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  1. One thing I could point out, I never destroy mosques in AoE3. It's not required in order to win since it is just a support building anyway. If I understand correctly (I haven't played enough to know), it would work similarly here anyway, right? At least somebody could avoid it in single-player scenarios (since in multiplayer the other person could choose to destroy it).
  2. Yeah, I could see that as a problem. I mean, I don't feel any remorse for raising a digital building to the ground, religious or otherwise. On the other hand, simulating the destruction of a sacred structure isn't always best move even if it is an altar without gods. I can see arguments on both sides. I know if people simulated destroying my religion's most sacred structures, people would throw a fit. At the same time, this is a historical game and it is a common issue in historical war (temples, mosques, churches, etc.).
  3. A man after my own heart! Welcome, and cool icon btw. Any idea what it reads? (sadly, I didn't get to learn any cuneiform).
  4. Agreed! My analysis: Pros: Cavalry could help gather. Cavalry would cost less to replace. Cons: Being on the front line, you could get attacked at any moment and be at a huge disadvantage. Cavalry would essentially become three units in one--horse, footman, and rider Too much programming Too many stats to deal with Too much to manage Nothing for the horse to do Too much animation Too many options What do you do with a horse now that it's rider is dead? Why would you want to separate a horse from his faithful friend? It's glorious to go down together I think the idea of having caval
  5. Yeah, games won/lost can work in certain setups (like if there are ranked and unranked games), but where this is not a competitive online game, I agree that profiles are not the place for it.
  6. Yeah, the Roman (and by Roman I mean Latin) titles are the way to go I think
  7. It seems like it can be hard to get loads of good information (it exists, but you really have to know how to search it and educational sites/libraries are the best bet). I know that we have people in the forums from all over the world. Do we have people from India (or the areas of the Mauryan empire since it appears to be a little more extensive than moder India)? I wonder if they would have good access to pictures and books and if we could send them messages to solicit for help.
  8. Hoplite General Commander Soldier Ensign Explorer Sergeant Chief Ruler Chief Advisor Conqueror Emperor Citizen Civilian Major Scholar Scribe Merchant Messenger Scout Centurion
  9. I wouldn't say I'm fluent (I took just over two years), but I know Arabic. I can read biblical Hebrew and Aramaic decently, but that's ancient language. I know some Greek, French, and Spanish too, but I'm far from an expert.
  10. Agreed there, and in that case it makes some sense. Although I prefer the option to enable gore (initially off) rather than to turn gore off (it makes more sense to allow players to turn it on if they really want it rather than have players that don't want it be turned off or have to see it first). Also, it's still easier to leave it out because that allows parents not to worry if their kid will turn it on. Personally, somewhat more realistic deaths aren't a problem to me. Rotting corpses in AoE Online (and by rotting I mean sudden change to bones and then disappearing lol) and fly corpses in
  11. One thing I also thought of. One thing that really throws me off about AoE 3 is that they included religious buildings, and then you can take your cannons, torches, or what not an desecrate them. It was kind of unfortunate to have mosques and such in there considering how many people I know would be offended by something like that. I could see the same happening here, so it would probably be good to be careful about what kind of architecture you implement.
  12. Disagree in multiple ways. While there are definite exceptions, much of the crowd this game attracts is used to RTS games with little to no blood like Age of Empires (I'm one of them and prefer it that way). It allows the game to be played by a younger audience. It also avoids attracting weirdos getting a kick out of slaughtering civilizations they think of as the "other." Since the game has a tendency to be somewhat educational (lots of research is put into the game to get real military units, timeline, etc.), it makes sense to go for a broader audience. Also, realistic death requires more a
  13. A few things I pulled up in a bing search using this search parameter: mauryan architecture site:.edu Not all of the sources are good for Architecture, but they say stuff relevant to producing this faction. http://depts.washing...s/mauryans.html http://www.sscnet.uc...hit/Archit.html http://www.cs.colost...iya/ashoka.html - had stuff about what they used for food, so I figured it might be good to read through for that and other stuff http://www.uncp.edu/...e_asian_civ.htm http://www.engr.sjsu...0of%20India.pdf – Just look up what it says about Ashoka (he may not be a good option for a Hero bec
  14. Some gamers prefer campaigns, some scenarios, some co-op, and some pvp. Some prefer certain factions, certain styles of play, etc. Some are okay with cheats, and some not. You get the idea (quitting before you feel like this--> ). I think it would be awesome if this game had profiles (on this site and linked in-game, or in-game profile options). The profiles could have details like this so people could find people they'd like to play with or just learn about the people they play with. It would also give the game more of a community, which is a big deal both with RTS games and with open s
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