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  2. Hello everyone, After a private discussion today we have decided to use the the Library of Congress Standard proposed by @Anaxandridas ho Skandiates with a little modification, where iotas will be added. The page and the game should be updated accordingly. On a side note we both hope someday being able to also add the real alphabets in the game, but that's way more tricky.
  3. Besides, I'm sure the host would like to make sure they don't lose 4$ And really, who the **** would regularly risk 4$ on 1 team game -.- This isn't a game for the rich so I see few applicants I can think of many better things to spend that on, for example an inflatable chicken-rabbit hybrid that squeaks every time you poke it. It probably exists so why not
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  5. This is more related to the methodology in this case.
  6. If you are transparent at day 1. I don't see any risks. This is also an open-source platform. It's better to move together, but it doesn't have to be in this way. I really support every individual who wants to add something to the community. I think we need to focus on the primary problems then we can see the possible solutions. Also, I don't see any risk to raise money just for visuals works like graphic design, social media creations etc. It would be perfect if we had, let's say two graphic designers for a six months or more. I don't mind to raise money for this particular job. I think we shouldn't separate WFG from the community. There is no bureaucracy in the community. Nobody has to worry about something, sometimes 3 motivated people can change everything.
  7. Yes, you're right about it. Hiring the existing staff is the best way in the beginning. Community can work with freelancers easily. I think nobody has to quit their jobs, but I believe there are many expert level of freelancers online. Creating a sustainable team can be the first step. If we can raise money for the devs and other staff community can grow healthier. We can solve this issue. I think there are many ways to cover expanses. It's easy to pay server costs when you have founding. You pay, you get. That's it. However, there are other ways to exchange value. I think everybody should aware of the needs of the community. Then, we can focus on the primary problems. Everything's gonna be alright.
  8. I don't think anyone is against either people playing the game or donating money. I'm certainly not. But when you mix up the two it definitely gets complicated. I mean even if you avoid any legal risks there's always the risk that people will feel like they've lost because of cheating etc, and in the end WFG might be accused of being involved even if we haven't done anything more than leaving a thread like this up. There's also the matter of being able to prove that the money has been moved towards 0 A.D. rather than put in the organizers' pockets so to speak. I'm not saying that it's impossible, but I really don't see the benefits being very major compared to the risks involved.
  9. There is a donate button on the website. Once you involve money, things quickly get complicated. The best value would obviously come if you hire an existing staff. Who would that be? If that is answered, would he quit his irl full time job to work on a game he found online? There is a reason the funding is mainly used to pay server cost.
  10. I think fpre @ffffffff is trying to improve community contribution. I love this idea. There can be many ways to raise money for the community. 0 A.D. has some needs. We need manpower. We can solve this to increase the level of contribution. People generally do not like the idea of getting money for an open-source game but it doesn't change the needs of the game. Also, working voluntarily is not free. Somebody is paying for this. Open-source is not free. There is a huge amount of work behind it. Most of the time it's bartering. If you somehow contribute the game that means there is a value there. It doesn't have to be money. You can help the community with different ways. Briefly, we need to cover the expanses by finding the sources of manpower or raising money, therefore we can move forward.
  11. Well, even if this is legal it's probably so close to being illegal and also runs the risk of causing way too manu issues for it to be something that WFG should even tangentially be involved in. What you or others do in other places is your business, but please don't use the forums to organize potentially illegal activities.
  12. Sorry to heat that. Thanks for using our game !
  13. A quick update: The moving of files to the data folder did help the VFS error we were having, but now it's just back to error code number 0 and game freezes... Today is the presentation, and it's sad to end the project on this note,but we'll the best out of the situation. Thanks for everyone who tried to help us!
  14. this thread was suppose to get interest not disrespect or disinterest .... read above ^
  15. Reworked networking model. Lockstep model is no longer used. This is the recent trend. Most remakes and re-releases by major studios do this. (Lockstep model is what 0AD is built upon. It have major drawbacks which cannot be fixed. It was an ingenious solution to limitations in tech which no longer exists.). It’s faster, more efficient and more secure. RTS was the only genre which held out the longest. While the lockstep model seems to be secure, state mismatches can easily be caught, it doesn’t go all the way. For example, in 0AD, playing a rated game with full map visibility is very simple. And that’s something you can exploit without opening a game source file. (A player who is already known for abusing various game mechanics have been using this since ages. I don’t know if he have stopped doing that). Maybe, I can post a step-by-step guide on how to do that later .
  16. Sadly, we live in a world where you can't freely do what you decide with your money. I've even considered a betting mod, which would allow observers to... bet on different things. This would only be possible to do with some virtual points though.
  17. A technical review. mods on MS website or store. unfinished recent releases.
  18. How about making a cash contribution game, like if you win you get your starting fees back and if you loose you support the game with your contribution, so you win in either cases. So we make a starting fees of lets say 4$ every player. (We could go for 5$ then its 20$ contribution to 0 A. D. maybe this is more interesting for 0 A. D., we have to meet somewhere just general idea) Then we play best of three games 4v4 players balanced along in teams. Winning teams get their fees back and the rest goes to 0 A. D. code contribution. Maybe 0 A. D. Wildfire side can offer some features that can be improved with that contribution and the winning can make a choice or give a hint to the wanting improved feature. So the contribution will 16 $ and the winning team gets their fees back. Interest from players and 0 A. D. Wildfire Games Side? Just interest here below. We need a finance expert for easy coin sharing, i guess. Please tell here if you have experience.
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  20. It's low priority at the moment. If someone actually completed the work, I'm pretty sure it would be merged in.
  21. a 180 ° camera in the game would look cool, like total war game. maybe it would be hard to do but it would be a more developed game than Age of empires in that aspect
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