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  1. Oh I like it, just need to convert it to a counterstrike map, and then "COUNTER TERRORISTS WIN" But no, that video looks okay with the interior. All the burning tripods and vases outside and the facade and proportions are trash. Some odd irrational stuff being stored inside and strange use of space, but odd people were around in antiquity as well. I am happy we only have to deal with exteriors in 0 A.D. - but the same process would apply for indoors, and we have PLENTY, PLENTY of interior architecture depictions and ruins to show exactly how they lived. And no blasted carpets ever bothered their sleep, but Aladdin liked to put them on his flat house roof terrace - most important thing though: Make a roof that it can rain through like in that video - that will make sure them stupid filthy expensive carpets will last you a lifetime now that you spent a fortune importing them . Also, make sure all the columns in your garden support nothing but just stand their lookin' cool and fancy in all their out-of-proportion glory.
  2. My family was not murdered by tents but rather by obstinate comments from drunken halfwits on wildfiregames.com I already called on the hellenistic markets to be fixed to appear orderly like the roman market is. You don't build tents on the agora, because it is paved. Why would you want to carry and stick in-between tiles poles and setup for tents and similar structures, ruining the agora/forum pavement every single time there is a market. You don't just allow the peasants to make an encampment on the main square, that would be foolish. Instead you give each a slot and ask them to keep it clean and fine them if they don't. Instead you suspend white/grey simple sheets of linen from the columns of the surrounding (and freestanding) structures. Then you just need a ladder, rope and linen. For long stretches of linen along, say, a colonnade, you would have a few regularly spaced designated slots for the "spear" that holds the stretched linen up. The market stalls would have their fix places and agreed-upon-occupants. Having gone through all the pains to create a civilized city with an architectural programme do you not think the magistrates would have bothered to promulgate some guidelines for the market stalls and drapes to not completely gypsify the place, but have some uniform arrangement. If you find some fresco or mosaic image of an agora market that looks like the Romanian peasant village camp above, feel free to share it and I will of course submit to the superior argument. The ones from Magna Graecia (google 'Pompeii forum market fresco') show lots of columns with garlands inbetween, people sitting about presumably in the shade of buildings, presenting their wares. Not like gypsy camp, not like Disney's Aladdin, but like market, in civilization. with love to @wowgetoffyourcellphone and @LordGood. Know people love their tents and carpets, can't have 'em except in rural and military camps though, if you want to give a realistic impression. If anywhere thick carpet-like drapes would have been part of the "flooring" keeping bugs out of the tents of Alexander and other hellenistic princes and or wealthy officers. Unfortunately like the interior of palaces, they do not really show in the game which mainly shows exteriors ( @Stan` considerations above interesting to you too, maybe?)
  3. Well, the only pity is that youtube only has x2 speed.. For those who have not had their daily dose of gorgeous graphics engine and disneyland fake hellas with bad bulgarian accents, that make Angelina Jolie's performance in Alexander seem like Juliet Stevenson in Pericles Prince of Tyre 1984
  4. I will help with that one, it is the most difficult to reconstruct but we have statuettes and we can definitely improve what is currently out there in published reconstructions! Same goes for the Rhodos colossus, I have all the Rhodian coins a ton of statuettes collected, and Seleucid and Ptolemaic sanctuaries. But eye candy later, first we have to get through hellenizing the Ptolemies and adding correct Greek recordings to the game, I am working on recordings now.
  5. We will get there eventually Anyway you have some time since I am still trying to find someone to help me finalize that Greek font I crafted for 0 A.D. for the inscription below, might be a while. If no one wants to help I might end up paying for some pro to redraw the letters and code it into a font, just don't know who could help make it available in the game, for a future campaign offering actual ancient Greek with/without subtitles. You have the Athena marble statue photographs, there will be a triumph at the end
  6. Please don't let yourselves be fooled by the really nice 3d, the agora they made is a gypsy camp. "a bit fanciful" is really too nice of you, can only explain it by your justified excitement for the great graphics, but these screens above here, they're just preposterous. See just Lindybeige youtube channel on helen of troy and ironclad and vikings - why for heaven's sake are there torches burning in tripods, holy and super expensive objects? this is just a hollywood cliche, but even IF expensive works of bronze artwork had been used for firewood, WHY for the love of God are they blazing away in burning daylight? From the colossus head to weird fanciful acropolis and babylon (??) fountains, it is a 3ds max amateur's wet dream, who had a nice engine to render fantastic landscapes on. But the structures are not only subpar they scrape the bottom and 0 A.D. - thanks in part to your own work mind you - is already vastly superior.
  7. @wowgetoffyourcellphone yeah sorry man, I loved the last assasin's creed but this new one is just too bad imho, sry I mean, you've been to the Acropolis and temple of Hephaistos and Agora and all that in Athens, right? Stood in front of the actual ruins? Because I was there, and this cool game is just Aladdin dude looks fancy but it's Disney's Aladdin
  8. @LordGood @wowgetoffyourcellphone @Nescio On the one hand I like both this thread's suggestion AND the idea of improving the Prytaneion, but on the other hand, it seems like we should put it in a slot rather far down our list of priorities to make really good models really, really good, right? I mean, we have tons of tasks that are much simpler, that would make a tremendous difference (to use the language of a certain orange fellow, lol)
  9. @wowgetoffyourcellphone You have that Persian building in Achaemenid style to the right of the hanging gardens on your screenshot? Just use the elements from that and enlarge a bit and create a massive Persepolis-style hall inspired by the Persepolis Apadana 3d reconstruction on youtube by LACMA. I would so love to finish that font and fix inscription on that Athena statue and the other Greek monuments. But still no response even after I created and uploaded SVGs of all the letters ( @Basshunter any progress on Athena? ) @PhyZic Wir haben neulich die altgriechischen Namen reformiert, wird in der nächsten Version enthalten sein - gäbe es da etwas was wir bei der deutschen Version auch korrigieren sollten? Wusste gar nicht dass es eine deutsche Version gibt? (ich bin nicht deutscher spreche nur die Sprache). @LordGood concerning those market cloth canopies, could we de-gypsify the otherwise nice market a bit?
  10. Apart from the shipsheds they all get a big fat as far as I am concerned. Aesthetically and historically there is so much trash going on in those designs, welcome to Hollywood. (or Bollywood?) The Greeks would laugh themselves to death if they saw that this is how we imagined their lives and world. So much effort went into this, so many hours and so much money to create the "feel" of Hellas, and it was all completely wasted. What a heap of trash, what an insult to ancient architects, all proportions botched, elements botched, colours botched, statues botched, and so much lousy research. It looks "cool" and would make a great Disneyland section. 0 A.D. may not look as fancy to you, but for me it is already aesthetically infinitely more beautiful and closer to a "real feel". Hope you all have fun playing the game though, I jumped through a playthrough at 2x speed. A few model were nice, but 95% trash. It is like the Alexander film epic.
  11. Please find the SVG files I created below - some might need a bit of additional cleanup or adjustment, would be super grateful for help: a.svg b.svg c.svg d.svg e.svg f.svg g.svg h.svg i.svg j.svg k.svg l.svg m.svg n.svg o.svg p.svg q.svg r.svg s.svg t.svg v.svg w.svg x.svg y.svg P.S.: a.svg and x.svg contain the correct glyphs, but 'X' is in a.svg - and 'A' is in x.svg. Sorry.
  12. The idea of these plaques is very good and inscriptions and engraved text of all kind is very realistic, however of course it is impossible that these medieval letters or even modern capitals should be used in the game. I have received no response to my offer to give the Hellenstic / Alexandrian font I painstakingly researched and roughly constructed for the game, from 1000s of inscriptions and papyrus images studied. I therefore did the first step of cleaning it up myself, find below SVG files. If someone can streamline them in an editor programme, we can submit it and I will license as required for use in the game? I do not have skills to do any finer cleanup/streamlining or unite into a font file. Please send a PM if you want to help with this last step or know someone who would like to help? (If you think the idea sucks, or that I am an idiot, or both, then please be kind enough to abstain from wasting forum space trashing me, or the contribution, or both. Thank you.)
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