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  1. OK I get it I keep planning to play that game but never get around to it.
  2. My turn. Workers. Woman as is no change. Cheap and can be made at houses. Villager: various names per civilisation: slave, worker, peasant, tributary, tribe kin, etc. Intermediate between woman and citizen soldier in cost, stats and fighting ability. Better at gathering wood and mining than citizen soldier. If named slave capture speed is tripled, faster. They don't need supervision. Few slaves did in rome for example. Citizen soldier: more or less as is but with really bad morale on enemy ground. They fight defensively with a bonus on their territory's land. This means they can defend and raid, but limits the over whelming early rush because in taking damage they run home to mommy. Still level up and diminish in gathering skill but the moral limit matters. Morale can be buffed with a hero aura making them useful in a final battle. Expediting morale could solve a few other problems. Gathering Almost as is but with: A high value ore added. Copper, Silver, Gold, Amber, Opal, All this is just the name you get in the menu text and when you mouse over. You could set it so that the name field is name_high_value_ore, name_high_value_material with the game engine filling in the blank in both resource counter and the unit requirements. Allows you to further differentiate the maps, civilisations and champaign stories. Long term though. Techs at the town center that boosts the carrying capacity of gatherers to keep up with gathering speed. So the ant train is not needed. Wagons, pack animals and sleds added to different races. These count as drop off points for loggers and miners and when full these pack up path to the nearest storehouse and drop and then return. Their carrying capacity is 5 to 15 times that of a gatherer. Move the stuff faster to prevent gatherer spam. Mine workings. Buildable on a stone or ore body. Only available high in the mining technology tree. Greatly reduced yield than mining but never runs out and is unmanned. No operator needed. Automatically feeds to nearest store house but with a distance limit. 10 tiles maybe. Capturable so needs protecting. Coppice. Special resource technology, high in the logging tree. Once researched when a tree is felled it is replaced with a coppiced stump. After a short period it becomes a mature coppice tree which may be logged again. 2 models Stump and tree see picture. Secondary farm. This is the other farm model from older builds. Set it to only be built by the woman, tiny bit higher cost in food not wood. It provides the same continuous yield of food but also provides a tiny yield of wood prunings. Also makes the farms visually more interesting. As a result you can't absolutely run out of resources late game and have to lag the game out with trade carts. Crafting Technology. A new building class: Master craftsman = +3 population and allows several artizan processes. Gemcrafter: Consumes food and Stone and produces a small amount of silver and iron. Tailor: Consumes food and iron and makes a small amount of silver. Fine carpentry: consumes food and wood and makes two times the wood consumed: actually making the wood go further. Leather worker: consumes food and wood and makes Iron: actually making the iron go further. The first two are simply alternatives to trading while the second two are about efficiency of resource use fleshed out a little. The small Population boost is due to the historical fact that they tended to be homes. Military Barracks units the same as now but with citizen soldiers already upgraded as far as fighting is concerned with down graded gathering but much higher moral and fractionally higher cost and if possible in battalions. Barracks scout units are nerfed to make them true scouts. Give them low morale. Battalions like boats: Path marker = single pathing element and single hit bar. All Actors reference the path marker which is also a translucent ground plane under them. Essentially a semi visible land boat. It's selectable. Thus only the path marker is selectable, pathable and in some cases attackable. The actors on it have animations and fire points but do not move relative to the path marker. When the hit bar reaches 5-30%, depending on civ and upgrades the battalion is removed with all actors removed and replaced with 1 to 4 units of the same type on half damage. The survivors. Battalions have morale. Barracks and building make Battalions with cost slightly less than individual unit cost multiplied by the number in the battalion. Some smaller battalions are garacanable. Barracks can still make some single units. Mixed unit battalions from Barracks, fort or wonder. All large boats have a separate battalion capacity of one or two but they are not shown on deck. New military class robbers: Spy, pocher, thief, bandit, raider. Name varies by faction/ civ. High armor and morale very low damage. A wimpy tank. Any attack from them adds a small bonus of stolen loot to the robber. He then needs to get back to a drop off point when load is full, Small load. Creating a very low yield random resource with other uses as a slow foot scout, decoy or kiting unit. Basicly just another late game resource source and tool for campaigns. Many wars were started by thieves fleeing back home and having a good story. High armor because stealth is not in the game yet. May deploy to hide from the player plus an aura that reduces view distance. General map Some barbarian NPC units, buildings and pre-placed mine works on random maps. Not a gaia faction. Controlled by gaia AI but with no build units. Some maps larger or with fewer factions in the menu.
  3. Oh great its slower than my dyslexic typing. We're doomed. @GunChleoc Worked! Thanks.
  4. Wesley


    So many dead picture links, sad, Good work. I would throw in a few things: Change the villager to a tributary the bulk of the workers paid tributes (Taxes) to the scythians but were not strictly slaves or peasants. They were allowed self defence. Have the pack horse pick up resources from workers, hold 4 times as much as a worker and path back to drop point when full. The wonder should be a kurgan as suggested but with a statue of a horse and rider on top. The fortress should be a raised platform with spikes and ramps with yurts on top. Corner stone towers but mainly grass and dirt. Herding/ Animal breeding should be added. A simple deer feeder/ manger buildable on claimed and neutral territory spawns one or 2 deer over time. Any other farmable animal in 5 tiles is also copied at the same rate. Thus you have renewable huntables with deer as the default. Note: nomadic people can and do farm by sending someone ahead to sow seeds in disturbed ground. Flood, Fire and trampling by animals creates disturbed ground. Gameplay wise this means perfectly normal 0 AD farms. However they require some food to create and less wood. With the ability to place them on allied territory from the start. Avoiding micro with nomadism will be important. Simply allowing most of the resources to go back to the pool when the player demolishes something plus fast build speeds for all but the fortress, the temple and the wonder would do the job. Building houses, (yurts, cone tents) on allied territory allowable once market is up. [Yes I know I'm posting on an old topic. ]
  5. .@ feneur I will try. lol failed again. Whats the full syntax. @ before the name? nope derpy derp. I need to do more homework. PS got very distracted researching the Sarmatians when I stumbled across an inverse world map.
  6. How do you get the name link thingy to work? Derp.
  7. @sphyrth your apologizing to much. lol. Particularly if you're apologizing to this noob.
  8. I tend to agree with DarcRearver on some points. The one's he's apparently harping about. lol. Not the word I would use. The challenge is can we retain the particular features of 0AD, particularly honor Ken “TheRealDeal” Wood idea's. Since he did not leave he was taken by cancer. I know of another project that ended up divided because people were trying to honor a programmer that got unlucky on 9/11. When they realised that the problem was solved. If unit morale was up this would be easy. Just give your citizen soldiers very low morale on enemy territory. They could then still attack, harass, etc without being too over whelming early on. Three hits and they run away. How far off is full implementation of morale?
  9. 20! 20 I don't have time for 20 new RTS'. I'm doomed. Hey at least we made the middle of the list. Looks like an older build though.
  10. Wesley

    Two kinds of fields

    Ha I'm probably the only one here with degree that includes agriculture and I can't make up my mind. So many good arguments on both sides. While no ones suggesting it; Adding finite farms to one civilisation however may make them unplayable. If we're going to differentiate civilisations, making the farm graphics look different visually may suffice. The paddy fields in the Han mod.
  11. Wesley

    Gathering wood is very micro-heavy

    Having some trouble figuring out the poll. lol.
  12. Looks interesting. If I remember the original discussion at the start of the 0 AD project several forums ago, one reason for giving the citizen/ gatherers a combat capability was to give them a fighting chance. This was a problem in AoE that everyone was trying to fix in the mods. It's why the Citizen/cavalry gatherers. The other idea was to differentiate the civilisations at the citizen level early on. The citizens all looked boringly the same in AoE. It worked but it leads to rushes and resource efficiency problems. The soldier citizen was never meant to be the main combatant force. The problem seems to be that both the players and the AI are using them as such. Slaves, Villagers, Hunter. Are all good ideas add them in but what is really needed, I suspect, is some upgraded barracks units that make gatherer fighter spam less profitable. Perhaps done by making visually different units but with the same combat stats as the Citizen/cavalry gatherers but at a fractionally lower cost. These fill the same combat roles but can't gather at all and because their a tiny bit cheaper they are the goto option once your barracks is up. You may still have slaves, villagers and hunters in addition to all the existing units. Gatherer carrying capacity needs to be bumped up. Normally this is done by adding technology tree upgrades at the blacksmith and other buildings. There are too few in the current tech tree and they bump speed not load. we may need more that +10% here and +20% there. A good mix of such upgrades could mean a gatherer in the late game does the work of ten early game gatherers. That should help with lag. Harvesting neutral territory is an option. DarcReaver's 'Storehouses, Sitobolon structures buildable in neutral territory' Would help but it kind of negates the idea of territory altogether. Has anyone considered movable resource drop points? A wagon, camel train, etc unit crafted at a building that can be sent out to a neutral area deployed and serves that drop point function for all resource types. It holds 20 times a gatherer and when full packs up and heads back to the nearest Building drop point on civ territory unloads and then returns to a place marker it left when it packed up. A tech upgrade makes instant resource transfer to the players pool without packing and moving so they become Movable but otherwise normal drop points. If attacked they sound an alarm, pack and try to escape. I've been looking at nomad options so this occurred to me. This would mean that to mine/ harvest where you can't build you deploy one of these wagons. The gatherers encountering it with a full load unload, loading the 'wagon' and empty path back to the resource. This replaces the ant line of gatherers pathing back and forth long distances to resource drops, to a single wagon carrying ten times the load. Place two with one slightly closer to the resource and you get them alternating if they move fast enough and they should move faster than a gatherer. That should make the game run faster. Lastly to implement any of the suggestions from DarcReaver or me we would need larger maps or fewer fractions in the map menu per map size.
  13. Wesley

    Walls and hills gap

    One of the problems I see with the game is that walls both types don't go up 30 degree slopes in hills but units can. So I get gaps at the hill edges. is that a known issue or am I missing something. It is usually these gaps that allow the enemy to bypass defences and rush early. Perhaps another form of wall buildable on steep slopes. Spiked abutment. Lower hit points than a wall but can only be built in 30 degree slopes and hill terrain. Stops enemy rushing around the wall hill gap. Yes I'm a turtle, so shell me. Even on easy we are not able to get deep into the game because the AI can build nothing much but troop /workers and then russh. The troop worker idea is valid it we can counter that early game defeat. I notice most of the games on youtube are on sandbox mode.
  14. Wesley

    Gameplay guideline

    Would this mean that wood and Stone would give you different quantities of the same building materials. wood giving a bit and stone giving a whole lot. We have a clear wood to stone progression in the walls and towers that would be broken if stone disappears. You've said it's been argued that going beyond 5 or 6 resources are hard to track. I doubt the person writing that originally was counting population. Do you have a reference? I suspect that food, wood, stone, iron, silver and population will work ok because population is a different type of resource. And if we are making battalions we will need higher early pops anyway. It would not be one pop per battalion.