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  1. Could there be a bell system to call in the villager-type units into the closes building when you're being attacked?
  2. I think the food supply idea would limit some aspects of the game (as previously mentioned with the storage facility being destroyed), like having that food supply limit the amount of units you can have. But the animals and other aspects of the environment would create a much more realistic experience when playing the game. Birds flying away when troops are storming their way, or having the already-present animals move more realistically. And as a comment, the first time I saw the elephants move in-game, I thought it was funny how they just float/drag themselves around without moving their fee
  3. I'm interested! Although i'm new here, so I can't use PMs yet And since that is a function to prevent spamming, it seems counter-productive to just comment on random threads.
  4. Keraunos- means thunder or thunderbolt in greek, and was the epithet for Ptolemy Keraunos, the king of Macedon for a few years in 3rd century BC
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