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Programmer (Graphics, Gameplay, AI) - Mikita Hradovich (yet another (game) developer wants to participate)


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I've created task for this

By the way, could you please explain why such custom preprocessor is used? According to The OpenGL® Shading Language (1.10.59) spec, all directives are supported by built-in preprocessor (no #include support for to obvious reasons). I've checked Ogre3D ssource, there is no clear explanation here also

Hello nikagra, I forget the exact reasons. However we have a highly complex graphics system and the last time someone tried to remove it, things did not go well (for partially unrelated reasons).

Try asking Philip on IRC if you want the full history.

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Has been over a month, this function is still not achieved, @nikagra: my friends, where are you, your latest work progress? Please let us see the complete implementation of this SMAA function, thank you.

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