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Rally points and hunting

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In previous alpha, I used to set rally points for cavalry units exiting stables for efficient hunting as shown below. The cavalry would go behind the deer and chase it in direction of the cc/farmstead, collect the food before moving to the next deer. A big advantage of this is that the order would be given to all cavalry units produced by the building as long as I didn't change the rally point, leaving me time to focus on other actions on the meantime. I could add scouting through rally point after the hunting and many other actions without any issues.



In this alpha, if I try to do this, the cavalry units will simply move through all rally points, ignoring the deers. 

If apply the same principle for other tasks, like for example setting rally points on each berries then a tree next to my cc, all women produced, as long as the rally points remain, will collect berries before moving to wood when the berries are over. The only case where it doesn't work seem to be for hunting.

I tried to apply it on chicken next to the cc, so there wouldn't be issue with vision. All chicken get ignored until the cavalry reach the last rally point. If the last rally point is a chicken, then the cavalry start hunting, but if it is not a chicken then the cavalry unit won't hunt. So it doesn't seem to be about the chicken exact location when the cavalry reach the rally point. 

I would guess that hunting can't be set as an intermediate rally point anymore.

Is that correct? Any reason for this change ?

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Not sure if my explanation was very clear. I made two examples. For the first, it goes through all the chicken without hunting at all. For the second cavalry, it started to hunt only with the last chicken, the first one was ignored again. The issue seems to be for intermediate rally point, the hunting target is ignored.

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