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First person view (FPV) camera option


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How difficult is it to add a FPV feature to the game?  I envision hitting a hotkey to switch back and forth between 3rd person view (TPV) and FPV like this:

1) user hits a hotkey after selecting an actor (citizen, soldier, hero, etc)

2) game saves current TPV setting

3) game switches to follow mode

4) camera location changes to (x,y,z) of the head of the actor

5) camera view sets to direction of actor view

6) track mouse movement to change camera view (up, down, left, right)

7) return to saved TPV when user hits hotkey again or when actor died or enter a building

Hopefully this can be implement in JS.  I'm no expert in JS but if someone can point me to relevant sections of the code to implement this mod I would appreciate it very much.


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It would need C++ code to handle the new view point as that is part of the render pipeline and further code to define which actor of a possible hundreds to choose from  either side's army that would require constant calculation ie: C++ code just to be fast enough so causing more lag, only the toggle between mode can be handled by JS by passing values to C++ code.

Enjoy the Choice :)

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Gurken Khan, I'm thinking of some sort of clever hack like you suggested.  But if it requires digging into C++ code as Loki1950 mentioned then I need to ramp up my coding skills significantly to make my wish comes true.  Just where to find the code that follows a unit around is a start.

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My suggestion would be experiment for FPV for Heroes, as you will have 1 target which you can choose, also he has high health so won't die so fast; so camera switch will not happen too much automatically. This will allow you to test FPV without massive computions or lag.

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