't make it harder to process the information.
  10. @Beise@ Good work so far. Small nitpick Can you add edit messages when making changes? So that we can actually track the page history. If you need me to create pages when you are done with one please ask me here
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