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Sarmatian , Dacian and Scythian Props


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The sarmatian helmet (kind) in roman(imperial)  archers is my speculation



is related with Dacian, but barely. it need more deeper search.


Dacian style, the evolve of conic








Have the scamata style from nomadic and germanic tribes.



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The first helmet is roman,used by archers. the last one is dacian 100%.
In the early and middle ancient periods,sarmatians used mostly import helmets- lots of Montefortino types (A,B,C,etc), pseudoattischen Helmen (south greek helmets).
For sarmatian props i recommend a book wrote by Simonenko "The Sarmatians in the Northern Black Sea Region" for weaponry and all that Sergey Yatsenko wrote on sarmatian clothing.
I am a reenactor on dacian-roman wars,as sarmatian. Sarmatians were very different from scythians,in fact from 3BC they did not used any scythian type of clothing,weapons,helmets,etc.
Depending on what period you are interested,you must search for material that's only for that period because in those 3 ancient periods,sarmatians changed many times.
Again,the pointy helmet has nothing to do with dacian or sarmatian weaponry,it's roman :).
The total max size is 5mb,too bad because i have lots of materials on sarmatians.

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I have an idea for Scythian structures. The accounts talk of them living in wagons and wheeled huts. I knocked up a pair of models. A simple wagon and a big dray with a yurt on it. 


Done in wings 3D but I can covert them to blender. I'm still not great at UV mapping. The idea is that these would be houses or included with other odds and ends to create larger structures. I would add a few Tipi, conical tents, yurt or dome huts, wheeled forge, and covered tables. Some on the ground with the wheels removed but leaning on the wall. A few palisade, low stone walls or log walls to give the structures some bulk. 

This creates a true nomad feel and its something I don't see anyone else doing in RTS games.  
Notice I don't do great wheels. These are not meant to be moving structures like siege wagons. [We are not remaking command & conquer with its mobile command centres.]
To make the Scythian's feel nomadic demolishing these wheeled houses should give back 80% of the wood cost.  

The castle could be a raised mound with steep sides and several wagons with wheels off & stacked. A big tent and low palisade, stone crenellation, or chest crenellations along the upper edge. Gated entry ramp.
The wonder obviously would be a kurgen.
The temple would be a raised platform with sparse decoration on the upper edges. Decorated poles. A small focal tent, hut or yurt for the tribal priest/ healer. 

I would also not give them a barracks; with all infantry made at the town centre [wagon/ hut cluster], the stables [horse pen], and the castle [hill-fort]. 

What do you think am I on the right track? 

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@Wesley, looks pretty cool!

Are you aware of the mod "Terra Magna"? It features the Xiongnu, a nomadic civ who are culturally related to the Scythians. I'd invite you to check it out for some inspiration. Nomadic gameplay is not entirely finished, but it's already very developed and playable:


Here's the main development thread for the Xiongnu:


Here's the main development thread for the Scythians in Delenda Est:


And this thread is a more general Nomadic Civs thread about Xiongnu, Scythians and Huns


There's a ton of history, art references and interesting discussions in those threads, so I'd advice you to take your time and go through them. 



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Thanks guys still trying to navigate the site. The search is no help if you spell everything wrong. lol. I thought I had that mod bookmarked but can't find it. I'll give it a go. 

PS I have been reading about Scythian temples. It looks like they were giant wood piles the size of a soccer stadium and the one to Ares had a meteoritic iron sword at the top.  A lot of wood should be in the build resources. Given that the priests smoked pot and wore women's clothes I suspect a few temples burned well. 


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