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Faction: Anglo-Saxons

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I want to make this map for later release as trigger defend the city from norse raiders scenario, so i've made 1 of the 3 churches. Map: Church:  

A crown for the saxons:  

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Updated Anglo-Saxon hero auras.

Alfred the Great

  • Secured Borders: Structures are 10% harder to capture while he lives.
  • Fyrd Reforms: Additional 15% movement speed for spear infantry.


Offa of Mercia

  • Mercian Hegemony: Additional 10% territory effect for all structures while he lives.
  • Influence: Reduce the health points of enemy heroes by 10%
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11 hours ago, stanislas69 said:

Maybe add some corner stones for the entrance. Also the roof should end with stones according to the picture. Add a bench and a few props nature if you will and you'll be good to go.

not sure if should add more tris, its reaching the 10k because of the stones, but the props for sure.

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