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Hey guys, has anybody of you got a forum login problem in the past? I just redid my comp, reisnatlled firefox and made sure cookies are enabled. However, when I close the FF window and restart it I am logged out. On other forums I frequent the cookies work OK, so I wonder if our forum code is faulty.

Has anybody had similar problems?

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That is weird. Until I deleted all cookies, everything was OK. But now I have same problem.

I looked to the cookies.txt file and spotted this line:

.wildfiregames.com TRUE wildfiregames.com/forum/ FALSE 1161987071 wfg_member_id 781

Is it correct?

I thougth that it should be like this:

wildfiregames.com TRUE wildfiregames.com/forum/ FALSE 1161987071 wfg_member_id 781


www.wildfiregames.com TRUE wildfiregames.com/forum/ FALSE 1161987071 wfg_member_id 781

Don't you think?

If there isn't mistake in Firefox? What version do you have? I have 1.0.7-1 Debian package.

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The weird thing is that it works alright with IE for me. Does it work in IE for you guys as well?

With the FF webdeveloper extension one can see all cookies on a website. The cookies get set properly, but when you close the FF widnow and then come back to the WFG forums all cookies have been cleared in FF. Now that is really weird.

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Hmm... maybe it's...

I do remember (from one of the 14-page articles I read when I tried to write a photo album without knowing MySQL and sessions and stuff ;)) that IE doesn't honor some settings of sessions or something like that (or maybe that was screwiness with caching... my memory is bad), so you have to mess with workarounds and add some lines of code and stuff...

Maybe something got added that tells the browser to change its cookies and IE doesn't honor the setting?

No idea what kind of setting or anything would do that though... I barely know enough about sessions to do a login (since that's all I needed).

Dunno, just a fairly random idea.

It's weird though... sometimes I get the error, sometimes I don't... it's mainly with the private forums though.

EDIT: seems to be fixed on this compy... but that could just be the cookies on this one.

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