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[Crowd-Sourced] Trade Route Map

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Most metal near the southern mountain next to the trading town. An abundance of wood and food near the coast (and on that two islands in the delta), lots of fish in the sea. Either food or wood in the north behind the mountain range. Stone would make the area between the two mountains another place to fight for.

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I made some good progress on the painting so I thought it might be nice to share some pictures. Feedback very welcome.

Firstly I painted the Savannah, on the fly I changed the color composition a little to be somewhat warmer:


I did some experiments on the riverbed (to make a nice transition between savannah and desert). This is the point where I would like to have detailed feedback on.


I also made bridges for the road:


Lastly I made a small oasis to justify the presence of food:


I also made a github repo so you all can follow my progress. It's currently made in the Alpha 18 map format.


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