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A bunch of racoons invaded my yard last night and ate all my cat's cat food :P

I took some pictures, because racoons are awesome creatures. They eat and do everything with their hands, and then one of them stood up and looked at me for a while, but I couldn't capture a picture.




You see this one racoon would visit our house every couple of months,

Pic from 8 months ago:


we think it's the same one, but with 5 of it's little ones now.


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Well i've a confession. There's this racoon tha'd come around and eat all the birdseed and pillage our trashcans. We tried getting tigher lids and putting a big dome on the birdfeeder, but he keeps coming back. So tonite we were driving home from work, he was on the birdfeeder eating the seed out, and wasn't going to be scared away by a mad Burger King employee running at him. So i got my airsoft sniper, shot him a few times, but he barely bothered moving away...so we go inside get our .22 rifle, load it up, find him still around the feeder, and nail him in the rear. He goes running for the woods, my brother chasing him with the .22 and me with the flashlight. We found him again in his little hollow, whining in pain...and lets just say i got the victory shot.

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every couple of months, but for 3 days now they've been comming at night and chilling out on my deck.

OH MY GAWD THEy'RE BACK!!!eleventy-one

This time they're not in a pack, but wandering arround as if they own the place, because racoons are awesome and can do that.

Fresh pics from about 20 minutes ago.

!!!They're trying to get in!!! This is like Signs but with a twist. The other ones are actually on the roof, I'm not kidding.


Here's the Mom coon wondering where her food is at.


Here's a little coon trying to get in the garage (where I'm taking these pictures from, about 3 feet away from them)




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Only the mom is aggresive, it's usually the one always looking at the camera cause it doesn't want me to attack it's young ones. Besides for some growling and attacking eachother over food, they're not very aggresive. Extremely curious, but not aggresive.

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They were totally lounging on the roof this time until they realized someone was in the house and looked for a way to get in. Being slightly on the sensitive side, I thought I should feed them since they haven't been arround for a few days and were probably hungry, even though in the days they were gone they were probably doing their weekly migration arround the town trying to get food from people, or their trashcans.

Anyway, they were making alot of noise walking arround

and/or trying to get in the house looking for food.

So I setup their little food tray and thought it'd be interesting to see how close I could get to them. (In the following pics I was about 1-2 feet away from them)

The feeding has begun.

Check this out, it's totally standing up while eating. How cool is that. Notice how they eat with their paws not their mouth. They pick up whatever they want, and put it in their mouths, or pick it up and put it somewhere else where they can eat it in peace.

However, after a while...They had these ungrateful looks on their faces as if they wanted something else. I'd given them their share, this is MY property not theres. I did all I can to please them. But look at their nerve, This one growling at me with one eye closed. That must some sort of Heathen sign he was making at me, alerting the others to her plan.

I began backing away slowly, but I stopped to look at their food tray thing.

...It was nearly emtpy, but the coons were still hungry.

The coons were still Hungry.

And then they turned their eyes on something else (<--- WARNING, THIS IMAGE WILL GIVE NIGHTmARES FOR DAYS ON END)

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