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Addition of Han Chinese to 0AD

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I would like to correct one more thing. I don't know if it's bad to advertise on platforms that I don't like. sometimes it is better to use multiple platforms. it is not always clear what long-term effect a thing will have or what you will miss if you neglect something. I'm not entirely consistent in many things, but I don't have a bad conscience because of it.
in other words: maybe its very good to be present in discord, but i think never forget what you want in the future. maybe to drive well motorized if you use it to transport bicycles. ;)

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13 hours ago, Stan` said:

We're at the edge of the Foss world and the Gaming world. Keeping the foss world usually gets more developpers, and doing commercial things brings more gamers so it's a balance that has to be found.

Thank you for your explanation, and sorry for the OT.
btw, sure it would be nice to have more civs! And I hope some differentiation between civs will be back as well, after this balancing phase.

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