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Greek Pronounciation Verification Main Thread

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32 minutes ago, Anaxandridas ho Skandiates said:

Everyone who has anything they want to say in discussions about pronounciation, in order to verify that you actually have real knowledge of Attic Greek pronounciation, please record this text to show us that you can do more than read wikipedia articles.

No. One can have knowledge and no adequate recording material. People should also be able to give you feedback and you should be able to receive it. Please stop gatekeeping Ancient Greek, it is a fantastic language and everyone should be allowed to be interested in it.

36 minutes ago, Anaxandridas ho Skandiates said:

I will send my recording to one of the admins/top longterm contributors, who will confirm receipt within this thread.

No, you should publish them publicly for everyone to hear it (else how would you have a discussion about it afterwards?). If you want to do that for privacy/licensing reasons, that's understandable, but that will make this thread fairly useless.

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2 minutes ago, Anaxandridas ho Skandiates said:

Of course my recording will be published for all to hear.

Happy to hear that.

3 minutes ago, Anaxandridas ho Skandiates said:

I am sending it first to a neutral leading user so that you can all be reassured that I made my recording FIRST.

What is the point? :huh:

4 minutes ago, Anaxandridas ho Skandiates said:

if I hear superior pronounciation then I know to shut up and yield the field

How would you judge it and why would you leave? You can't be both judge and be judged. You should propose, hear alternatives, and together with other recorders or commentators, converge to an agreement.

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27 minutes ago, Anaxandridas ho Skandiates said:


Edit: And as to the point of doing it in the proposed manner, it is to avoid what I predict will happen, namely that I will be the only one ever to upload a recording, and then it will again be subject to criticism by a lot of people who cannot in the end speak a word of Greek, and have it all in their imagination.

When you are an artist or an actor, you must be open to criticism, even if it is rude and believe me it hurts, but form patience and humility.

See how benevolently others treat you, sympathizing with your actions. I shouldn't insult you and not because you think you are a being without blemish. or a great master of the arts.

but because I am not being mature. but as a professional that you say you are, you should give more quotes, sources and be open and object with discernment, conviction, arguments and gentleness.

I was only enraged by your treatment of these people who know me little.

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1 hour ago, Anaxandridas ho Skandiates said:

Compare it to a situation where I would be criticizing several of the 3d-modelers on this forum and their skills in using maya or 3ds max in protracted discussions, engaging them in these time-consuming pursuits and always saying that I knew better how to do it - but in fact I had never opened either of these programmes a single time, and never produced even the simplest model. Then surely at some point you would say, it is very fine that you have these opinions, but we cannot say that you really understand the complex subject you are discussing, and this is evident in the fact that you cannot actually use the programme in practice, otherwise you would not have brought argument A, B, C and D which reveal that this is so.

Much of our valuable feedback is from members who don't have much, or any experience in the programs or processes we use. We get so close to our work we forget the perspective of the 'layman' for lack of a better term. Some of this feedback is given at a very valuable angle, and other times it is misguided, and can be safely ignored as long as the reasoning behind it is understood. It is never constructive to look down your nose at the less specialized, for any party involved.

It is quite frankly, unprofessional, and does not leave a good impression.

Take it easy, its  a volunteer project, we're here to learn and have a good time

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You don't need to record anything to prove that your Greek is better than mine - as I have said already, I don't speak Greek and wouldn't be able to pronounce anything without pronunciation notes anyway, even if I had decent recording equipment. I never questioned your competence in the matter.

How on earth did we get from "Here's a useful notation tool that I'd strongly recommend using" to "we have to prove who's Greek is better"? :o

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