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So What Grades Did You Get For This Semester ?

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Here is mine:

Profile Courses

Mathematics: A

Computer Science: B

Fundamental Courses

German: B

English (7th year): A

French (5th year): A

History/Social Studies: B

Geography: B

Mathematics: A

Physics: C (:P)

Chemistry: B

Biology: B

Art: B


Computer Science: B

Considering how much time I spent on WFG and other matters, I am quite pleased with my results. :P

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Well, we get numbers from 1 (worst) too 6 (best). In English that would be F to A. Well, i dont remeber all of them, but all together it was (hard to explain) i got: 4.02 or in English stuff: C or something!

Tim: You must be a wise one, or is it all guys in Norway? I had one of the class best grades, and i did not get å single A....

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Well in Germany we have the numbers as well. Just transformed over already as most here use the alphabetical system. :P

Well I am the 3rd best in my class, but that is not all too bed considering I am in the hardest school in Berlin. :P

I have an average of 1.8, the 1st has 1.4 and the second 1.6.

Then comes one with 2.0, hen 2.3 and then there are 3 with 2.4. The rest is 2.6 and below.

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Man so few subjects ? What a shame. :P

Ye, i thought so too... :P. we have:





KRL (like religion)


*Sammfunnsfag* like, community and country i guess...


Study class (work with homework)

Natur and Invironment

Art ...

Then there is the choice... I have not chosen German, French or anything... I work.. for free :P

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Math (precalc): B 84%(this one's going up :P)

Science (chem): A 90%

History (AP world history): 91% (yay! I'm one of the only five or so kids to get an A in this class this year! :P)

English (oral communications): A

Economics: A

Orchestra: A

French: A

Gym (weightlifting): B... wow you wouldn't believe it- this class is like boot camp.

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Hmm, as a homeschooler I don't have a "overall" grade, but here's a guestimated average:

Physical Science: B+ - A

US History: A (all my grades are in the 90's here, with some over 100 due to extra credit. 100 is best {A+} 60 and below is F)

English: A (best grade being a 95)

Spanish: B (i hate my spanish class, along with English)

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