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Post here about any new civ ideas or critique of other's ideas.

I have been thinking about what makes a good civilization in 0AD.

Ptolemies are a great example of a creative faction, they have some wildly different gameplay options than with other factions in 0AD.

I thought another cool civ could be a central asian origin nomadic group. The huns are a good example although they invade Europe later than the 500 BC to beginning of the common era. I am not sure if anyone else has thought of such a civ, but I could not find anything similar on the forums.

I think there are a lot of interesting gameplay features that could be put in for the Huns (or whatever group).

  • Mobile buildings. Buildings could have a food or wood (or both) cost to pack them up into carts like the catapults. Larger buildings cost more and take more time to pack up and unpack. Buildings should not be able to train or research when packed. Houses and corrals could have a food cost added like 25 food 50 wood or 50 food 25 wood. Larger buildings should probably just cost wood and mineables like other factions. Fort might be hard to balance... maybe adjusted to a strong military camp type thing 3000 hp? Also the buildings could maybe be built to start or maybe you have to train them from cc. Territory rules apply for unpacking-placement just as for other civs.
  • Units. Huns could be another faction to use the stables to train horses. The huns should have access to a horse archer unit that has similar cost and power as skiritai commandos as well as champion melee and ranged cav and other, cheaper citizen cav. Only siege would be ram unless someone finds another good siege unit for them to operate.
  • Economy. The Huns should be a civ that encourages or forces corrals to be used (I'm not sure which) since they were pastoral. They could have a better corral system plus some interesting not op upgrades. Hopefully the huns would wind up being the least wood intensive faction but not so much that they would be the only option on maps with less wood. They would also require more food thanks to cavalry and food in building costs.

I am sure there are other people with creative ideas out there, this one was bugging me so I wanted to see if anyone else thought this was a good idea. Also there could be some very interesting artwork for this civ.



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For those who don't know we had that concept before Empires Apart. It occurred to us in the Terran buildings of Starcraft. Although the merit of implementing it in a historical rts, was Empires A Dawn of new age from Stainless Steel Studios.

You realize that Empires Apart did not implement this idea well, when you see that their civilization did not plan a nomadic defense idea.

Here's a comment I read in the AoE 4 forum.



Does anybody remember here Empires Apart? It was advertised as AOE4 LOL.

Em, one odd thing, it was mentioned by AoE4 factions will be different, like mongols have mobile bases
same “doctrine” was used by Empires Apart


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-Buenas , les traigo una posibilidad de facción ;"Los númidas" (201 a.c -25 a.c)




Convivieron con otras facciones ya existentes del juego; Romanos , Cartaginenses , Íbero y Ptolemaicos


Tribus númidas ;











Reyes númidas












Posibilidades para Unidades de héroe; 




Juba Primero.



(Si los íberos aglutinan a todos los pueblos pre romanos peninsulares , que los númidas aglutinen a todos los pueblos bereberes o del Magreb )

(Sería ineteresante que tuvieran mercenarios garamantes/ gétulos/bereberes/ mauretanos/ libios  y cartaginenses)


Posibles unidades Facción de "Númidas";


1)-Lancero .
2)-Espadachín con javalina y escudo.
6)-(Mercenarios garamantes).
7)-(Mercenarios berebers).
8)-(Mercenarios mauretanos).
9)-(Mercenarios gétulos).
10)-(Mercenarios cartaginenses).
11)-(Mercenarios Libios ).
12)-Caballería ligera de contacto (lanza/hacha/ espada).
13)-Caballería a distancia ligera.
14)-Caballería pesada de contacto.
15)-Caballería a distancia pesada.
16)-Elefante de guerra (como arma de asedio)
17)-Elefante con torreón de arqueros.
18)-Legionario númida.
19)-Carro de combate.
20)- Mujer.
22)-Comerciante .
23)-Héroe 1.
24)-Héroe 2.
25)-Héroe 3.
26)-Navío mercante.
27)-Navío de transporte.

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-Por ahora no encuentro arquitectura por eso sería bueno poner tiendas o jaimas .

No encontré suficientes referencias históricas fiables como para dar una descripción de su arquitectura , por eso les traigo información más de fuentes arqueológicas.

-Lo más característico de esta cultura en sus edificios son las tumbas o mausoleos "Medghassen" (mausoleo-templo).

Posible maravilla de Facción;

-Mausoleo Real Numida de Medracen (Batna)

otra maravillas pueden ser otros  Mausoleos ; Aunque la mayoría tienen forma de torre, como los de "Maktar", "Dougga", "Sidi Aich" o "Haidra", otros como el Mausoleo de "Ksar-el-Menara" son de tipología circular o tumular.



http://www.cabildodelanzarote.com/patrimonioVIIIcongreso/docs/Ponencia_Arquitectura_profana_numida_Stefan_Ardeleanu.pdf   ------     descripción de su arqueología
https://elpais.com/ccaa/2012/03/18/catalunya/1332096044_962043.html ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------info- histórica
https://arrecaballo.es/edad-antigua/los-numidas/origen-de-los-numidas/ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------info historica
http://www.cabildodelanzarote.com/patrimonioviiicongreso/docs/Ponencia_Arquitectura monumental_Stefan_Ardeleanu.pdf       -------------  Arquitectura númida)
https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chemtou  --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Santurario de Chemtou
https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bulla_Regia ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ciudad de Bulla Regia 
https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tagaste --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- centro de la cultura bereber 


Disculpen las molestias 

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-Unidades militares con sus nombres en posible lengua materna ;



-información de ;

guerreros númidas 
https://erasdelmundo.foroactivo.com/t598-los-numidas ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------(guerreros númidas)
http://www.campaign-game-miniatures.0catch.com/corvusbelli_ants1.html--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (soldados númidas)
https://makarren.wordpress.com/category/dba/page/4/ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------(Tropas númidas)
http://caballipedia.es/La_caballería_en_África --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------(caros de batalla)
https://www.twcenter.net/forums/showthread.php?754653 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------( soldados númidas)
http://bennosfiguresforum.com/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=21601&p=236367 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------(guerreros libios)
https://www.moddb.com/news/preview-mamlaha-bimassylim --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------(guerreros númidas)
https://europabarbarorum.fandom.com/wiki/Pelakim_Mashliyim_(Numidian_General_Bodyguard) ----------------------------------------------------- (tropas númidas)


Disculpen las molestias 

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Posdata ; Estos pueblos eran de piel desde morena hasta negra(muy oscura) , no les pongan de tez clara por favor... , igual podrían poner diversidad de etnias en las facciones ya existentes (cuando lleguen a la última etapa urbana )que llegaron a cubrir gran cantidad de culturas y territorios ; Romanos , Cartaginenses , Maurias , Seléucidas , Ptolemaicos  y Persas .

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@Sundiata we can make a topic or help with that about Numidians for our collaborators and you (terra Magna Forum)

@Duileoga no es amonestación , pero nos gusta el orden, vamos a abrir un topico para discutir los numidas alli. tal vez movamos tus aportes alli.

@Stan` we can split and merge Duileoga content from this topic to a new one abot Numidians as you suggested?


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