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  1. Anaxandridas ho Skandiates

    Specific Name Review: Structures

    So far the finished, completely standardized list of building names in Greek, for all Greekspeaking civilizations. Criticism welcome (please don't give me any headaches though). What I could NOT find was a suitable word for ARCHERY RANGE. Considered "Toxotheke" 'bow-case', by analogy to bibliotheke 'book-case' and similar constructs meaning gem-case etc. - word actually exists, meaning quiver. HELP.
  2. Anaxandridas ho Skandiates

    Specific Name Review: Structures

    **https://trac.wildfiregames.com/browser/ps/trunk/binaries/data/mods/public/simulation/templates/structures Structure Listing Alphabetical "**" Items not defined in templates * * ***** Legend: Template, Specific Name, Generic Name ****************************************************** athen_barracks.xml, Stratēgion, Barracks ΣΤΡΑΤΗΓΙΟΝ athen_blacksmith.xml, Khalkéōn, Blacksmith ΧΑΛΚΕΩΝ athen_civil_centre.xml, Agorá, Civic Center athen_corral.xml, Épaulos, Corral athen_defense_tower.xml, Pýrgos, Defense Tower athen_dock.xml, Limḗn, Dock athen_farmstead.xml, Epoíkion, Farmstead ΕΠΟΙΚΙΟΝ athen_field.xml, Agrós, Field athen_fortress.xml, Phróurion, Fortress ΦΡΟΥΡΙΟΝ athen_gymnasion.xml, Gymnásion, Gymnasium athen_house.xml, Oîkos, House athen_market.xml, Empórion, Market ΕΜΠΟΡΙΟΝ athen_outpost.xml, Prophýlagma, Greek Outpost ΠΡΟΦΥΛΑΓΜΑ athen_prytaneion.xml, Prytaneîon, Council Chamber **athen_range.xml, -, Archery Range athen_royal_stoa.xml, Hellenic Royal Stoa, Stoa athen_sentry_tower.xml, Pyrgíon, Sentry Tower ΠΥΡΓΙΟΝ athen_stable.xml, Hippṓn, Stables ΙΠΠΩΝ athen_storehouse.xml, Apothḗkē, Storehouse athen_temple.xml, Naós, Temple ΝΑΟΣ athen_theatron.xml, Théatron, Greek Theater ΘΕΑΤΡΟΝ athen_wall_gate.xml, Pýlai, Wall Gate athen_wall_long.xml, Teîkhos, Wall Long athen_wall_medium.xml, Teîkhos, Wall Medium athen_wall_short.xml, Teîkhos, Wall Short athen_wall_tower.xml, Pýrgos, Wall Tower ΠΥΡΓΟΣ athen_wallset_stone.xml, Teîkhos, Wallset athen_wonder.xml, Naós Parthenṓn, Wonder **athen_workshop.xml, Mēkhanētḗs, Siege Workshop ΜΗΧΑΝΗΤΗΣ ('siege engineer'. | Alternative: Ergastḗrion Polémou, ΕΡΓΑΣΤΗΡΙΟΝ ΠΟΛΕΜΟΥ, 'workshop of war'. Both fitting terms!) baby_defense_tower.xml, Pāyaud, Babylonian Tower brit_barracks.xml, Gwersyllty, Barracks brit_blacksmith.xml, Amoridas, Blacksmith brit_civil_centre.xml, Caer, Civic Center brit_corral.xml, Cavalidos, Corral brit_crannog.xml, Crannóc, Island Settlement brit_defense_tower.xml, Tyrau, Defense Tower brit_dock.xml, Crannóc, Dock brit_farmstead.xml, Ffermdy, Farmstead brit_field.xml, Varmo, Field brit_fortress.xml, Brythonic Broch, Fortress brit_house.xml, Annedd, House brit_kennel.xml, Kennel, Kennel brit_market.xml, Marchnaty, Market brit_outpost.xml, Brythonic Outpost, Outpost **brit_range.xml, -, Archery Range brit_rotarymill.xml, Melonas, Rotary Mill brit_sentry_tower.xml, Sentry Tower, Sentry Tower **brit_stable.xml, -, Stables brit_storehouse.xml, Ystordy, Storehouse brit_temple.xml, Addoldy, Temple brit_wall_gate.xml, Dor, Wall Gate brit_wall_long.xml, Gwarchglawdd, Wall Long brit_wall_medium.xml, Gwarchglawdd, Wall Medium brit_wall_short.xml, Gwarchglawdd, Wall Short brit_wall_tower.xml, Tyrau, Wall Tower brit_wallset_stone.xml, Gwarchglawdd, Wallset Stone brit_wonder.xml, Stonehenge, Wonder **brit_workshop.xml, -, Siege Workshop **cart_apartment.xml, -, Apartment Building cart_barracks.xml, Maḥanēt, Barracks cart_blacksmith.xml, Blacksmith, Blacksmith cart_civil_centre.xml, Merkāz, Civic Center cart_corral.xml, Rēfet, Corral cart_defense_tower.xml, Mijdil, Defense Tower cart_dock.xml, Namel, Commercial Port cart_elephant_stables.xml, Carthaginian Elephant Stables, Elephant Stables cart_embassy.xml, Embassy, Embassy cart_embassy_celtic.xml, Celtic Embassy, Celtic Embassy cart_embassy_iberian.xml, Iberian Embassy, Iberian Embassy cart_embassy_italiote.xml, Italian Embassy, Italian Embassy cart_farmstead.xml, Aḥuzāh, Farmstead cart_field.xml, Šadd, Field cart_fortress.xml, Ḥamet, Blockhouse Fort cart_house.xml, Bet, House cart_market.xml, Šūq, Market cart_outpost.xml, Carthaginian Outpost, Outpost cart_range.xml, -, Archery Range **cart_s_wall_gate.xml, cart_s_wall_long.xml, Low Wall, Stone Wall cart_s_wall_medium.xml, Low Wall, Stone Wall cart_s_wall_short.xml, Low Wall, Stone Wall cart_s_wall_tower.xml, Low Wall, Stone Wall cart_sentry_tower.xml, Sentry Tower, Sentry Tower **cart_stable.xml, , Stables cart_storehouse.xml, Maḥṣabah, Storehouse cart_super_dock.xml, Cothon, Naval Shipyard cart_temple.xml, Maqdaš, Temple cart_tophet.xml, Tophet, Sacrificial Temple cart_wall_gate.xml, Mijdil-šaʿar, Wall Gate cart_wall_long.xml, Homah, Wall Long cart_wall_medium.xml, Homah, Wall Medium cart_wall_short.xml, Homah, Wall Short cart_wall_tower.xml, Mijdil, Wall Tower **cart_wallset_short.xml, Low Wall, - cart_wallset_stone.xml, Jdar, Wallset cart_wonder.xml, Temple of Ba'al Hammon, Wonder **cart_workshop.xml, -, Siege Workshop gaul_barracks.xml, Gwersyllty, Barracks gaul_blacksmith.xml, Amoridas, Blacksmith gaul_civil_centre.xml, Caer, Civic Center gaul_corral.xml, Cavalidos, Corral gaul_defense_tower.xml, Tyrau, Defense Tower gaul_dock.xml, Crannóc, Dock gaul_farmstead.xml, Ffermdy, Farmstead gaul_field.xml, Varmo, Field gaul_fortress.xml, Gallic Dun, Fortress gaul_house.xml, Annedd, House gaul_market.xml, Marchnaty, Market gaul_outpost.xml, Gallic Outpost, Outpost **gaul_range.xml, -, Archery Range gaul_rotarymill.xml, Melonas, Rotary Mill gaul_sentry_tower.xml, Sentry Tower, Sentry Tower **gaul_stable.xml, -, Stables gaul_storehouse.xml, Ystordy, Storehouse gaul_tavern.xml, Taberna, Tavern gaul_temple.xml, Addoldy, Temple gaul_wall_gate.xml, Duro, Wall Gate gaul_wall_long.xml, Gwarchglawdd, Wall Long gaul_wall_medium.xml, Gwarchglawdd, Wall Medium gaul_wall_short.xml, Gwarchglawdd, Wall Short gaul_wall_tower.xml, Tyrau, Wall Tower gaul_wallset_stone.xml, Gwarchglawdd, Wallset gaul_wonder.xml, Stonehenge, Wonder **gaul_workshop.xml, -, Siege Workshop iber_barracks.xml, Kaserna, Barracks iber_blacksmith.xml, Harotz, Blacksmith iber_civil_centre.xml, Oppidum, Civic Center iber_corral.xml, Saroe, Corral iber_defense_tower.xml, Dorre, Defense Tower iber_dock.xml, Kai, Dock iber_farmstead.xml, Baserri, Farmstead iber_field.xml, Soro, Field iber_fortress.xml, Castro, Fortress iber_house.xml, Etxe, House iber_market.xml, Arruga, Market iber_monument.xml, Gur Oroigarri, Revered Monument iber_outpost.xml, Iberian Outpost, Outpost **iber_range.xml, -, Archery Range iber_sentry_tower.xml, Sentry Tower, Sentry Tower **iber_stable.xml, -, Stables iber_storehouse.xml, Ola, Storehouse iber_temple.xml, Loki, Temple iber_wall_gate.xml, Biko Sarbide, Wall Gate iber_wall_long.xml, Zabal Horma, Wall Long iber_wall_medium.xml, Zabal Horma, Wall Medium iber_wall_short.xml, Zabal Horma, Wall Short iber_wall_tower.xml, Dorre, Wall Tower iber_wallset_stone.xml, Zabal Horma, Wallset iber_wonder.xml, Cancho Roano, Wonder **iber_workshop.xml, -, Siege Workshop kush_barracks.xml, pr-ms’yw, Barracks kush_blacksmith.xml, hmw h’y n r3-‘, Blacksmith kush_blemmye_camp.xml, Blemmye Camp, Blemmye Camp kush_civil_centre.xml, Pr-nsw, Civic Center kush_corral.xml, ihy, Corral kush_defense_tower.xml, tsmt ‘3, Defense Tower kush_dock.xml, Mryt, Dock kush_elephant_stables.xml, Kushite Elephant Stables, Elephant Stables kush_farmstead.xml, snwt, Farmstead kush_field.xml, sht, Field kush_fortress.xml, Htm, Fortress kush_house.xml, Pr, House kush_market.xml, Pr-sbt, Market kush_nuba_village.xml, Nuba Village, Nuba Village kush_outpost.xml, trtr, Outpost kush_pyramid.xml, mr ‘3, Kushite Pyramid kush_pyramid_large.xml, mr ‘3, Large Pyramid kush_pyramid_small.xml, mr, Small Pyramid kush_range.xml, Kushite Archery Range, Archery Range kush_sentry_tower.xml, tsmt, Sentry Tower kush_shrine.xml, ḥwt-nṯr, Shrine kush_stable.xml, Kushite Cavalry Stable, Stables kush_storehouse.xml, wd3t, Storehouse kush_temple.xml, Pr-‘Iprmk, Temple of Apedemak kush_temple_amun.xml, Pr-‘Imn, Grand Temple of Amun kush_wall_gate.xml, ’ryt, Wall Gate kush_wall_long.xml, sbty, Wall Long kush_wall_medium.xml, sbty, Wall Medium kush_wall_short.xml, sbty, Wall Short kush_wall_tower.xml, s3wt, Wall Tower kush_wallset_stone.xml, sbty, Wallset kush_wonder.xml, Mnw nht, Wonder kush_workshop.xml, Kushite Siege Workshop, Siege Workshop mace_barracks.xml, Stratēgion, Barracks ΣΤΡΑΤΗΓΙΟΝ mace_blacksmith.xml, Khalkéōn, Blacksmith ΧΑΛΚΕΩΝ mace_civil_centre.xml, Basíleion, Civic Center ΒΑΣΙΛΕΙΟΝ mace_corral.xml, Épaulos, Corral mace_defense_tower.xml, Pýrgos, Defense Tower mace_dock.xml, Limḗn, Dock mace_farmstead.xml, Epoíkion, Farmstead ΕΠΟΙΚΙΟΝ mace_field.xml, Agrós, Field mace_fortress.xml, Phróurion, Fortress ΦΡΟΥΡΙΟΝ mace_house.xml, Oîkos, House mace_library.xml, Bibliothḗkē, Library mace_market.xml, Empórion, Market ΕΜΠΟΡΙΟΝ mace_outpost.xml, Prophýlagma, Greek Outpost ΠΡΟΦΥΛΑΓΜΑ **mace_range.xml, -, Archery Range mace_royal_stoa.xml, Hellenic Royal Stoa, Stoa mace_sentry_tower.xml, Pyrgíon, Sentry Tower ΠΥΡΓΙΟΝ mace_stable.xml, Hippṓn, Stables ΙΠΠΩΝ mace_storehouse.xml, Apothḗkē, Storehouse mace_temple.xml, Naós, Temple ΝΑΟΣ mace_theatron.xml, Théatron, Greek Theater ΘΕΑΤΡΟΝ mace_wall_gate.xml, Pýlai, Wall Gate mace_wall_long.xml, Teîkhos, Wall Long mace_wall_medium.xml, Teîkhos, Wall Medium mace_wall_short.xml, Teîkhos, Wall Short mace_wall_tower.xml, Pýrgos, Wall Tower mace_wallset_stone.xml, Teîkhos, Wallset mace_wonder.xml, Naós Parthenṓn, Wonder mace_workshop.xml, Mēkhanētḗs/Ergastḗrion Polémou, Siege Workshop ΜΗΧΑΝΗΤΗΣ/ΕΡΓΑΣΤΗΡΙΟΝ ΠΟΛΕΜΟΥ maur_barracks.xml, Sainyavasa, Barracks maur_blacksmith.xml, Lohakāra, Blacksmith maur_civil_centre.xml, Rajadhanika, Civic Center maur_corral.xml, Gotra, Corral maur_defense_tower.xml, Udarka, Defense Tower maur_dock.xml, Naukasthanaka, Dock maur_elephant_stables.xml, Vāraṇaśālā, Elephant Stables maur_farmstead.xml, Kantu, Farmstead maur_field.xml, Kshetra, Field maur_fortress.xml, Durg, Fortress maur_house.xml, Griham, House maur_market.xml, Vipana, Market maur_outpost.xml, Uparaksana, Outpost maur_palace.xml, Harmya, Special Building maur_pillar_ashoka.xml, Śāsana Stambha Aśokā, Edict Pillar of Ashoka **maur_range.xml, -, Archery Range maur_sentry_tower.xml, Sentry Tower, Sentry Tower **maur_stable.xml, -, Stables maur_storehouse.xml, Khalla, Storehouse maur_temple.xml, Devalaya, Temple maur_wall_gate.xml, Dwara, Wall Gate maur_wall_long.xml, Shilabanda, Wall Long maur_wall_medium.xml, Shilabanda, Wall Medium maur_wall_short.xml, Shilabanda, Wall Short maur_wall_tower.xml, Puratta, Wall Tower maur_wallset_stone.xml, Shilabanda, Wallset maur_wonder.xml, Great Stupa, Wonder **maur_workshop.xml, -, Siege Workshop merc_camp_egyptian.xml, Stratópedo Misthophóron Aigyptiakós, Mercenary Camp (Egyptian) pers_apadana.xml, Apadana, Persian Palace pers_apartment_block.xml, Apartment Block, Apartment Block pers_barracks.xml, Padgan, Barracks pers_blacksmith.xml, Arštišta, Blacksmith pers_civil_centre.xml, Xšaçapāvan, Provincial Governor pers_corral.xml, Gaiāšta, Corral pers_defense_tower.xml, Pāyaud, Defense Tower pers_dock.xml, Nāvašta, Dock pers_elephant_stables.xml, Persian Elephant Stables, Elephant Stables pers_farmstead.xml, Kaštašta, Farmstead pers_field.xml, Kaštrya, Field pers_fortress.xml, Didā, Fortress pers_hall.xml, Duvarthi Visadahyu, Persian Hall pers_house.xml, Huvādā, House pers_house_a.xml, House, House pers_house_b.xml, Inn, Inn pers_inn.xml, Inn, Inn pers_ishtar_gate.xml, Ishtar Gate of Babylon, Persian Special Building pers_market.xml, Ardatašta, Market pers_outpost.xml, Didebani, Outpost **pers_range.xml, -, Archery Range pers_sentry_tower.xml, Sentry Tower, Sentry Tower pers_stables.xml, Paraspa, Cavalry Stables pers_storehouse.xml, Asiyah, Storehouse pers_tacara.xml, Taçara, Persian Palace pers_temple.xml, Ayadana, Temple pers_wall_gate.xml, Duvitaparnam, Wall Gate pers_wall_long.xml, Para, Wall Long pers_wall_medium.xml, Para, Wall Medium pers_wall_short.xml, Para, Wall Short pers_wall_tower.xml, Pāyaud, Wall Tower pers_wallset_stone.xml, Para, Wallset pers_warehouse.xml, Warehouse, Warehouse pers_wonder.xml, Hanging Gardens of Babylon, Wonder **pers_workshop.xml, -, Siege Workshop ptol_barracks.xml, Stratēgion, Barracks ΣΤΡΑΤΗΓΙΟΝ ptol_blacksmith.xml, Khalkéōn, Blacksmith ΧΑΛΚΕΩΝ ptol_civil_centre.xml, Basíleion, Civic Center ΒΑΣΙΛΕΙΟΝ ptol_corral.xml, Épaulos, Corral ΕΠΑΥΛΟΣ ptol_defense_tower.xml, Pýrgos, Defense Tower ΠΥΡΓΟΣ ptol_dock.xml, Limḗn, Dock ΛΙΜΗΝ ptol_elephant_stables.xml, Stathmós, Elephant Stables ΣΤΑΘΜΟΣ ('stables, standing-place for beasts, watering-place' - used for the royal war elephant stables in Strabo, Geography, Book 15.) ptol_farmstead.xml, Epoíkion, Farmstead ΕΠΟΙΚΙΟΝ ptol_field.xml, Agrós, Field ΑΓΡΟΣ ptol_fortress.xml, Phróurion, Fortress ΦΡΟΥΡΙΟΝ ptol_house.xml, Oîkos, House ΟΙΚΟΣ ptol_library.xml, Bibliothḗkē, Library ptol_lighthouse.xml, Pháros, Lighthouse ptol_market.xml, Empórion, Market ΕΜΠΟΡΙΟΝ ptol_mercenary_camp.xml, Stratopedeía Misthophórōn, Mercenary Camp ptol_military_colony.xml, Klēroukhía, Military Colony ΚΛΗΡΟΥΧΙΑ ptol_outpost.xml, Prophýlagma, Greek Outpost ΠΡΟΦΥΛΑΓΜΑ **ptol_range.xml, -, Archery Range ptol_sentry_tower.xml, Pyrgíon, Sentry Tower ΠΥΡΓΙΟΝ **ptol_stable.xml, Hippṓn, Stables ΙΠΠΩΝ ptol_storehouse.xml, Apothḗkē, Storehouse ptol_temple.xml, Naós, Temple ΝΑΟΣ ptol_wall_gate.xml, Pýlai, Wall Gate ΠΥΛΑΙ ptol_wall_long.xml, Teîkhos, Wall Long ΤΕΙΧΟΣ ptol_wall_medium.xml, Teîkhos, Wall Medium ptol_wall_short.xml, Teîkhos, Wall Short ptol_wall_tower.xml, Pýrgos, Wall Tower ΠΥΡΓΟΣ ptol_wallset_stone.xml, Teîkhos, Wallset ptol_wonder.xml, Temple of Edfu, Wonder **ptol_workshop.xml, Mēkhanētḗs/Ergastḗrion Polémou, Siege Workshop ΜΗΧΑΝΗΤΗΣ/ΕΡΓΑΣΤΗΡΙΟΝ ΠΟΛΕΜΟΥ rome_arch.xml, Triumphal Arch, Special Building rome_army_camp.xml, Castrum Vallum, Entrenched Army Camp rome_barracks.xml, Castrum, Barracks rome_blacksmith.xml, Armamentarium, Blacksmith rome_civil_centre.xml, Forum, Civic Center rome_corral.xml, Saeptum, Corral rome_defense_tower.xml, Turris Lignea, Defense Tower rome_dock.xml, Portus, Dock rome_farmstead.xml, Villa, Farmstead rome_field.xml, Ager, Field rome_fortress.xml, Castellum, Fortress rome_house.xml, Domus, House rome_market.xml, Mercatus, Market rome_outpost.xml, Vigilarium, Outpost **rome_range.xml, -, Archery Range rome_sentry_tower.xml, Sentry Tower, Sentry Tower rome_siege_wall_gate.xml, Porta Circummunitionis, Siege Wall Gate rome_siege_wall_long.xml, Murus Circummunitionis, Siege Wall rome_siege_wall_medium.xml, Murus Circummunitionis, Siege Wall rome_siege_wall_short.xml, Murus Circummunitionis, Siege Wall rome_siege_wall_tower.xml, Turris Circummunitionis, Siege Wall Tower **rome_stable.xml, -, Stables rome_storehouse.xml, Receptaculum, Storehouse rome_temple.xml, Aedes, Temple rome_temple_mars.xml, Aedes Martis, Temple of Mars rome_temple_vesta.xml, Aedes Vestae, Temple of Vesta rome_tent.xml, Tabernāculum, Tent rome_wall_gate.xml, Porta, Wall Gate rome_wall_long.xml, Moenia, Wall Long rome_wall_medium.xml, Moenia, Wall Medium rome_wall_short.xml, Moenia, Wall Short rome_wall_tower.xml, Turris Lapidea, Wall Tower rome_wallset_siege.xml, Murus Latericius, Siege Wall rome_wallset_stone.xml, Moenia, Wallset rome_wonder.xml, Aedes Iovis Optimi Maximi, Wonder **rome_workshop.xml, -, Siege Workshop sele_barracks.xml, Stratēgion, Barracks ΣΤΡΑΤΗΓΙΟΝ sele_blacksmith.xml, Khalkéōn, Blacksmith ΧΑΛΚΕΩΝ sele_civil_centre.xml, Basíleion, Civic Center ΒΑΣΙΛΕΙΟΝ sele_corral.xml, Épaulos, Corral sele_defense_tower.xml, Pýrgos, Defense Tower sele_dock.xml, Limḗn, Dock ΛΙΜΗΝ sele_elephant_stables.xml, Stathmós, Elephant Stables ΣΤΑΘΜΟΣ sele_farmstead.xml, Epoíkion, Farmstead ΕΠΟΙΚΙΟΝ sele_field.xml, Agrós, Field sele_fortress.xml, Phróurion, Fortress ΦΡΟΥΡΙΟΝ sele_house.xml, Oîkos, House sele_library.xml, Bibliothḗkē, Library ΒΙΒΛΙΟΘΗΚΗ sele_market.xml, Empórion, Market ΕΜΠΟΡΙΟΝ sele_military_colony.xml, Klēroukhía, Military Colony sele_outpost.xml, Prophýlagma, Greek Outpost ΠΡΟΦΥΛΑΓΜΑ **sele_range.xml, -, Archery Range sele_sentry_tower.xml, Pyrgíon, Sentry Tower ΠΥΡΓΙΟΝ **sele_stable.xml, Hippṓn, Stables ΙΠΠΩΝ sele_storehouse.xml, Apothḗkē, Storehouse sele_temple.xml, Naós, Temple sele_wall_gate.xml, Pýlai, Wall Gate sele_wall_long.xml, Teîkhos, Wall Long sele_wall_medium.xml, Teîkhos, Wall Medium sele_wall_short.xml, Teîkhos, Wall Short sele_wall_tower.xml, Pýrgos, Wall Tower sele_wallset_stone.xml, Teîkhos, Wallset sele_wonder.xml, Temple of Pythian Apollo, Wonder **sele_workshop.xml, Mēkhanētḗs/Ergastḗrion Polémou, Siege Workshop ΜΗΧΑΝΗΤΗΣ/ΕΡΓΑΣΤΗΡΙΟΝ ΠΟΛΕΜΟΥ spart_barracks.xml, Stratēgion, Barracks ΣΤΡΑΤΗΓΙΟΝ spart_blacksmith.xml, Khalkéōn, Blacksmith ΧΑΛΚΕΩΝ spart_civil_centre.xml, Basíleion, Civic Center ΒΑΣΙΛΕΙΟΝ spart_corral.xml, Épaulos, Corral spart_defense_tower.xml, Pýrgos, Defense Tower spart_dock.xml, Limḗn, Dock spart_farmstead.xml, Epoíkion, Farmstead ΕΠΟΙΚΙΟΝ spart_field.xml, Agrós, Field spart_fortress.xml, Phróurion, Fortress ΦΡΟΥΡΙΟΝ spart_gerousia.xml, Gerousía, Spartan Senate ΓΕΡΟΥΣΙΑ spart_house.xml, Oîkos, House spart_market.xml, Empórion, Market ΕΜΠΟΡΙΟΝ spart_outpost.xml, Prophýlagma, Greek Outpost ΠΡΟΦΥΛΑΓΜΑ spart_range.xml, Stratēgeîon, Archery Range spart_royal_stoa.xml, Hellenic Royal Stoa, Stoa spart_sentry_tower.xml, Pyrgíon, Sentry Tower ΠΥΡΓΙΟΝ spart_stable.xml, Hippṓn, Stables ΙΠΠΩΝ spart_storehouse.xml, Apothḗkē, Storehouse spart_syssiton.xml, Syssítion, Military Mess Hall spart_temple.xml, Naós, Temple ΝΑΟΣ spart_theatron.xml, Théatron, Greek Theater ΘΕΑΤΡΟΝ spart_wall_gate.xml, Pýlai, Wall Gate spart_wall_long.xml, Teîkhos, Wall Long spart_wall_medium.xml, Teîkhos, Wall Medium spart_wall_short.xml, Teîkhos, Wall Short spart_wall_tower.xml, Pýrgos, Wall Tower spart_wallset_stone.xml, Teîkhos, Wallset spart_wonder.xml, Naós Parthenṓn, Wonder spart_workshop.xml, Mēkhanētḗs/Ergastḗrion Polémou, Siege Workshop ΜΗΧΑΝΗΤΗΣ/ΕΡΓΑΣΤΗΡΙΟΝ ΠΟΛΕΜΟΥ
  3. Anaxandridas ho Skandiates

    Specific Name Review: Structures

    But okay, I see there is little interest, so I rest my case. Let us do it. Let us just continue with polytonic Latin transliteration. Here is the CORRECTED LIST, corrections in bold:
  4. Anaxandridas ho Skandiates

    Specific Name Review: Structures

    Yes, I am trying to convince you all that it is wiser not to add polytonic diacritics to the Latin transliterations. And since people here like to argue - which is fine - I just thought let us roll out the best of aaaaaalllll the arguments, which is that 95% of those who can actually read Greek polytonic still can't pronounce it correctly even though they have much more schooling. Which is why I ask - why even bother adding it to the Latin translations.
  5. Anaxandridas ho Skandiates

    Specific Name Review: Structures

    I meant this: I see now some different schemes for transliteration, some of them are Latin letters, with sort of polytonic diacritics above them. I would like to make a challenge to try the argument: ἀλλὰ καὶ ὧς ἐθέλω δόμεναι πάλιν εἰ τό γ᾽ ἄμεινον: βούλομ᾽ ἐγὼ λαὸν σῶν ἔμμεναι ἢ ἀπολέσθαι: αὐτὰρ ἐμοὶ γέρας αὐτίχ᾽ ἑτοιμάσατ᾽ ὄφρα μὴ οἶος Ἀργείων ἀγέραστος ἔω, ἐπεὶ οὐδὲ ἔοικε: λεύσσετε γὰρ τό γε πάντες ὅ μοι γέρας ἔρχεται ἄλλῃ. Is there anyone here in this forum who can render that passage correctly and upload an mp3 recording? I will then upload my "correct" mp3 for people to compare. My wager is that even those who actually know Greek will rarely get it right, so those who read strange markings over latin transliterations will have no use for it. I propose transliteration without diacritics - only ô and ê for Ω and Η, and nothing else.
  6. Anaxandridas ho Skandiates

    Specific Name Review: Structures

    PLEASE let us have a consideration of whether this polytonic transliteration is really something we can't do without. Because consider please that it takes quite some schooling to be able to execute those polytonic accents correctly even if you have been schooled to understand them and can read Greek letters - which you probably can if you can read the accents, right? - and even THEN, it is super inauthentic since the ancients never used diacritical marks (or any punctuation really) and in addition to that they did not use any minuscule letters. Only koine Greek started to develop a "pressure" principle in pronounciation, like we have today. But not until late in our period of the game. So why not just used clear unconfusing transliteration, which all can understand, without accents. Or what about clear transliteration, in Latin capital letters?
  7. Anaxandridas ho Skandiates

    Civ: Mycenaeans

    Achilles was a king, they were almost all kings or princes in the whole iliad.
  8. Anaxandridas ho Skandiates

    Faction: Byzantines

    CAN I JUST SAY that the byzantines faction turned out to be AWESOME. AWE SOME. Fantastic work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Anaxandridas ho Skandiates

    ===[TASK]=== Removing all carpets from the game

    Great job, thanks. English translations will use blankets/carpets/mats/bedspreads interchangeably according to the translator. In the iliad and odyssey we find kings and princes - you quoted the famous "Awake, son of Tydeus! what slumberest thou!", a personal favorite of mine. So you find everything in the Iliad and Odyssey adorned with gold and silver, because the main actors in the drama are all kings and princes and gods, ennobling the work, a hallmark of Homeric poetry. Like I said you can add a splendid drapery or carpet to one or two buildings. But don't put Persian medieval-style rugs, and not on dirty ground or roofs, this is my advice to you. Romans and byzantines got civilized markets, the Ptolemies somehow got the untidy messy one. Maybe because we think of Greeks of today as bankrupt and ill-organized, or because films from Egypt have shaped some perceptions to make this seem natural.
  10. Anaxandridas ho Skandiates

    ===[TASK]=== Removing all carpets from the game

    You definitely want to avoid people like that influencing the game, it is right to ask for sources. Just don't give me a headache with these carpets, for heaven's sake lads
  11. Anaxandridas ho Skandiates

    ===[TASK]=== Removing all carpets from the game

    Reminds me of those films set in the "middle ages" where everyone's face is full of dirt, and even the king's castle apartments have just bare walls, treestumps to sit and hay to sleep on and chickens running around and waste everywhere
  12. Anaxandridas ho Skandiates

    ===[TASK]=== Removing all carpets from the game

    Grass/reed mats like you yourself suggested, or wool mats (but why put a nice wool mat on dirt? doesn't make sense. Putting an expensive imported oriental rug on dirt, well, I am done with that one). In general, how about just tidying up the place though? Do you think the rulers of Alexandria would have just allowed all kinds of dirty rubbish and dusty rags to be floating about in the city? They measured the circumference of the earth, discovered countless things and pioneered a revolution in civilization, built a wonder of the world. Surely they would have kept some order too. Just look at how nice this settlement turned out. The Romans faction turned out really well. Tidy up the Ptolemies structures and hellenize a few more of the buildings, we are NOT that far aways from our dream result!
  13. Anaxandridas ho Skandiates

    ===[TASK]=== Removing all carpets from the game

    I have nothing more to add. Look all you want, unless you change the houses into palaces you would do wisely to remove the oriental rugs. Or by all means, continue with "Aladdin A.D." because of random quarrel. I am helping you eliminate a little historical mistake. Say "thanks" and get on with your lives, it is not so difficult. Sorry for overreacting before.
  14. Anaxandridas ho Skandiates

    ===[TASK]=== Removing all carpets from the game

    Yea I know, sorry. Trying to contribute with real stuff here, proving nonexistence of oriental carpets not on list of priorities.
  15. Anaxandridas ho Skandiates

    Transliteration of Ancient Greek into English

    My dear friend, I think that transliteration is not any worse or better than what I proposed. (although the ancients of course used no accents, and I recommend just ê and ô for heta and omega. It would be great to write Greek and Latin words transliterated with Latin capitals at any event.) Both are fine with me - but the question is, how do we standardize the WHOLE GAME, every Greek word? The most important thing is, whichever system we use, it is CONSISTENTLY APPLIED. Now different civs have same words spelled differently or have just spelling mistakes. Just little things here and there, as could be expected with such a big enterprise. I cannot at all find my way through your references though. I can only code HTML. What I can do, is meticulously go through every structure and every unit in all Greek civs, and post the corrections needed here. But one transliteration-standard must be decided, then I can do the entire lookup work, and maybe you can add to the game? We need some leading figure to decide on a transliteration-standard, now, so we can do this.