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Civ: Mycenaeans


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awesome, pretty good example to later test the engine capability of exchanging props on timetag (each linear line). All forks should be added as tech.

As I foresee the tech system (and I have a pseudo code draft) one should be able to switch techs for each unit type or even for single units back and forth. i.e. if there's not enough resources for the most advanced helmet, then go back a bit in the tech tree to recruit units with simpler + cheaper items. This means you could provide your modern times tank grenadiers with farmer's sickle if you are really low on resources.

The good thing with the back and forth in the tech tree is also that more equal techs are possible which can be chosen from.

Switching back and forth in a tech tree is pretty clear to everyone.

What I also wished we had is switching in parallel which is also possible via the back and forth!

I have highlighted two examples as of where this selection of equal / parallel contemporary techs via switching back and forth in the tech tree can be seen:


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I find the helmets as an odd reference for Mycenae, since Mycenae, like the Hittites, fell with the Bronze Collapse around 1200BCE.

Anyways, here's some Mycenaen sword recreations.


Ancient Greece also had some of the first directly mounted cavalry, or so it may be believed. While the earliest recorded are either Scythian or Assyrian riders around 800, the ancient Greeks may have directly mounted by 1400BCE.

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I would personally restrict the armor to heroes given how difficult it would be to access such a suit of armor at that time. On another note, maybe you could try to incorporate some shield variations such as using the shapes from this piece of pottery and the picture from the "Lion Hunt" dagger.



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