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  1. Registration is closed! We ended up with 10 entrants. Not bad! Round 1 matchups have been posted in discord but I'll post them again here, (Bracket link-https://challonge.com/lx762z6u) Look Left vs. Soup Demon Orignous vs. Sage453 Viyers vs. Zolrolt Bluetangos vs. Rolf Dew Rain_ and SwanRonSun have bye rounds. Good luck to everyone in the tournament!
  2. It is a mod for 0AD based off of the Legend of Zelda universe. Its been out for over a year now and is one of 0AD's biggest mods
  3. About Hyrule Conquest and MyselfHyrule Conquest is a mod for 0 A.D. that pits factions and races from the Legend of Zelda universe against each other including, the Kingdom of Hyrule, the Zora Dominion, the Empire of Labrynna, the Moblins, and more! I am Ironwolf, a previous member of the Hyrule Conquest team and former content creator for the game. I am one of the community leaders from Hyrule Conquest and I want to reach out to those in both the 0AD and Hyrule Conquest communities to come and participate in another Hyrule Conquest tournament! Some of you may remember the tournaments I hosted
  4. Hey guys! Some of you may or may not remember me but I'm back with making Hyrule Conquest build order videos! Wanna try and knock out a bunch of other videos too hope you guys enjoy
  5. Streaming gameplay of Ordona Province! The new faction for Hyrule Conquest. Mostly streaming myself experiment and test balance stuff http://twitch.tv/ironwolfalchemist
  6. Good video! Looks like it will help any aspiring Gaul players out a bunch
  7. Hey guys! The tournament is almost over! Just a few more matchups and we'll have a victor! @Baskom Welford needs to play against @ValihrAnt for the loser's quarter final match, @Jofursloft will play the winner of that match for the loser's semi final match, then @Hannibal_Barca will play the winner of that match for the loser's final match, and lastly the winner of that will face off against @Feldfeld in the grand finals.
  8. Hey guys! We're moving along great for the tournament! The next round matchups will be posted below I have already sent out messages detailing your matches so be sure to check those out. 8 - Zolrolt vs. BaskomWelford 11 - Nani vs. Jofursloft 12 - ValihrAnt vs. Winner of 8 14 Feldfeld vs. Hannibal_Barca (Best of 5 Set)
  9. Alright guys! We finished the first matches of the tournament! Congrats to those that continued on in the winners bracket and for those of you in the loser's bracket, don't worry! You still have a chance to make it to the top. It just going to be a lot harder from here. This week, we will need to finish matches 6-10 before next Monday! These matches are: 6 - BaskomWelford vs. CAGD_lulofun 7 - Palaiologos vs. Jofursloft 8 - Zolrolt vs. Winner of Match 6 9 - nani vs. Hannibal_Barca 10 - Feldfeld vs. ValihrAnt Best of luck to all competitors! I will message you for the details
  10. War of Twilight commentary featuring the UndyingNephalim!
  11. War of Twilight commentary featuring the UndyingNephalim!
  12. Halfway through the week! Reminder that matches 1 through 5 need to be finished by Saturday! Best of luck to all competitors! EDIT: We will be pushing the deadline for round 1 matches back to Monday, September 17th. This is mainly due unavailability during the week. Future rounds will work around this schedule as well. (Monday to Monday)
  13. Yes for the War of Twilight Game 1 is always played on Gerudo Desert, also its the most balanced for 1v1 PvP at the moment
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