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Some tips for begginers


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This tips are for the actual balance (Alpha XIX). Keep in mind that later it will be outdated. Is not a Pro guide.


Overview tip:

- This is a strategy game and if you have a deep look, it's all about economics and numbers: The player with a better resource avaibility, should win in most cases in a long run. So strategies games are wars for resources control.

General tips in the first minutes:

-You want always a continous flow of  new units to have a better economy (and in this game, also a better army cause male units are also soliders).
Try at first to establish a good food and wood economy (females only need food and you will need wood for houses).

-Try to use berries and animals before going to farms (unless there's no alternative). Farm is slower and need wood investiment. Cavalry are very fast when working on animals, and females are better on berries and farms than men. Use ranged units to hunt (saving domestic animals)

-Try to never get housed. That means that you can train a unit because you have the resources but you can't cause you need more pylons houses. Some factions have more expensive houses, but with double population capacity, and some are cheaper with less capacity. Use the houses like a wall protecting your Civic Center  (CC) or whatever you want.

-Always build your farms around your civic center. I've seen players that build the granary away and then the farms. This makes you more vulnerable to raids.

*First objective: Establish an CC flow: With the first 9 females and your cav hunting you can train women in batches without worry until berries and chickens have depleted. Men to wood building first a house later a storage center. Other females created goes to wood that you will need for more houses and...

*Second objective: ...farm transition. Also it's very important to make barracks: Then you can double your productivity. As always, try to have a continous flow of women being created on CC, and now soldiers on barraks. Then it's up to you. You can make more barraks, go to second phase and research economical techs.

Right now, the most used strategy it's to get to 3 phase quicker than your enemy, mass champions (they can't work but have very good stats) being trained in the barraks with the appropriate tech (not all civs have it) and maybe train an heroe (usually the heroes that enhace champs stats. Remember that all heroes give a conquest bonus when capturing or resisting a capture when garrisoned) Some armoury and special techs can make the differance.

Some other tips

Garrisoned CC and fortress can stop a lot of citizien soldiers (c-s) (and some champions). Women don't add arrows. If you see your base overwhelmed with c-s try to garrison soldiers. Also towers, specially when upgraded.

I don't have the numbers, but establishing a trade route with a market or a dock (better with an ally) is very good for your economy. You can change the resources you get in the upper icon. Allies get an additional share. Protect them.

Healing champions with temples are a good idea (inside healing is faster)

Walling is useful, but difficult and more expensive than other games.

Don't chase ranged units with slower units.

Cavalry is fast (with corral tech), but isn't heavily armoured.

Some other strategies

Cavalry archer rush: Go to second phase and mass cavalry archers. If you stop the enemy to reach the 3 phase, you can easily win. Countered with towers. Only ptolomies, seleucids and persians.

CC rush: Reach second phase. Sell food and some wood for metal and stone. build a  CC near your enemy, specially near wood lines or in a place for controling metal. If you mange to finish it, then build towers. Try always to stop them to reach 3 phase.

For the next level, search build orders, youtube videos and recording games from pro players. Keep in mind that the game is in alpha status, and it lacks features, it can be buggy and it's unbalanced.





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On 22/2/2016 at 10:27 PM, av93 said:

don't have the numbers, but establishing a trade route (better wiht an ally) is very good for your economy. You can change the resources you get in the upper icon. Allies get an additional share. Protect them.

It's somehow explained already. Maybe isn't very well explained.

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Good stuff, I can suggest another tip which is a feature that not many people use: the alarm bell, if you are in a tight spot activate it twice to automatically make all your women and workers garrison to wherever, this way if you get attacked they wont die therefore if you survive then you don't have to rebuild your economy.

Also something, which isn't really good for beginners however its good to get used to it, build a lot of barracks. I always have around 5 before I even go to second, it slows my production slightly, however it is recompensed since you can start micro-managing sooner therefore your production boosts incredibly fast after it, also it makes if faster to spam champs, having even just 15-20 champs really early in 3rd is very advantageous.

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Very good guide, useful for someone like me. I will definitely keep that in mind. I have a question, though. What should I do with my starting units? (Note: I mostly use Spartans, Athenians and Romans, if there's any difference among each)

For example, women go to berries and cavalry to the animals, but the men?

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1 hour ago, Zeta1127 said:

Actually, I don't think it really matters if citizen-soldiers cut down trees or not, since the bonus is extremely limited, instead I mainly use them for mining, quarrying, and building.

It is beneficial to mix some females with the males and some males with the females, because of the female aura. Maybe someone can do the math and find a good ratio for different resource.

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The best strategy in single player is keep raiding using cavalry constantly and drawing their forces out and get slaughtered when they go to your territory.   I always use 2 cavalry per enemy alternately raiding-heal. For multiple enemies it's best to have a map with treasures. 

Economy needs to be strengthened but not too much priority than military actions. The hardest AI can outboom you but militarywise they are dumb. 

For beginners it's best imo to set resources to low so management is easier. Slower speed can make micromanagement easier and the game is more fluid. 

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