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If you could go back in time, what year would..

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457? AD (Fall of the Western Roman Empire)

476 AD :)

Well, I guess I'd pay the Roman Empire a visit... years would include:

0 A.D. (:), doesn't exist, I know) - Reign of Augustus, Jesus born

First decade of the second century - Trajan's rule, "Golden Age" of Rome

Futher, in more recent times:

1969 - First man on the moon

1989 - Fall of Berlin Wall

1990 - German reunification

Actually, I was already born when the last two ones took place, but I was a baby and therefore do not remember anything at all.

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All sorts of controversial events in history:

28 A.D - To see whether Jesus of Nazarene's teachings were transcribed correctly

1770 A.D - Boston Massacre (who started it?)

1774 A.D - Battle of Lexington and Concord (who fired the shot heard round the world?)

1945 A.D. - Try to follow General George S. Patton's idea of stopping Soviets while we alone have the bomb (yes, there will be objections, but blah)

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