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I was wondering if the implementation of a auto-explore function is feasible and if there is any work going on this direction?

I found this:

but this thread is too long and is pretty much dead!

Would anyone but me be interested in this auto-explore feature?






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On 15/05/2021 at 7:14 AM, Freagarach said:

Scouting is part of any RTS. Why would someone want to automate this? It comes down to using shift key and paying attention to mini-map...

edit: At least it would be good to be able to disable this from game settings IMHO

edit2: Just realised the patch is quite old, I hope this idea is now gone :sweatdrop:

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8 minutes ago, Freagarach said:

Because part of 0 A.D. is "to reduce repeatitive tasks" and good micro would scout better still than an automated function.

Definitely. After years it's one of those things that I never asked for again.Only call to the arms is missing.

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