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The Big Eyecandy Progress List

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I propose these eyecandies:


-Zombie: Very slow unit with high hp and high attack but no armor.

-Skeleton warrior: shield, helmet and sword.

-Skeleton archer: helmet, bow.

-Skeleton cavarly: helmet, sekeleton horse, sword, shield.

-Skeleton pikeman: shield, helmet, pike.

-Skeleton captain: shield, helmet, armor and sword.


-Devoured corpse.

-Lower body part (legs).

-Upper body part (head and arms).

-Blood stains.

-Fire and smoke.


-Undecaying ruins.

-Burned tree.

-UFO crash.


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there alot ideas for Romans props from a Fort/Castle frontier.   

That looks nice Idawin! Very cool editor object to make cool scenarios. I also made some eyecandy. This tents will be used in the Ptolemaic mercenary camp that will be coming soon, but the tents wil

What game is this Lion? I am actually pretty impressed. EDIT: Got it. It's Grand Ages: Rome.

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Also male villagers (like a female villager with manly voice and male skin) for scenario design purposes.

I know this go against the game but they would be standing units not real villagers, i can imagine dozens of cases where you would need standing male villagers or villages populated with villagers but with no soldiers.

Perhaps with different tools on their hands, like farmers with hats and hoes, fishermen with nets, blacksmiths with hammers, etc.

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exotic barbarian u its, Amazons units, militia with lather armor and a helmet, and a spear or a club.


Perhaps some historical units?


Gaisofluxo Frijot



Amazons? no way!

Militia, you mean generic militia? That's hard, not every civilization have the same militia because they are those citizen soldier!

But, i have some unit i wish that they would be one of the eyecandy unit:


Makkabaioi Zelotai (Maccabean Zelots)

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Is not bad idea hsve spear or club units with generic shield for CC and other for explorer.

Perhaps you could turn these units as town patrol, night watch and angry mob for special scenario or certain custom campaign.

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I think "standing male villagers" should be included, not the type of villager that can collect resources but a normal male villager that can't become a soldier just for scenario design purposes. Perhaps with different tools, like one with a sickle and a farmer hat, another with a fishing net, carrying a dead sheep, ect. Perhaps able to perform animations like simulate that they are talking with other people infront of them (moving their hands as if their were talking "a la italiana"), sat down and sleeping (like the mexican stereotype of the sleeping dood), n stuff.

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An alternative male villager (with all the functions of females) in the editor should do imo. There's one already, the slave, Greek looking though. Maybe one for each civ?

agree on it's to change the texture,where is slave texture? And see how can be changed with Photoshop or gimp.
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