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chicken engine


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Hi, i am very much new here and i understand that its a strategie game so to much realism blocks startegie items.

I have some simple idears

I wondered very much about the 40 food points and the 4x walking for just a single chicken.

Especialy while a sheep is 100 food.

from my point of view a chicken should be 5 points only and you have 2 hands so in each hand you can have 1 chicken still giving 10 point of food with 1 walk.

I think to understand that the chickens don't multply at all and they are just a nice start up, like chickensoup as a starter.

My idears:


make a simple chicken engine that:

1) makes eggs. 1 egg = 1 food point, you will have to gather them

2) eggs become chickens (3 to 5 min?) so there will be more chickens to catch.

3) put a max off 100 to 250 eggs/chickens OR make 1 to 3 chicken nests per HOME.

4) woman and sinple soldiers might gather eggs and hunt chicken

b )

i noticed corpses are not decaying

If a single person is killed by wolves the corpse just layes there

If the corpse would decay in 3 or 4 steps, the wolf could eat from it during the first and maybe second decay setp

3) fresh corpse

2) rotting corpse


0) shield and sword to be gathered by woman and lowest soldiers, giving metal back 5-20 point depending on soldier rank?? woman dont have metal, so no stage 0

if gathered before stage 0, the corpse will be 'burried' and disapear


i red that once you have to much woman created they take up counter space

So they could be killed or slaved,


woman often travel with armies to make food and to care for the wounded and lonesome

So if you have this woman tribe behind you, your army might gain 5 to 10% strength becouse they are taken care for.

a mobile kitchen/hospital could be 5-8 woman on 100 soldiers

they will be slower then the priests, just a point per minute or some

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Corpses do decay. They sink into the ground slowly, and leave some blood for a few minutes. We don't have the man power to do a more visual pleasing decay for all units.

For the other things, they involve too much micro IMO. So it won't make it to the main game, but you're certainly allowed to make a mod that implements those things. It will ask some programming, and might not work out as you wanted, but the things you propose seem possible in a mod.

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I'd like this for trees though, seriously.

Trees will spray seeds around them slowly growing to new trees that spray there seeds...

Still the priority for the main game isn't high enough to get in I guess ^^

But I'd like a mod focusing on "living world simulation"!

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How do I go about controlling elephants? Do you mean assigning them to a player through the map editor? I can seem to own them but not control them at all.

I would totally like the ability to control any animal through this mean. Being able to create a scenario where you control animals would be beyond awesome!

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Heh, apparently, the generic "elephant" is considered agressive, while the asian, north-african and african bush elephant are defensive. So you can control the latter

The walrus is the only other defensive fauna unit.

And it seems you can't give all commands (like a move command is disabled), but you can give attack commands.

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