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  1. I really don't e-mail that much. Though Uppy e-mail's me alot.
  2. I live in Washington state. I am 12 years old but yet I want to start as early as I can. I might want to get into Proffessional Photography or maybe some others that I thought of[can't remember now].
  3. I don't know much about this suject, but try Amazon.com in the search column.
  4. I would like to get a scholarship as to get welcomed into college at an inexpensive rate. But yet, I'm terrible at math, good at spelling and language, good at science, but I am homeschooled so I do not know how to get started on a pursuit to get my much-wanted/needed scholarship. HELP!
  5. Great! so you get to go to where some interesting things in history happened. I'd like to go, but we just couldn't . Maybe when I'm out of the house[though I would like to go to New Zealand and Alaska, etc.]
  6. Oh yeah- almost forgot. I did try to start origami. I'm a beginner but I might want to get my "long-lost" brother to help, know what I mean? LOL[ as you put it, got any others?]
  7. Uppy, for one thing: get Matt Damon out of your head. He's not that exciting ANYWAY lol. So... Uppy, talk about the latest pranks to set. That oughta be fun!!
  8. Me, not interested in boys. All I see of them is UNIMPRESSIVE.Besides, planning on getting married after colege[or go to colege]. By the way, I don't think the NEW Star Wars movies are that impressive, but you know what? You guys should see the older ones. Good actors, cleanliness[ha], and boring graphics[but still cool]. Gotta go. See ya!
  9. Significant other. Well, one thing about movie stars: to gain sttention they get married and then divorce several umpteen times. Silly? To me it is. Spend time with someone for at least 2 years,get to know what they lke , how they are, etc., instead of looking at their face or their clothes. Get married, and stay together. PLEASE! Signififcant other, who knows?!
  10. Hmmmm..... Big words for so some people to use. What are you talking about? I've been normal and on earth as usual. "what is wrong with you is no little thing." quote from Cool Runnings the movie.
  11. Clodhopper, Trueitt, King Tutenkhaamen[or whatever he calls himor herself], codeOptimist, I would like to meet the people who post and see what they're like behind the monitor.
  12. I have read All of the Redwall series[love the characters, author, and battles], read most of the Hobbit[which I never got to finish thanks to my ostentatious schol], reading the Chronicles of Narnia[books with moral in them]. I LOVE TO READ! Thank you for asking!
  13. Why did people[for several replies] talk about fast food? Anyway, DID SOMEONE SAY SOMETHING ABOUT A LAMBORGHINI? Terrible cars, dig the Mini Coopers[some of the lamborghinis are cool].
  14. I would like to see and be around Jesus' time. But for now, I'd rather stay where I am. I don't think I would do so well in History itself than I am at reading it and writing it down[ interested in history].
  15. Thanks! Now I know that I don't need to always hear everything. We might have a thesaraus.....
  16. I don't want to be snooty or anything like that, but I'm looking for vacab words to describe important things stronger. Like a word for round, colorful, etc. Or just plain vocab!
  17. Hmmmmm....gonna have to think on that one. It ;ooks like Bush or some regimental statue. Not sure!
  18. Things go like this: People also wnat to keep from polluting the air. Some of the main reason. But as the age goes on, things might get different from the ways now.
  19. What can you think of to talk about? New software, wars,ways to excercise. It's kind of boring here. Has anyone seen odd things, learn about things going on in the world that would be interesting to hear? Please, do tell! All entries welcome.
  20. In voting for WildfireGames status of reaching 600 members before 2005, I definitely voted: Of course! Why wouldn't I? I mean, this is a totally cool place! I know I haven't been here in a while, but I think it is a pleasure to be a member myself in WildfireGames.
  21. :-( Yep! School is starting. A long and boring day for me. I'm first to be picked up on the bus and last to be dropped off. I have to go to my locker a ton of times a day, get to places at the other end of school, get back to where I started when the bell rings after that, but first I have to go to my locker again, and it's all confusing. Anyone who agrees with me, say so in your head and try not to be miserable. Java3.
  22. Hey! My name is Ruthie. I'm eleven years into life. My favorite color is purple. I like basketball. How I found this place is that one of my friends told me about it. I love to read and write. Hate math. The books I like to read are the books in the series of Redwall, written by Brian Jacques. I live a splendiferous life with my family living for Jesus. Thank you very much! Java3. B-)
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