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did you forget to '#include <deque>'

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Building 0ad from git again under artix (arch) linux.  Have encountered the following error:

==== Building rlinterface (release) ====
Creating obj/rlinterface_Release
In file included from ../../../source/rlinterface/RLInterface.cpp:28:
../../../source/ps/CLogger.h:104:7: error: ‘deque’ in namespace ‘std’ does not name a template type
  104 |  std::deque<RenderedMessage> m_RenderMessages;
      |       ^~~~~
../../../source/ps/CLogger.h:28:1: note: ‘std::deque’ is defined in header ‘<deque>’; did you forget to ‘#include <deque>’?
   27 | #include "third_party/fmt/format.h"
  +++ |+#include <deque>
   28 | 
make[1]: *** [rlinterface.make:129: obj/rlinterface_Release/RLInterface.o] Error 1
make: *** [Makefile:83: rlinterface] Error 2
==> ERROR: A failure occurred in build().

I've searched the forums and tickets, and have come up empty.  Anyone have any suggestions?

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3 minutes ago, Angen said:

just a note, jenkins is building with pch

I know, but that particular RLInterface project doesn't use pch, so that it makes a difference at all is a bit odd to me, but there's obviously something I'm missing.

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For the record, I did just rebuild 0 A.D. from scratch and did not encounter your error (Fedora 32 and gcc 10.2.1 here, not Artix Linux).

Doing a grep shows:


[source]$ grep -r deque
graphics/TextureConverter.h:	std::deque<shared_ptr<ConversionRequest> > m_RequestQueue; // protected by m_WorkerMutex
graphics/TextureConverter.h:	std::deque<shared_ptr<ConversionResult> > m_ResultQueue; // protected by m_WorkerMutex
simulation2/system/TurnManager.h:#include <deque>
simulation2/system/TurnManager.h:	std::deque<std::map<u32, std::vector<SimulationCommand>>> m_QueuedCommands;
ps/CLogger.h:	std::deque<RenderedMessage> m_RenderMessages;
ps/CConsole.h:#include <deque>
ps/CConsole.h:	std::deque<std::wstring> m_deqMsgHistory; // protected by m_Mutex
ps/CConsole.h:	std::deque<std::wstring> m_deqBufHistory;
ps/UserReport.cpp:	std::deque<shared_ptr<CUserReport> > m_ReportQueue;
ps/Loader.cpp:#include <deque>
ps/Loader.cpp:typedef std::deque<LoadRequest> LoadRequests;
ps/CConsole.cpp:	std::deque<std::wstring>::iterator Iter; //History iterator
ps/CConsole.cpp:	std::deque<std::wstring>::reverse_iterator it = m_deqBufHistory.rbegin();
ps/Profiler2GPU.cpp:	std::deque<SFrame> m_Frames;
ps/Profiler2GPU.cpp:	std::deque<SFrame> m_Frames;
ps/Profiler2GPU.cpp:	std::deque<SFrame> m_Frames;
lobby/XmppClient.h:#include <deque>
lobby/XmppClient.h:	std::deque<JS::Heap<JS::Value> > m_GuiMessageQueue;
tools/profiler2/jquery-1.6.4.js:			// Speed up dequeue by getting out quickly if this is just a lookup
tools/profiler2/jquery-1.6.4.js:	dequeue: function( elem, type ) {
tools/profiler2/jquery-1.6.4.js:		// If the fx queue is dequeued, always remove the progress sentinel
tools/profiler2/jquery-1.6.4.js:			// automatically dequeued
tools/profiler2/jquery-1.6.4.js:				jQuery.dequeue(elem, type);
tools/profiler2/jquery-1.6.4.js:				jQuery.dequeue( this, type );
tools/profiler2/jquery-1.6.4.js:	dequeue: function( type ) {
tools/profiler2/jquery-1.6.4.js:			jQuery.dequeue( this, type );
tools/profiler2/jquery-1.6.4.js:				jQuery.dequeue( elem, type );
tools/profiler2/jquery-1.6.4.js:			this.dequeue();
tools/profiler2/jquery-1.6.4.js:				jQuery.dequeue( this );
tools/replayprofile/jquery.js:	dequeue: function( elem, type ){
tools/replayprofile/jquery.js:	dequeue: function(type){
tools/replayprofile/jquery.js:			jQuery.dequeue( this, type );
tools/replayprofile/jquery.js:			this.dequeue();
tools/replayprofile/jquery.js:				jQuery(this).dequeue();
renderer/WaterManager.cpp:	std::vector<std::deque<CoastalPoint> > CoastalPointsChains;
renderer/WaterManager.cpp:		std::deque<CoastalPoint> Chain;
network/NetClient.h:#include <deque>
network/NetClient.h:	std::deque<JS::Heap<JS::Value>> m_GuiMessageQueue;
lib/debug_stl.cpp:#include <deque>
lib/debug_stl.cpp:struct Any_deque : public ContainerBase<std::deque<int> >
lib/debug_stl.cpp:			Any_deque& Container() const
lib/debug_stl.cpp:				return *(Any_deque*)_Mycont;
lib/debug_stl.cpp:		Any_deque& container = it.Container();
lib/debug_stl.cpp:// container = deque as we assume.
lib/debug_stl.cpp:struct Any_queue : public Any_deque
lib/debug_stl.cpp:// container = deque as we assume.
lib/debug_stl.cpp:struct Any_stack : public Any_deque
lib/debug_stl.cpp:	STD_CONTAINER(deque)
lib/debug_stl.cpp:	// (note: Any_queue etc. assumes the underlying container is a deque.
lib/debug_stl.cpp:	CONTAINER(queue, L"std::queue<*,std::deque<*> >")
lib/debug_stl.cpp:	CONTAINER(stack, L"std::stack<*,std::deque<*> >")
lib/pch/pch_stdlib.h:#include <deque>
lib/sysdep/os/win/tests/test_wdbg_sym.h:#include <deque>
lib/sysdep/os/win/tests/test_wdbg_sym.h:		std::deque<int> d_int;
lib/sysdep/os/win/tests/test_wdbg_sym.h:		std::deque<std::string> d_string;
lib/sysdep/os/win/tests/test_wdbg_sym.h:		std::deque<u8> d_u8_empty;
lib/sysdep/os/win/tests/test_wdbg_sym.h:		std::deque<u8> d_u8_uninit;
lib/tests/test_adts.h:		std::deque<int> deq;


#include <deque>

is present in the following files:



Whether or not it should be include in any other files is something for people more skilled in C++ than me to investigate and decide.


#include <queue>

is present in:



Edited by Nescio
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Not sure how I missed this on the original revision since I also am using arch linux and it was building for me when I was testing it... Regardless, I am able to see the same issue when building from the git mirror.

I just accepted D2928 which adds the missing include and I have addressed the unused includes that @Nescio found in another revision (D2930). Nice catch, @Nescio!

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4 hours ago, navigo_ps91 said:

I would like to followup and say the patch adding the #include <deque> worked very well, thank you!

It's been committed now, thanks for reporting :) 

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