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Hyrule Conquest

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Well I figured I'd show Ordona Province's Units and Heroes, I've not gotten the glow shader yet so I just fooled around with really high bloom effects for the sake of screenshots until I get it. Here's all the details of their units roster, as well as some screenshots:


Mayor Bo
The Lord Mayor and head of all of Ordona Province, Mayor Bo has served his leadership role longer than any other man of the Ordonian people. He is loved by the people for his humble attitude and knack for partaking in menial labor with the Serfs of the Province. Mayor Bo was a man of impressive durability, and was famous for getting into sumo fights with Gorons. His daughter Ilia claims that he ripped the horn off of a Moblin that he made a bet with, but he denies ever pulling the stunt off. In battle Mayor Bo rides on top of his Elder Goat, swinging the family axe into the heads of his enemies.

Ilia was the daughter of Mayor Bo and trading assistant of Rusl in her youth. Being born into a privileged class, she had the opportunity to try various job paths before settling on breeding and training horses. As a young adult Ilia became quite a business woman in Ordona Province, gaining stock over some of the best horses in Hyrule while simultaneously managing a lumber company to supply the building of stables across Hyrule. She was known for her party loving personality and habit of holding down quite a bit of ale. She has somewhat of a friendly rivalry with Malon of Lon Lon Ranch, and hopes to one day out-compete the famous horse breeder. In battle Ilia rides atop a horse, using a Ranger Crossbow to snipe down anyone who threatens the Province.

To many in Ordona Province, Rusl was just an average trader who made rounds to Hyrule Proper and Lanayru. Those that knew him personally were more than likely aware of his small background in military. Unlike many Ordonians, Rusl was actually professionally trained in several Hylian military academies, with rumors that he was attempting to become the first Hyrulean Knight from Ordona Province. Somewhere along the lines he left his studies and became the salesman he was later known as. Rusl was known for his kindness and perhaps most importantly, calmness. Even in sticky situations he maintained a level head and never showed any signs of panic.

The daughter of a Hylian Knight, Ashei’s father was expelled from his order for having a child with an Ordonian wife and corrupting the bloodline of its members. With little place for him as a farmer in Ordon, Ashei’s father instead wandered east into the mountains of Labrynna where he later established the Resistance: a paramilitary order of knights and mercenaries that would seek out and stop threats to Hyrule before wars broke out. He raised Ashei to become a knight as he was, in hopes that she would inherit the Resistance. Without the rigid order and imperious military looming over her training, Ashei turned out much different than most professional soldiers. With no true connection to any nation, she was more mercenary than knight, adapting and learning a wide variety of combat techniques and sword fighting arts from various cultures. 


Everyday workers of Ordona Province, a vast majority of the nation's population served as farmers under the lordship of Yeoman and Mayors. Many farmers were quite poor and payed nearly half their yield and earning to their local Fief Lords. Still they were quite a happy bunch, and kept the agricultural nation a major power in Hyrule for many centuries.

Peasant Archer 
During Hyrule's winters when crops died off, hunting became a means of supplementing food stocks. At least one member of a Farmer's household was trained in the use of the bow, and during snowfall would venture into Faron Woods to hunt game.

Farmers may have made up most of the Province's workers, but a hearty contingent of Lumberjacks and builders could be found providing lumber and shelter to Ordonians year-round. These men of strength could wield their tree-felling axes into battle, and while not professionally trained in military tactics, their sheer brutality could beat down and scare off most enemies.

These large birds of prey native to the Province were often trained by Ordonian families to serve as messengers, hunting companions, and in times of war they could be deployed as scouts and unconventional battle units.

Honey is a very profitable industry in Ordona, which during the spring seems to be a hotbed of activity for Hyrule's bees. Beekeepers are able to garrison within an Apiary to generate Food (and later Rupees) for Ordona Province. They can also carry sealed gourds full of angry bees, which they toss into a crowd of attacking enemies.

While Ordona Province is not as dogmatic as the Hylian’s religious establishment, the nation has bred a more passionate and expressive line of priests to spread the Book of Mudora and knowledge of the Goddesses to all of Hyrule. These Reverends will preach in just about any land, be they welcoming or hostile to their intent.

Armed with cheap booze and a bit of flame, the Drunkards toss their explosive bottles at a target to witness the violent results. A crowd of Drunkards can quickly set enemies and buildings aflame and are excellent at crowd control, but an Ordonian commander must be careful: friendly fire is guaranteed without careful coordination.

Militia were designated civilians drafted or volunteered into military service during wartime. Often they had basic military training, and while some had state-crafted armor and swords, just as many brought their own handmade weapons and shields to battle.

Hailing from families of middling wealth and prestige, Sergeants were Citizens of Ordona Provice enlisted into military service, trained, and held on standby for army orders. During most of their time they went about their daily lives, but would quickly abandon their tasks to take up arms and armor while filing into ranks. Sergeant training was crude as was usual amongst the Ordonians, and to save time on learning swordplay (as well as to keep costs down), Sergeants were outfitted with easy-to-use spears.

Shepherds guide and care for Ordona's native goats. Providing meat and milk as well as serving the role of beast of burden and battle mount, Ordonian goats are treasured and nearly sacred to the people of the province. A Shepherd can summon a small flock of Ordonian goats that follow their leader around, attacking any enemies that come near.

Yeomen were the owners of an Ordonian household, often with several families of farmers below them. Though they were often a bit wealthier than their workers, they still answered to their immediate fief lord and were drafted into mandatory military service. Often Yeomen would ride their family's Goat into battle, bringing with them a spear to match enemy cavalry. Like all of Ordona's goat cavalry, the Yeoman can climb over mountainous terrain.

Billy Battler 
The Billy Battler is the face of the Ordonian army, and perhaps their nation's most numerous military unit. A trained warrior riding on the back of an angry Ordonian goat, these armored cavalry may lack speed but pack quite the buck. After charging into an enemy with their looped horn, the Billy Battler's rider chops and decapitates enemies with their axe. Like all of Ordona's goat cavalry, the Billy Battler can climb over mountainous terrain.

Fief Lord 
Fief Lords were the only members of Ordona who legally owned land, often with a dozen Yeoman under his or her lordship. Fief Lords also had rudimentary military experience; a talent that when combined with their natural job of bossing people around made them excellent officers for managing Province troops.

Ordona Province has bred some of the finest cavalry in the history of Hyrule, and these scores of mounted warriors displayed that pride in the thick of battle. Armed with a shield and wielding a sword, these swift riders could decapitate just about any foe with a neck.

Ordonian Rangers were those dedicated to protecting the wild borders of the Province from encroachment. Initially established on the western border to watch and warn of incoming Moblin invasions, Rangers can now be found on all edges of Ordona, from Faron to the haunted canyons of Ikana. These stealthy soldiers know how to survive in the wilderness and take out almost any foe before they knew what hit them. They can snipe enemies with their Ranger Crossbows as well as switch to using battle axes in a melee.

War Wagon 
Most often these Coaches served as transports, both for people and goods, but during a time of war they are converted to carriers that ship soldiers across the vast plains of Ordona. War Wagons can hold up to six soldiers and bring them across large stretches of land very quickly, making them ideal for charging armies past towers and defenses in order to drop off their combat load. Ranged units can also attack from the windows of the carriage, allowing War Wagons to become mobile attack platforms.

Siege Ram 
Made from sturdy Faron wood and capped with a large metal Goat head, the Siege Ram allows the Ordonians to bash their way past walls and gates and into protected areas. Their capped roof makes them quite resistant to ranged attacks, forcing enemies to bombard them with fire or stop them in a melee. 

With enemies on all sides, Ordona was often on the defensive. In the cases where the tables were turned, Catapults served as their big guns for taking out enemy walls and towers. Ordonian catapults could hurl boulders from safe behind their army's lines, busting open gates and taking out large targets with ease.

Goat Lord 
A unique unit only available to Mayor Bo. A powerful Elder Goat ridden by one of Ordona Province's Mayors, the Goat Lords lead entire populations of Ordonians into battle and on to victory. With a banner in one hand and a mighty lance in the other, a Goat Lord can down enemy cavalry with ease and hold their own in a melee. Like all of Ordona's goat cavalry, the Goat Lord can climb over mountainous terrain.

Rough Rider
A unique unit only available to Ilia. A special battalion of horse riding raiders formed by Ilia shortly after Labrynna's invasion of Ordona Province. The Rough Riders push speed over anything else in hopes to being difficult targets for Labrynna's gunpowder. They are the single fastest cavalry in the known world, and nothing can hope to keep up pace with them. While not particularly durable, they swing a ferocious axe in a fight and can deal some serious damage. When things are too tough they can easily retreat before it's too late.

A unique unit only available to Rusl. An order of knights established by Rusl, trained to be far more versatile than the common heavily armored knight of Hyrule. Using a simple sword and shield in battle the Valiant is also equipped with many other unusual tools and gear to give them an edge in wild and rugged environments, such as their Grappling Hooks that let them climb cliffs and enemy walls. They can also Camouflage into the wilderness, allowing them to set up ambushes.

The Resistance
A unique unit only available to Ashei. Functions like a single extra Hero unit, composed of Auru, Telma, and Shad. 
Once a Hyrulean Knight who served in the Gerudo Wars, Auru was a personal friend of Ashei's father and the first man to join his Resistance organization. Upon joining he quickly became the group's weapon supplier, using his many connections both within and outside of Hyrule to bring both armor and weapons to the group. After the death of Ashei's father he unofficially became leader of the Resistance until Ashei herself assumed the mantle. He has famously acquired a hand cannon from Labrynna, and hopes to funnel more of their advanced weaponry in the future.
Famous for her bar in Hyrule Castle Town, Telma is a Hylian who comes from Gerudo parentage and was raised on the eastern edge of the desert. She has numerous connections through her bar association, both legal and shady, and provides various contracts and resources to the fuel the Resistance. She's not much of a fighter, but can defend herself with a quarterstaff.
Shad hails from the eastern land of Labrynna and is an skilled scholar and archaeologist. He ventures to explore Hyrule's many ruins, with a particular fascination for the Oocca. After becoming a member of the Resistance, he provided countless maps of secret passageways and long lost routes that he charted on his many ventures into the wilderness and currently maintains its many supply routes.

Latoan, the Spirit of Ordona
An ancient and perhaps primordial Spirit, Latoan was worshiped as a deity by the ancient pagan tribes of Ordona Province before the Hylians converted their people to worship of the Goddesses. Latoan's iconography and influence never left the Ordonians however, and even to this day he serves as somewhat of patron saint or deity of Ordona Province. Legend says that Latoan fell into a deep sleep beneath the Ordon Spring as he and his kind were no longer needed to spiritually guide the Ordonian people. When he was active in the world, legend said that Latoan would grow vast crops in the blink of an eye, bring a healing rain forth from the sky, and summon a flock of ghostly goats to protect the borders of his land from enemies.




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@The Undying Nephalim this faction looks amazing! The goat riders have returned! I can see that a lot of hard work and creativity have gone into each faction in this mod. The titan looks great even without the added effects, I can't wait to see it with the glow effect, I am pretty sure this will be one of my favorite factions, I am looking forward to your video about them and to next faction. IMO you are a very fast worker and still produce very high quality products.

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3 hours ago, The Undying Nephalim said:

Well I've got a question with flying units. I've given a unit this:


But now my unit cannot attack anything, even with a ranged attack. Is there a way to enable flying units to attack, even in melee?

I am not sure, but definitely check out the fighter plane cheat unit's template for possible clues. 

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42 minutes ago, wowgetoffyourcellphone said:

I am not sure, but definitely check out the fighter plane cheat unit's template for possible clues. 

From what I can tell the fighter plane doesn't use  <Altitude>, it uses something else that allows it to land and take off and forces it to constantly move around in circle patterns. This won't work for the unit I'm doing which needs to be able to stay still up in the air and perform melee attacks.

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11 minutes ago, (-_-) said:

Try increasing the attack ranges. With altitude, the actual range would be calculated with height as well. So, it should be atleast longer than 25.

That does seem to enable them to attack, though there's still a problem in that they still attack from quite a distance horizontally. They attack from 25 away horizontally as well as vertically, not just vertically. I need them to fly right above a target and dive bomb into them as if it were a melee.

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Seems like this would need a working hovering system regardless of how it's done. There is no way to move units in the vertical with the current UnitMotion.

Hovering is not really supported by the current UnitMotion system. Due to the lack of need, it only supports horizontal movement (running/walking). Flying was kind of an edge case. It's only a cheat unit and absent in pretty much all serious games. The plane uses a custom UnitMotion which is implemented in JS. Which is why the plane lags the game so much. So, there are two options to implement what you are asking. At least not counting all the hacky ways.

1. Extend the normal unitmotion. Which is C++ and can't be modded without distributing a custom build of the engine. So, that's really not an option.

2. Implement a simple new unitmotion in JS just like how it's done for the plane. It won't be as bad as the plane as just simple up/down would not be really that intensive. The math would surely be simpler.You can take ~75% of what's needed from the plane code. (simulation/components/UnitMotionFlying.js).

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@The Undying Nephalim , I don't know if this might work, but maybe you can make an invisible unit hold the flying melee unit as if it is a weapon. The invisible unit could be standing on the ground , while the flying unit could appear to be hovering by actually being held like a sword by the invisble unit, that way when it attacks then it could dive when the sword attack animation plays, I don't know if that could be a feasible hack?

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2 hours ago, Rolf Dew said:

@The Undying Nephalim , I don't know if this might work, but maybe you can make an invisible unit hold the flying melee unit as if it is a weapon. The invisible unit could be standing on the ground , while the flying unit could appear to be hovering by actually being held like a sword by the invisble unit, that way when it attacks then it could dive when the sword attack animation plays, I don't know if that could be a feasible hack?

This method should work, just a bit of extra clutter with a skeleton and dae file that has a prop point up in the air. B)

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Implementing hovering was not too hard apparently (pretty minimised, just allowing to move along the vertical axis) and it should be technically possible to do this without any major hacks now. But attacking needs changes to use it I guess. I could try it perhaps tonight or tomorrow. 

Maybe this could very well be overkill. Rolf Dew suggested a much simpler idea.

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Just, just is a crazy idea I had.

Is related to the Alliance feature. I think that maybe the system can be improved with a kind of alliance increase, something I prefer to call a 'pact'.

A pact would be an alliance with a faction taken to another level, but with specific conditions. For example, we know very well the alliance between Hyrule and Seikah, and that their alliance would grant the relevant bonuses, but if such an alliance was raised to a pact, this alliance would generate a special bonus for both, such as training a hybrid unit like a Hyrule soldier with Seikah skills. Obviously, the pacts would have specific names like 'Royal Pact'. Obviously these pacts will only be possible between factions that have something in common, such as Goron, Zora, and Kokiri forming 'Pact of Nature', a pact between Zora and Lanayru forming 'Sea Pact', Hyrule and Lanayru forming 'Neighbour Pact', or a pact between Darknut and Gerudo forming 'Desert Pact'.

Obviously, these pacts would have restrictions. For example the Zora who make the 'Pact of Nature' with Goron and/or Kokiri, can't make a pact with Lanayru, just as Lanayru can't make a pact with Hylure if he already has it with the Zora, but they can expand the pact with other players if they play with factions that enter into that pact, such as 2 Zora and 4 Lanayru.

As with alliances, the pacts can be broken, but in doing so the bonuses acquired in that pact can be lost.

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Yay Lanayru Province is done, at long last. They took way too long to finish:


Queen Rutela

The former wife of King Zora De Bon XVI, Rutela eventually split from the Dominion and more or less formally sanctified Lanayru Province as a distinct nation. Prior to her marriage she was a general in the Dominion’s army and had participated in the defense against Ganon’s first invasion. Perhaps because of her military background, Queen Rutela was not above educating her people in the means of self defense and combat. Despite this, she was incredibly kind and clearly a non-violent pacifist in her policies and goals.

Prince Ralis

The Son of King De Bon and Queen Rutela, Ralis was born shortly after the royal divorce. For most of his life he lacked a father figure and was raised entirely by his mother, perhaps stunting his maturity as a result. He was seen as a late bloomer, and somewhat immature for his age in the eyes of others outside of the royal court. Ralis took notice of outsider opinions, and after the death of his mother he began a quest to achieve what he hoped was the manhood that his father was never able to teach him. Perhaps foolishly he associated bravado and aggressiveness with masculinity, leading to him becoming a somewhat reckless warrior Prince.

Aydia Dorephan

Aydia was a long serving Marshal in Lanayru’s army. She was almost entirely responsible for the Province’s conscription program and without it the nation would have likely fell from a lack of military force. She has perhaps participated in more battles than any other Zora of the north, and bears scars from her numerous engagements. Aydia comes from a family with a long line of military tradition and firmly believed a strong standing army that could engage in prolonged warfare was necessary for Lanayru Province to survive. While not
a warmonger by any means, she was never slow to suggest direct military action as a solution to any potential problem.

Mipha Dorephan

The only daughter of Aydia, Mipha was encouraged from a young age to follow her in her mother's footsteps and uphold her family's military lineage. Despite some talent with pole-arms, Mipha felt her place was not in taking life, but healing it. Under the tutelage of Zaleen the young Mipha learned a variety of healing arts, both magical and medicinal, and hopes to become a great doctor one day. Mipha is a very private and introverted person despite her desire to help so many people. Very few people know much of her personal life, other than her habit of fishing in Airu with her younger brother.


Citizens of Lanayru Province that have dedicated and sworn their service to the throne, Handmaidens build and gather until their terms are up. With no family life to attend to, they have devoted their lives to constructing, rebuilding, and improving the civilian and military bases of the entire Province.

Shore Sentry

All along the rivers and coasts of Lanayru Province a network of Sentries stood watch and guard. These lightly armored units passed on armor in favor of speed and camouflage. If enemy invaders approached the Shore Sentry could easily escape to warn the Province’s main force, or in more desperate situations ambush their enemies and stall their forces.


Little more than a citizen of Lanayru who had been handed a sword, Conscripts are willing volunteers who joined the army on mass in exchange for all their living expenses being covered by the Province. Most Conscripts lacked even basic training, and their survival rate was rather low on the frontlines of battle.

Coral Lancer

Coral Lancers were the Province’s baseline soldier; serving as both a police force and quick response unit to invasions. Armed with a spiky coralmold pole-arm, they were a cheap counter to cavalry and other larger units that their enemies often threw in their direction.

Coral Archer

Armed with infamous coralmold tipped arrows, Lanayru’s Coral Archers were a cheap counter to heavily armored units. In most cases they could level the playing field by softening up heavy armor for Lanayru’s lighter forces to deal with.


Wearing durable but light and highly flexible Lanayru Armor, Aquamarines were the Province’s main assault force for bringing the fight to their enemies. Armed with wickedly sharp coralmold gauntlets, an Aquamarine could pry off all manner of armor with ease. The nature of their armor allowed them to move just as fast in water as on land.


Marshals were soldiers of Lanayru who had actual academic and field experience in battle. With such a large and unprofessional army they were invaluable for guiding troops and directing them in engagements.

Silverscale Slasher

Carrying a ceremonial crescent and wearing a coat of Silver armor, the Silverscale Slashers were more for show than practical use. They often were used to guard the Throne of Airu or other important locations. Since the ceremonial crescent was originally intended for hunting and sacrificing small animals and was not practical against armored enemies, a spear tip was added to the other end of their elegant weapons to fight off invaders.

Wave Warrior

Outfitted with Silverscale mail and armed with a Silver Falcion, the Wave Warriors were Lanayru Province's chief battle unit. They could go toe to toe with their enemies and quickly retreat back to the waters if need be.


The scorpion beasts native to the sands of Lanayru, Arurodas are considered an extremely dangerous pest by many civilizations in Hyrule. The Zora of Lanayru Province have found ways to adapt and avoid their aggressive seasons and rarely run into problems with the creatures. If caught at a young enough age, Arurodas could be domesticated and used as beasts of war.

Arach Dervish

Older Arachs are rare, as they can only be domesticated if caught at an early age. Even those that have been domesticated cannot be given verbal orders, and must be controlled by a rider. Because of how aggressive and difficult Arachs are to manage, its rider cannot attack and must focus entirely on directing its mount. The Arach itself has two powerful claws and a venomous stinger on its tail, making them one of the most deadly creatures in Lanayru's army.

Prawn Bowman

The slow moving Praddle Prawns can be found in the shallow waters of the Great Sea, though they migrate across the land every year in large trails. The Zora of Lanayru would capture and domesticate these slow creatures and use them as beasts of burden. While they are quite slow and not ideal for direct combat, their ability to climb rocky inclines and cliffs make them excellent platforms for archers.


A very large creature possibly related to the Praddle Prawns, the Hermatid is a slow moving monster with a very durable and giant shell. All but the most powerful of blunt weaponry and magic can break through the creature's thick armor. The slow moving speed of the Hermatid makes it a poor combatant, but a group of soldiers can ride inside its shell protected from enemy attacks.

Shore Serpent

Aquatic snakes that live off the coasts of Airu, the Shore Serpent in the wild is a very aggressive and hostile creature with a powerful bite. Domesticated variations of the beast are used by the Zora of Lanayru as pets and circus attractions, though they also make a frightening opponent when spread into their army.


Offspring of the legendary Gleeok Dragon, these semi-aquatic creatures are some of the only dragons left in Hyrule. Lanayru Province has gone through great efforts to tame these beasts and use their power to aid their military. A Gleeokling has multiple heads on its body which will continually regenerate if one is lost. A Gleeokling can survive and heal any injury so long as one of its heads remains attached to its body; thus the only way to slay this creature is to decapitate all of its heads.

Coralmold Ballista

Serving as the Province’s main siege weapon, the Coralmold Ballista could fire a powerful bolt at a high velocity. The coralmold tip was strong enough to puncture almost anything, be it a stone wall or a column of heavily armored enemy soldiers. If aimed properly, a single shot from the Ballista could impale nearly a dozen enemy soldiers at a time.

Shrapnel Flinger

Shrapnel Flingers were perhaps the Province’s most infamous weapon, even amongst their own ranks. The catapult would indiscriminately unleash countless jagged shards of razor sharp coralmold, potentially slicing up a dozen soldiers in one volley. Even if the attack completely missed, soldiers could still accidentally step on the resting shards and slice their feet in half.

Guardian Maiden

A Unique Unit only available to Queen Rutela. Guardian Maidens were Zora woman who dedicated their lives to protecting the Province, in particular the royal bloodline. Forgoing all material possessions, relationships, and any form of personal lives, they did nothing but their job until the day they died; hopefully in battle. So long as a Guardian Maiden was in formation with a Commander or Hero, the Guardian Maiden would receive all damage instead of that Commander or Hero until she was slain.

Silver Archer

A Unique Unit only available to Prince Ralis. Hunters of massive and titanic beasts across Hyrule, the secret of the Silver Archer lies in their arrows. A single Silver Arrow could wound many of the giant monsters across Hyrule, usually the larger they were the harder they would fall. As such, the Silver Archer's attack scaled in power with the size of its target. Regardless of size, a Silver Arrow could puncture through all but Magic armor.


A Unique Unit only available to Aydia Dorephan. Hostile beasts found across the entire coast of Lanayru in the summer, Battlecrabs were best left alone. General Aydia saw great use in turning the creatures into makeshift defenders and successfully domesticated the crustaceans. A Battlecrab is followed by a small host of its children, who seek out and attack anything near their mother.

Lightscale Tridenteer

A Unique Unit only available to Mipha Dorephan. Hunters of all manner of sea beast, from the Gyorgs of the Great Sea to the Bigoctos of the west, Lightscale Tridenteers were powerful warriors when in the waters. They were exceptionally adept at killing creature units with their tridents, and when not in combat they could slowly heal their injuries.

Vrylonacia, Spirit of Lanayru

An primordial Spirit from which Lanayru Province is named after, Vrylonacia was likely worshiped as a pagan deity by ancient Zora before the Akkalans arrived in the area and introduced worship of the Goddesses. Legend says that Vrylonacia fled the coast and into the south and slumbers somewhere beneath Hyrule's waters. While no longer active in the world, Vrylonacia's influence and symbols can be found throughout all of the Province's architecture and culture.




15 hours ago, d0m0a said:

ts can be broken, but in doing so the bonuses acquired in that pact can be lost.

I can see this idea working on something like a large scale campaign map, I'm not sure how it would go over in smaller scale multiplayer battles seeing that it's very situational. Maybe it's worth a try though. B)


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Hi, I recently came into a bug... or Glitch... Idk what to call it really, but I cannot play the game it seems, where when I start the game, no units or fauna load, making it almost barren except resourcespls.thumb.PNG.f4404dd930fbe035fbab149f49d4fbc8.PNG              Another thing (which I think might be causing the issue) is that this is the only mod I have installed and the game is forcing me to have "0ad" enabledme.thumb.PNG.08e188741ac8729b197ed4a9a5d3e07a.PNG

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20 minutes ago, Austin_NEO said:

Hi, I recently came into a bug... or Glitch... Idk what to call it really, but I cannot play the game it seems, where when I start the game, no units or fauna load, making it almost barren except resourcespls.thumb.PNG.f4404dd930fbe035fbab149f49d4fbc8.PNG              Another thing (which I think might be causing the issue) is that this is the only mod I have installed and the game is forcing me to have "0ad" enabledme.thumb.PNG.08e188741ac8729b197ed4a9a5d3e07a.PNG

Hyrule doesn't replaces 0 A.D is thinking in that way,  you need it  The game to run any mod.the mod only change thematic or adding extra content, you always need forest or natural (gaia) art stuff.

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51 minutes ago, Lion.Kanzen said:

Hyrule doesn't replaces 0 A.D is thinking in that way,  you need it  The game to run any mod.the mod only change thematic or adding extra content, you always need forest or natural (gaia) art stuff.

I see that, but I think whats going on is that when I play its trying to use both the vanilla game and mod at the same time (which probably explains why rupees do not appear in the resources bar)

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