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  1. Nescio there is a lot going on behind the scenes and a few web sites are talking about it. My blog talks about it. http://appliedimpossibilies.blogspot.com/2018/06/success-for-korean-liberty-at-singapore.html Essentially there are several ways to solve the problem of dictatorships. Two dominate how the world does things: the two side of the council on foreign relations (CFR) duel it out politely in public: Sanctions and isolation verses bribes and blind eyes. The left and right of western foreign policy. The third is assassination. The forth is to find someone in the dictators country and empower them. That fourth has no been tried for decades but its being tried now. Its a dangerous game. Since WW2 only three US Presidents were not CFR members: John F Kennedy, Reagan and Trump. Kennedy's older brother, Joseph Patrick Kennedy Jr,was groomed by the CFR and was destined for the White House but he died in an accident in the war. Testing a flying bomb is not the safest post. His family was not happy that he took a dangerous job without telling them. PM me for more its not appropriate to divert the forum.
  2. Similar to what's happened in North Korea. The real dictator there were two of the old generals. They're now gone and Kim Jong-un is in control. Some think his family was hostage and when Trump says "all the hostages are free" he's talking about KJU's kids. KJU is not in full control but he's getting there. We also had a palace Coup in Saudi Arabia after the strong man military prince died in a chopper crash. I don't think that was an assassination but someone, Mohammad bin Salman, was ready to go when it happened. They tried to smear the new crown prince with the Khashoggi thing but failed. I think Khashoggi has just been arrested and taken home alive but the Turks jumped to the murder conclusion so the Saudis played along. The Turkish police timeline has hole in it. With Sudan the question's are: Is there a real reformer in the country? Can the muslim population really do freedom [that's a worldwide question]? Are there foreign players? China? Did some islamist cross the wrong Chinese engineer and his family? That was a predictable risk. Is the USA & Trump helping? Or someone from the USA but on the opposing side to Trump? Europe? Or is it fully home grown and the product of modern social media technology? Many Questions. It looks hopeful. Hopefully it will also mean the lights go back on for our friends in South America too. All a bit much for a gaming site and a little off topic but we are seeing liberty coming to many interesting places but in a manor that's totally new.
  3. I've made a Turkey model to but I'm not great at skinning it. I'm still working that out.
  4. We already have some of that with egypt where the main game has Ptolemy Egypt and one of the mods, Aristeia has Earlier Egyptian. Technologically they are not that different. I have an idea. It my be possible to have iron age as a technology that some civilisations start with, most in the main games but earlier civilisations, mostly the mods, lack. It provides a +1 to penetration. Costing metal and wood to research. Another technology metallurgy is also available at the market that allows stone age edge cultures to step up to copper and bronze. Stonehenge was built by people with no metals. All the current civilisations start with it pre researched except the Zapotec. It gives a +1 to attack speed. Zapatec attack speed is already low.
  5. What"s the problem with formations and battalions? Can't we just make a closely packed multi-man mesh with only the arms and legs animated on the front, sides and back. Have it spawn a few units when it dies? That makes it a blender job not hard programming. A 4 x 4 formation would have a little under 16 times the polygons but counts as only one object in pathing. Its large unit number lag that's the problem isn't it? We could strip out a lot of shared shoulder to shoulder polygons. Another way to do it is a partly invisible "land boat". I already suggested that somewhere. When a boat is loaded some units are displayed on deck in some cases but they use a stand animation. A land boat would just be a dust cloud under foot with walking animation. Add parade ground, plaza or marshalling area as a build. This spawns big loaded battalions at the suitable cost.
  6. Spanish OK I have google translate working and it did not mess it up. "Because in so little time they managed to create the most powerful empire of America obvious after Spanish (nor were they submitted as fast as the others), sorry for writing this in Spanish, my phone puts everything in Spanish: /" P.S. There is a new paper out on how the Inca got those perfect fit stone work. Machu Picchu, etc. They may have made a highly acidic grout that dissolved the rock in the joint and re precipitated it as the sheen below the joint. The blocks would have melted together like two ice blocks with a little salt between them. The mix was acidic mine water, organic matter and iron pyrites (fools gold). A basic sulphuric acid (vitriol) mix. Verification experiments are I believe planned. It would have been very dangerous to work with. http://www.academia.edu/37497925/On_the_reddish_glittery_mud_the_Inca_used_for_perfecting_their_stone_masonry
  7. Is there a specific version of Subversion needed?
  8. Its mostly just basic info on wikipedia. I generally start with a picture search to find info and I have wikipedia at the centre of my hot bar. I also don't believe the idea that societies are primitive without good reason so I look for exceptions. Technology not commonly discussed. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pre-Columbian_rafts I've also read an account of Cortes's first battles. That was on wikipedia but I can't find it now. Its been shortened to one paragraph. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xicotencatl_II The appearance of Xicotencatl's statue may be useful. I also have read Gurps Aztec's and other RPG. The Gurps guys reportedly went to a museum and weighed all the weapons to get accuracy. Yes I read your summery at the top of the page. Looks good. What is your time period?
  9. Interesting problem. Looking at wikipedia and a few links I would say. Tlaxcaltecans: Coastal so better faster sailing rafts, fishing and trade rafts. Balsa means raft wood. Palm huts on raised earthworks. Less stone work. I would also give them good slingers because the slingers gave Hernan Cortes the most trouble. Xicotencatl the Younger used hit and run kiting effectively. So a kiting slinger or javelin unit. Stealth blow gun unit with good armour verses ranges but blow guns are very short range, low damage with poison. paddle shaped macuahuiti. Spear-macuahuitl combination weapon Probably used for a penetrating thrust with a raking saw action when pulled back. Nasty. Round shields with no feather skirt (chimalli ) or decoration. Top knot cap, low decoration warrior. Poorest of the three. Toltecs: Oldest peoples in the region. The word means artisan. So speed boost to building, crafts & stone work. Their art work includes many tall statues that could be both miniwonder and watch tower/ Tower. Some buildings had colonnades like Greek buildings. Some bass relief show collared jaguar and coyote in war scenes. So war beast units. (like the war dogs) High decoration warriors with cylindrical head dress. Rectangular wood breastplate. Short macuahuitl club, obsidian blades (They are not swords.) with a longer handle. Light fast Blow gun units with poison darts. Mexicas: Essential what we see as Aztecs. Slaves. Plumed headdresses. Can build farms on shallows. Small trees around the farm edge so the farm gives a little wood. Heavy decoration in armour. Round shields with feather chimalli hanging down & high decoration. Most warriors were nobles and slave enforcers so expensive and hard hitting with long macuahuitl club shorter handle. Archers with higher damage but shorter range. Bonus to stone mining. Houses on raised platforms with a hint of water around them. Can build moats[/ canals] as the defence structure with light bridge as gate. Medium armored Blow gun units with poison darts. Small war canoe-raft with two archers. https://www.historyonthenet.com/aztec-warriors-weapons-and-armor Give me a shout if there's more.
  10. Where's the instructions on putting prop point on things that don't have prop points? I found one page with some general instructions but the pictures are all broken links. https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/ArtDesignDocument And clearly all the vital information is in those pictures.
  11. Oh great I've reinvented the wheel again! lol. I searched. I tried. My idea is a little less ambitious. Nice tribes list but differentiating them will be a challenge.
  12. I'm not actually talking about the peoples that attacked the Aztecs in 14 -1600 AD I'm just referencing them. Most Pueblo and other cultures are earlier and peaked within the time frame of 500 BC to 0 BC or the more general time frame of 500 BC to 500 AD. Whether they attacked is debatable. Two warlike cultures within 500 km is a recipe for a fight. March 500 km out of Rome and your still in Italy. But yes a separate mod is as I said an option.
  13. Amerindian I think to challenge the Zapotec's we need the Amerindians in the Terra Maga mod. The major external threat from the north are hunter gatherer tribes, that farmed when they could, from northern Mexico's deserts. The Mesoamericans called them Chichimeca which may mean dog people. It’s hard to see how the Chichimeca could be a threat if there is not an influx of peoples from further north replacing losses. One major Amerindian tribe in Arizona is the Chiricahua a similar sounding word. Could and Aztec simply messed up the tribal name creating a new hybrid word? Phil Barker and Richard Brodly Scott in DBM army lists [De Bellis Miltitudinis] raises the possibility that they may have been from the Pueblo cultures. They cite linguistic connections as I do above. They don't give useful references or argument on page 41 of book 3. Another author, Aurelio Locsin III in the Gurps Aztec RPG argues that they may have been southern coastal plains Indians. Known as Atakapans [Texas/ Rio Grande]. Essentially the same thing. These are not primary sources. We are just about the only games project that does that. This is all also outside the time frame, post 500 AD. However, there are north facing defences in the Zapotec valleys. The technology it not different from 300 BC to 1600 AD. Trade with Amerindians north of the Rio Grande did occur. Amerindians also fit the game in another way, they had metals. Most do not know this. While they did not smelt any metal, there were native copper rocks in the glacial till across North America. Native copper does not need to be refined or smelted. These were cold hammered into jewellery, sacred items and tools. Copper weapons were found; often axes, tomahawk, knives and scrapers. Copper does not make good swords, so swords are rare. Corn does not need sickles to harvest so sickle swords are not found. Metal weapons may have been limited because it was too valuable to waste or risk and lose on the battlefield. Not all tribes had metal but not all European towns, villages and tribes had metals either. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metallurgy_in_pre-Columbian_America#Northern_America North America did not have a written script. However, wampum was a proto-script. Wampum were beads forming a 2-dimensional mat. The colour patterns conveyed names, a few patterns were either ideograms or places. All tribes and family had a wampum name. It was mainly for treaties and deals. There are papers on it being an idiographic memory aid and proto script I'll see if I can find them. It was not money, but it was mistaken for money and used as money by the white people [that could not read it.] The most famous wampum were treaty documents not payments, but some were gibberish that the Indians politely accepted. It was never a full language like others, but it was heading there. Several written languages were produced by Christian missionaries on contact. Some draw on the wampum patterns. So not a written language but then we have no translatable Xiongnu or Scythian scripts or works either. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wampum Another reason to do the Amerindians that we get a nomad civilisation without the horse. That is something no other game has tried. Note: I do want them to have horses in the game but not at the start and not easily, obtained with a Hero unit. The main draft animal in North America was the dog. These pulled sleds in winter, north of Kansas & Kentucky where winter snow was reliable. In summer and south of those states where snow was rarer, they used Travios. Travios is two poles harnessed to a dog (or horse later) with the other ends dragging on the ground. It had a deck of sticks, slats, netting, leather or a basket. The load was only 20 to 30 kg, but the tribes often had several dogs per family. Indian tribes going cross country travelled light. Their use of dogs may be the reason for why the Chichimeca were called dog people. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Travois They also used canoes on the rivers and most central American Indians were riverine tribes (or lake shores) before the horse. The southern tribes had adobe, mud brick, with earthen monuments. The northern woodland and river tribes had wood and matting structures. Log and pole structures. Palisades were common. Nomad structures were Wigwams. Small domed huts of bent branch and matting. Tipi's of leathers. The Tipi poles doubled as tarvois poles on the move. Wigwams. I'm thinking either two civilisations in an appropriate mod or one civilisation with two architecture styles triggered by a toggle on the town centre. Units do not significantly differ from north to south which is why the one civ with two styles is an option. This would allow an exploration of an interesting peoples. It would allow innovation and allow the Zapotec's to face a historically accurate foe. P.S. If this is in the wrong place someone fix it and teach me a archain art of navigating the site. lol.
  14. Nope but the wolfhound does so I'll find that. Off to bed for me, starting to see double.
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