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Alpha XI Name Suggestions


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Maybe we should be careful when we use names like Kali because unlike Greek or Roman religions the religon of Ancient India

is still practiced today and could offend someone.


Here are some possibilities:

Kaisareia (Caesarea, although it might be more appropriate to do the latin, in which case I don't believe the K works)

Also, any number of Greek words that begin with kata could work (many of them have war implications of major throw down).

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Cakravārtin. Ths is the Indian term and pathos for the "World Conqueror." Chandragupta Maurya was this, for the Indian idea of "world conqueror" meant only to unite the Indian subcontinent and culturally similar lands. Maurya with his strategist Kautilya conquored nearly all the subcontinent all the way to the borders of Persia, defeating the Alexander's Greeks in Punjab and Sindh and signing a peace treaty with Seleucus. The Cakravārtin was not meant to conquor the mlecchas, or barbarians outside Indian culture. Cakra, or wheel, may show the limit the world conqueror may achieve, which is as far as a chariots wheels may roll. The Mauryan Empire idea for the upcoming patch is great for the cultural, diplomatic, and military powers of this empire rivals that of Alexander's...I'd say surpassing it... I'll try to find something with a K, but c or ch is close, right? =p

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Kleopatra, the Greek spelling of Cleopatra, the name of every Ptolemaic queen. They could include the unique buildings for the Macedonia faction, the lighthouse and library. These buildings were also famous landmarks of ancient Alexandria, the capitol of the Ptolemaic Empire.

Maybe also Krishna, an "avatar" of the god Vishnu, who is the lord of the universe in Hinduism

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- kinesis, movement => like this game!

- koinê, from greek koinos (common), attica? (french: attique) dialect mixed by Ionic elements, which became the common language of all the Greek world in the hellenistic and Roman period

- Korê: Statue of a standing young girl,typical of the archaic greek art

- Ksi: 14th letter of the geek alphabet

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From the contact form:

Name: Joe Wood

Alias: JoeForest

Body: Hi! I\'ve recently discovered this game of yours and, personally, I love it. I\'ve always enjoyed RTS and similar games (Age of Empires, Total War etc.) and this is an amazing one, seeing as it\'s still only in Alpha, especially for an indie game! I also can\'t help but notice the next update, \'K\'. Now, as a Classical Civilisations student, that brings only one thing to mind - Kleos. You may well have already heard of it, but I think that Kleos, one of the defining points of warrior culture from Hellenistic times up to the Peloponnesian war, would be unmissable in a game such as this!

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