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  1. I beleive so, I just did an update about a week ago. I got it to work once (I don't know how exactly), but now I am running it in windows mode. At least I am playing, even though only in 3/4 of the screen, better than nothing!! Love the game so far!
  2. Hello all, great game so far... Although, I only managed to play once. When I load the game it locks up in the main screen at "welcome to 0ad". When I move my mouse it won't highlight over the buttons in yellow. I got the game to work once, but for whatever reason, I cannot figure out how to proceed. When I force-quit and reload the game, once in a while I notice either of the buttons highlight yellow on their own for a split second once the page appears, and then it seems like it freezes. The backround still rotates and the music plays but I can't advance. Please help me enjoy this game!! I am using a Mac Retina, newest version Loucetios.
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