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===[Feature Request]== AI resignation

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Anyone who has won a game against one or more AI knows how annoying it is to hunt down the last few women of the AI hiding in some corner of the map. It is a huge waste of time and effort. My suggestion is to allow the AI to resign instead of being defeated completely. 

Let the AI automatically resign if all 3 conditions are satisfied:

  • Having lost all CCs or territory roots.
  • Less than 30 organic units left
  • The human player still has some territory roots and more than 50 pop. 

These settings should be able to take account of nomad as well. 


I am not sure how to code this up. Can the programmers offer any thoughts?

@andy5995 @bb_ @Stan` @Silier @wraitii 

@Gurken Khan since you play with the AI a lot, what do you think about this idea? 

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