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  2. gameboy


    @elexis Please help me fix the problem, thank you.
  3. Proposed ultimate solution in first edited entry of mine....
  4. Yesterday
  5. but i already got banned now its my third time i did not created a second account pls unban me must be a mistake @user1
  6. I believe we reached the productive part of this thread. If you need information concerning your ban please contact @user1. If you want to stop being banned maybe stop breaking the rules?
  7. In that case, your opinion contains just as little of value, and this thread serves nothing more than spamming. Examining it realistically, exactly that is what's happening too.
  8. unfortunately, your opinion has no value . @Stockfish help me please
  9. Angen


    Hi @gameboy, thats issue of the map, I suggest you to nott play it with conquest units and conquest as you will not be able to win because enemy will have some units you cannot reach or you will not have some starting units. Someone created it as squared and then set circular option so there are placed entities at places that cannot be reached in game. It was problem with loading map data where map was always loaded as circular. Will be fixed by @elexis.
  10. " a poll about the ban " .. haha like people would care if i'm in the lobby or not. Boudy after the vote
  11. This thread is receiving too much attention. Having followers on Instagram doesn't provide you the unique treatment you are expecting; and the fact that you are sarcastically trying to buy yourself out of the punishment is pure disrespect. IMO. You deserve another month or two.
  12. Exactly. The rules state the following; "Only create one account per person on the service unless authorized by Wildfire Games."
  13. So we can't create a new account without getting banned ?
  14. What do you mean when you said it needs a stronger sharpening effect? Do you mean the default value? The original patch has a static sharpness factor of 0,5. The new patch allows you to select a sharpness value between 0,0 and 1,0 by slider. The default is set to 0,3. A value greater than 1,0 would lead to colour noise.
  15. @OptimusShepard I have tested your new patch, which seems to require a stronger sharpening effect.
  16. In French: Playlist (although the titles are wrong): https://www.dailymotion.com/playlist/x4xmn4 Légères perturbation en Centre-Gaule - le film Unsettled outlook for Central Gaul (French with English subtitles) https://vimeo.com/54526897
  17. It is not necessarily a problem if this option can be turned off by the host. And if the option must be turned off in higher ranking game. There is a lot of players staying on single player game or playing online exclusively with friends without any competitive attitude. Actually it gives more time to focus on resources and buildings in early game, letting noobs the opportunity to masterize this aspect first. I don't see how learning scouting later will impact negatively your game. Scouting is easy, only time and click consuming. Yup. Ancestor is really nice the first hours and then you are bored to hell. I have no issue with dedicated base if it lets the opportunity to build the other buildings like you want. AoM was limiting but it wasn't an issue. Starcraft has also dedicated locations for the base but lets the player build as he wishes. I really hope they will make a Ancestor Legacy 2 with more features and more freedom in the building sets.
  18. Autoscouting. https://forums.ageofempires.com/t/please-do-not-implement-auto-scouting/72029/8
  19. gameboy


    @Angen Please help me, thank you!
  20. Last week
  21. very shmart, kiddo. thanks for implementing my suggestion.
  22. We need some op games to playtest the new maps! @Feldfeld @borg- Would you be able to join lobby for a few games in the near future?
  23. JC is a man of the people. The people in charge are doing everything in their power to suppress him, but let me tell you: "tribunus plebis JC will not be silenced!". Ave JC, morituri te salutant.
  24. Now players can host and join hosted regular games with mod activated!
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