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  1. Gandahar is Alexandreia, you could add Sagala, Simylla, Vidisa, Saketa, Kapilavastu, Suparaka, Madhyamika and Barygaza, but many more are suggested! Still no answer as to who is responsible for a standardization of spelling and pronounciation. How can we help if there is no reply? Could have recorded it all by now. Greetings A!
  2. Dear friends, especially @LordGood and fellow hellenizers! I wanted to post these fresco paintings preserved admirably at Pompeii, to show a confirmation of my previous suggestions and give further insights to enhance realism. (There were 7 other images but they refused to upload...............) The cult of Isis spread through the ancient world from Alexandria, and therefore it is not surprising that we see Alexandrian and Ptolemaic ensembles in these fresco paintings. We find obelisks, free-standing altars, gilt draperies, towers, monuments, characteristic rounded roofs and so many features of Ptolemaic palace and sanctuary architecture - these buildings I had forgotten to post earlier. There is a ramp, harbour fronts and some very large palaces - this could be the ramp type used for the huge ramp of the Pharos, and the palaces and harbour front could very well represent the famous city of Alexandria. Regardless of whether they actually show Alexandria, the architecture is pure Ptolemaic, and I consider that my previous efforts are completed and no further visual evidence is needed to authentically hellenize the Ptolemies. [Which includes removing 'Disney's aladdin' features like carpets and striped marquises, which in these as in all other supplied visual sources are conspicuously absent; place a drapery-style sun-marquise held by two sticks at entrances where it makes sense (see tower below).] Now we just need someone to confirm the standardized Greek transliteration I proposed, so we can finish this chapter. Who can we ask to look at that? Kind greetings ΑΝΑΞΑΝΔΡΙΔΑΣ
  3. Dear friends, we cannot sacrifice reality for faction distinguishability; suggestion: How about making the ptolemies distinguishable by hellenizing them? just a loving friendly suggestion
  4. I thought this had been committed long ago? I mean why make suche excellent progress not to commit. @stanislas69 Too yellow, see image of @LordGood top of Page 3 here, between the yellow colour and "white-grey". That is also the colour of the Pharos and Ptolemaic stone structures in general. A blend of that exact colour and a few, older ( =more yellowed) structures. Friends, you all need to check out Ptolemaic structure literature referenced so amply, alternatively just look at ( =google Taposiris Magna Osiris Temple and ptolemaic tombs etc) extant fragments and tombs recently uncovered that have not been so yellowed - truth is in-between friends!
  5. AWESOME. @wackyserious @wowgetoffyourcellphone Maybe make the whole thing white so it resembles a simpler version (without visible metal beyond the helmet) of these later cataphracts. But it certainly makes more sense to conceive of their padding as a one-piece-garment placed over an amour of lighter or heavier nature - the question of that nature can be conveniently ignored since it cannot be seen.
  6. I think we should call it ΞΕΝΟΚΛΗΣ - Xenoklês - after the tragedian, since it is indeed a tragedy that the manspam-train issue has not yet been solved. That is much more important than the fact that the 'Persians' faction do not speek their real language. Farsi is no more Old Persian than modern Spanish is Latin or demotic Greek is Attic. I do agree with original proposition of @Nescio though - ΞΕΝΟΦΩΝ Xenophôn. Although Xšayaṛša is also a worthy contender full of history.
  7. No answer regarding Macedonia, so here are some important cities under Macedonian rule for around Alexander's era: Πέλλα ΠΕΛΛΑ (CAPITAL) - PELLA Αἰγαὶ ΑΙΓΑΙ - AIGAI Βυζάντιον ΒΥΖΑΝΤΙΟΝ - BYZANTION Πέρινθος ΠΕΡΙΝΘΟΣ - PERINTHOS Μαρώνεια ΜΑΡΩΝΕΙΑ - MARÔNEIA Ἄβδηρα ΑΒΔΗΡΑ - ABDÊRA Φίλιπποι ΦΙΛΙΠΠΟΙ - PHILIPPOI Ἀμφίπολις ΑΜΦΙΠΟΛΙΣ - AMPHIPOLIS Θάσος ΘΑΣΟΣ - THASOS Όλυνθος ΟΛΥΝΘΟΣ - OLYNTHOS Μεθώνη ΜΕΘΩΝΗ - METHÔNÊ Ποτείδαια ΠΟΤΕΙΔΑΙΑ - POTEIDAIA Πύδνα ΠΥΔΝΑ - PYDNA Δῖον ΔΙΟΝ - DION Στάγειρος ΣΤΑΓΕΙΡΟΣ - STAGEIROS Θέρμη ΘΕΡΜΗ - THERMÊ Νεάπολις ΝΕΑΠΟΛΙΣ - NEAPOLIS Ἔδεσσα ΕΔΕΣΣΑ Αἶνος ΑΙΝΟΣ - AINOS Κυψέλη ΚΥΨΕΛΗ - KYPSELÊ Ἡράκλεια ΗΡΑΚΛΕΙΑ - HÊRAKLEIA Κέλετρον ΚΕΛΕΤΡΟΝ - KELETRON Ἄβυδος ΑΒΥΔΟΣ - ABYDOS Λάμψακος ΛΑΜΨΑΚΟΣ - LAMPSAKOS Σηστός ΣΗΣΤΟΣ - SÊSTOS Pella Aigai Byzantion Perinthos Marôneia Abdêra Philippo Amphipolis Thasos Olynthos Methônê Poteidaia Pydna Dion Stageiros Thermê Neapolis Kypselê Hêrakleia Ainos Keletron Abydos Lampsakos Sêstos I still wonder though, what source/table are you using to estimate the wealth of cities, or model economic details? Have you incorporated that temples were the banks and monetary centrals in antiquity? Have you incorporated the importance of scientific research and the relative insignificance of trade in antiquity as compared to later times? in the "0 A.D. era" trade begins to become important, but only those who produced very sought-after luxury goods or extremely large quantities to allow for massive exports of other goods, could generate enough income from their trade to reach true prosperity? Whenever a standardization has been approved and adopted (who does decide that sort of thing in here anyway?) I will transliterate all the city names according to a unified standard, along with the unit names, and then all will be in proper order.
  8. Thanks, indeed the "mystery source" upper right picture very clearly should suffice to show what we need to approximate in the towers. I understand that this is a game. But maybe we could convince ever-busy @LordGood to fix it (Greek-factions walls/towers?) Gates: 'holes' shaped like these Here same type (main gate Hagia Sophia, door from older temple:) and here finally three more, just because:
  9. @wowgetoffyourcellphone It is an omnipresent problem, you are not doing it wrong, we are all doing it wrong, because we have no standard. I am proposing one. Everyone will thank us for doing this. Especially if we want to have the game accurate and consistent, for before I put in dozens of hours of work I want to know that there is at least some order to the transliteration madness? It can be a first step for many young minds into the real ancient world: Let us make it a consistent entry, to the best of our ability. I even commit right here and now to make a "language overview campaign" - AoE2 campaign style.
  10. Proposal: Transcription will be standardized to 350 B.C. Attic. The classical Greek of the 4th century. Koine is based on high-style Attic and it made tradition, to become the central source of influence for all learned men in the hellenistic age. Transcription (unit/building name tags etc.) and pronounciation standardization: Ββ - beta, as in "Bike!" translit.: B Γγ - gamma, as in "Greek" --- two ΓΓ creates "ng" sound, hence ΑΓΓΕΛΟΙ ("angeloi", messengers/angels). See table below. translit.: G/NG Εε - epsilon, as in German "sehr" translit.: E Ζζ - dzeta/zdeta, either pronounced "ds" or "sd"! translit.: Z Ηη - heta, as in "hell" translit.: Ê Θθ - theta, as in "tax" translit.: TH Ξξ - ksi, as in "axis" translit.: X Οο - omikron, as in German "Sohn" translit.: O Ππ - pi, as b in english "blister" translit.: P Ρρ - rho, rolled as in Italian "Roma" translit.: RH Ττ - tau, as in "astonished" translit.: T Υυ - ypsilon, as in German "für" translit.: Y Φφ - phi, as in "please" translit.: PH Χχ - chi, as c in "casting" translit.: CH Ψψ - psi, as in "epilepsy" translit.: PS Ωω - omega, either o in "come" or as o in protracted "sloooooow" translit.: Ô The letter "U" did not exist. The Greeks wrote ΟΥ, sounding as in "moon" (ΜΟΥΝ!). translit.: OU ONLY CAPITAL LETTERS. (Antiquity knew no minuscules, they are from the 9th/10th century A.D. ) Later variant letter symbols such as ω for Ω-omega, and C for Σ-sigma are to be avoided. The sound "F" did not exist at all, nor did the "th" of "the". If you hear that sound in the game, sound the alarm bell here in the thread and we will fix it! If a ῾ is identified in the top-left-corner of a letter, that letter is prefixed with letter 'h' in transcription. Hence: ἥρως = hêrôs Ἅιδης = Haidês All other diacritics are not represented, for simplification. There is no IOTA SUBSCRIPT (IOTA IS ALWAYS WRITTEN OUT). IPA is not used, it does not convey polytone classical Greek correctly. ΓΓ = ng ΓΚ = ngk ΓΧ = ngkh ΓΞ = nx ΓΜ = gm ΓΝ =gn Proposal for the purposes of all naming discussions on this forum from now on: Greek Transliteration and Original according to the above scheme are always to be given separated by a / : (No regional French/German/English/etc. forms - hence:) Themistoklês/ΘΕΜΙΣΤΟΚΛΗΣ Thémistocle Temistocle Themistocles Themistokles Alexandros ho megas/ΑΛΕΞΑΝΔΡΟΣ Ο ΜΕΓΑΣ Alexandre Alessandro Alexander Latin and Greek Problem: Greek Kaisar/ΚΑΙΣΑΡ (Kaisar) is pronounced just like Latin Caesar. But our sources in all ages are mixing up Latin and Greek all the time, we need a standard. The rule is that if a city or settlement was founded by Romans in its important manifestation, then the Latin form is preferred. If a city or settlement was founded by Greeks, then the Greek from is preferred. Piraeus = Peiraieus/ΠΕΙΡΑΙΕΥΣ, GREEK (capital founded by Themistokles/ΘΕΜΙΣΤΟΚΛΗΣ) Kaisareia/ΚΑΙΣΑΡΕΙΑ= CAESAREA MARITIMA, LATIN (formerly phoenician tradepost but refounded as the Roman provincial capital)
  11. @wowgetoffyourcellphone remind me that we need to standardize universal spelling for Ancient Greek. It came up again in a MOD discussion, and of course is omnipresent. (Piraeus = Peiraieus) As I move now to begin recordings - I just moved into a new apartment - we need to standardize. This is with danger of opening a beehive ( @LordGood received my recording of Plato upon the 1st of March, it is today 8 weeks hence and no one has submitted a single recording as predicted ) I value everyone's contribution, and for me what counts is the honest desire to help, and all contributors deserve thanks! But there is some fixing which needs to be done here, and a decision needs to be made. I move to propose standardization along the following lines:
  12. 1. Can someone explain quickly what is going on here? I see lots of Diagrams, but I need to know how (according to what criteria?) above list for Ptolemies was compiled? 2. For 'Macedonians' you are going to have a lot of fun. Try looking at maps of hellenistic states and alliances, between 320 B.C. and 1 A.D. So are we talking Alexander's empire or that of which successor? It was all Macedonia. And do you count cities of Asia Minor (Mikra Asia) as Persia, or Macedonia, or Seleucids? Athens and Sparta were great in their own right, but are going to seem very small and insignificant if compared to the empires of Alexander and his successors. Or are you talking the alliances/federations of which Sparta/Athens were the heads? Which historian's numbers for cities' inhabitants and wealth/trade estimates are you using? Could you post the tables (screenshots/iphoneshots)? Happy easter to all Edit: PS. @wowgetoffyourcellphone see thread I just opened regarding city names.
  13. I like where this is going!! Indeed a list of 'best stuff to use' is of greatest use to all. But don't forget we need to hellenize some walls and towers and gates. Check out THIS brand new publication from the German arch inst: https://www.ar.tum.de/baufo/forschung/abgeschlossene-projekte/das-dipylon/ And note that the reconstruction corresponds to hellenistic/greek fortifications I posted earlier (sorry for low res, but you get the idea! Game is full of walls and towers lets fix em, no more roman pyramid roofs in hellenistic structures/models) @Radagast. We should make a map of where "username xyz" lives! Probably some of us could meet for a beer around the corner!
  14. PS. I am still working on 3d models of realistic Alexandria basileion architecture, including the library. Already did the pharos, needs textures. Will publish whole ensemble here once done, This is a gigantic task, also working on Greek voice recordings for soldiers. There is an EXCELLENT book listing and reconstructing all extant fragments into real authentic architectural orders, their work corresponds to the nile mosaic and it is a match; romans and other greek architects heavily copied alexandria palatial architecture - this work and its reconstructions I used as the basis of the new models, will share relevant page references and passages with you all here.
  15. Off to Ontario old boy <3 The rest is nothing a little 3ds max won't fix
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