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  1. I support add this option to the game, and also the climate changes.
  2. One question, cppCheck is only for Windows or could i use it under terminal in Linux/OSX ???
  3. I could test the version with SDL 2.0 if you compile it for me. I can't answer the comment cause i'm not a developer. I can do any test you want. More info: yesterday i play the alpha 13 version. The cursor problem only appear in fullscreen mode. I change the config file to play in windowed mode and the mouse accuracy is good. The game is algo playable and looks really nice, the use of CPU is good, not more of 15% in my 4 cores i7. But i only play half an hour.
  4. That the problem I reported in the past, there is a ticket open in Alpha 14 to solve that. In alpha 13 Magdhala the game is still unplayable with the default parameters. The problem with the cursor is one of them, another one is the game resolution. When you open the game there are parts of the main screen of the game which are out of the laptop screen. I think that's because the screen resolution of the Retina, 2880x1800 in 15" model. Short solution: Change the game parameter in the configuration file. But thats don't solve the problem with the cursor in the game menu. But you can play the game. Long solution: wait till the programmers found a solution and the implement it for alpha 14. I have the same problem and i'm using OS X 10.8.3 with all the updates. If you need more info or to test something contact with me.
  5. Great idea. Add new game possibilities increase the way people play the game and increase the possibilities.
  6. Please take care to this great effect that could do the game go to a next level in strategy. It's not only a visual effect even an strategy advantage for attackers.
  7. I think that a very important thing for the game, for starter and for have schemas of technologies and other game evolutions. The format is good but we must take care in image size because nowadays manual size is 10.5Mb with only 10 pages almost in blank. I think the problem is the 0ad logo in the portrait. I think this manual must be put in the subversion/version control to allow more user to deal with it. Start with the english version and allow other users start the translation to other languages like Spanish, Russian, German, etc. Great work.
  8. Looks really good. Nice to put enemies captured in this "jail". Seems a nice option but need many coding lines to add game coherence.
  9. Madre mía, pues si que es pequeño el mundo. No obstante ahora por motivos de curro vivo en Madrid aunque suelo venir bastante por Zaragoza. Menudo crack del modelado en 3D estás hecho. Yo soy más programador aunque no tengo tiempo para meterme en el proyecto del juego. No obstante estoy haciendo uno mucho más modesto por mi cuenta y en 2D.
  10. Maño es un apelativo cariñoso de los ciudadanos de la región de España llamada Aragón. Aragón es una Región española proviniente del Antiguo Reino/Corona de Aragón que se localiza a la izquierda de Cataluña, al este de Castilla y León y al sur de Francia. Para dar más información, Soria está a no muchos kilómetros de la capital de Aragón.
  11. I would love to see day & night cycle, for a game option if you prefer. Attack during the night could modify defenders numbers if they haven't got torches or something to light the darkness. Attackers would have some advantage when they stated an attack in the battlecamp coming from a hill or something similar.
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