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Blender AddOns, Materials & Tutorials.

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Here are some tutorials for making procedural materials (Materials that doesn't exactly need a texture image for looks good) Have fun.

Eyes making

Marble/Stone like materials and Cracks/veins

Letters animations (Maybe for making introduction videos).




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8 minutes ago, stanislas69 said:

Those are awesome.

In the videos the way the speed of walking is incrementing certanly could add more realism to 0 A.D., is there a way we could have that feature ? possibly like we have the min range/max range, but this one "Min speed/Max speed".

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1 minute ago, stanislas69 said:

Well @wraitii implemented a run multiplier for Phab:D13 maybe some variant of that could work. I think it could cause issues though, especially with formations.

Formations already have a line for reducing/increasing the speed of the units plus they are sync so should be the speed if its possible.

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On 6/16/2018 at 5:34 PM, Alexandermb said:

A page with some free textures for blender usage:

(a bit late reply, but better late than never)
Don't forget to check the specific license terms, since "free" often does not mean "without any limitations", in particular Poliigon's license explicitly forbids redistribution and usage in open source projects: https://help.poliigon.com/faq/license-faq

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