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What 0S Do You Run?


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Linux here.

If you need stupid reasons to use The Greatest OS ever Invented, here's one:

It makes you look smarter. Example:

You walk to some nerds and say ''I just downloaded Linux Mdk 9.1 and the 2.6Kernel, Mdk comes with Kernel 2.4.21-0.13mdk so I had to do a bit of recompile.''

Boy will they think you are smart. And say ''EMMM-DAEAEA-KAAAA'' not Mandrake.

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We bought ME for two of our comps here at home when it first came out. On one, it ran perfect, the other, bug city! Blue screen of death everytime we turned around..the two machines were virtual identical, hardware and software..maintained the same, etc. Upgraded both to XP, no more problems....I've had XP for about 3 months before release, NOT ONE BLUE SCREEN!! That's says a LOT about an OS!

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Windows 98 was the biggest pain in the butt I ever had (computer-wise), crash fest every day. Well, now I have WinXP Home, and it's a big improvement. It still isn't as stable as I would like to have it. And it's still a Microsoft product, meaning not enough customization unless you want to dig up some money, or not enough compatibility with all those great open sources apps/languages.

If I ever have the courage I'll buy a good Linux distro, but I just don't want to do anything wrong with my laptop, and I'm not such a computer expert. You see, I have three partitions (data, backup, restore). If you make one out of them, install Linux, but then want to switch to win again I have no clue how to make those partitions again (since one is a winxp restore).

Anyway, lets wait until TCPA makes me angry enough to move to Linux ;)

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2000. As I understand it, many still shirk the XP because it changes many files and functions around, and programmers who deal with windows often get annoyed, and some people also experience problems with it. Nevertheless, with new computers shipping with XP you can expect casual users to keep it, and as time goes on you can expect the more experienced users to deal with the change in the OS and move on. By the results of the poll, I'd say this is already happening. ;)

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