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Did you contribute to 0 AD? Make sure you get in the credits!

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Thankyou guys,

Its been so long, that time I was pretty much at the begining of my career but i still keep coming back here and love the way the game is going. And WFG is very unique as it has survived the odds and it has such a super loving community.

Saurabh Torne

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The list is now up-to-date with respect to SVN contributions (pfiouu!)

There is now a Credits page in-game and contributors are invited to update it when they propose patches. If anyone is missing please report to http://trac.wildfiregames

I've contributed some new textures for the Gallic units. Arjel Kenneth (wackyserious/arjelkenneth)

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Please add dashinvain to the Art team

'Jubalbraca' should be 'Jubalbarca'

Also we can remove the '*Creator of Jubot - Changeset 9309' and '*Creator of qBot' lines since the section titles already suggest that. (The AI specific sections might not even be needed at all, since we don't distinguish other programming features in this way)

Thanks gudo! :)

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Just shut up and put myconid on the f*cking list!

edit: Sorry, don't get me wrong, didn't want to attack anyone!

Not sure what's your point or the reason for those words. Myconid doesn't have any code in the game yet, so there's no reason to add him to the credits (yet! As soon as he does have some of his code in the game, of course he should be added :) ). Also, no one did mention him so I'm really not sure why you would say anything other than "I think you should add ..." :unsure: Either way, thanks for caring for him ;)

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Do you really think that your phrasing is appropriate Almin?

myconid will be included in the credits after some some of his code gets commited (to svn).

To add something constructive to this topic:


ryan827 - Ryan Davies

mattlott - Matt Lott

Add to Mapping:

Yodaspirine (for the migration map (see http://www.wildfireg...showtopic=14990) and Azure Coast (probably some more))

SMST (migration map)

NOXAS1 (migration map)

Add to Programming:

deebee - Deepak Anthony


Add to Sound:

DynamiteSoundBytes (actually three guys)

EDIT: Erik was faster (and probably phrased it better than I did, but nonetheless I provided some more people to be included).

EDIT2: Pureon also contributed a map.

Edited by leper
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Also, I think the standard is that if someone's work makes it in, they stay in the credits even if their work doesn't make it into the final game. It's all part of the process of making and advancing the game. As for myconid, I think he'll be added shortly (once his work is actually added), but Erik probably phrased it best. :)

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Sorry guys, was on vacation, I'll update the list soon. BobJelly, I'll remove you from the list. And I thought it was already agreed that we wouldn't remove people who made contributions that were subsequently replaced.

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It is now if nothing else =) And also as has been mentioned the size of the contribution shouldn't really matter, if someone has submitted one patch shouldn't mean he/she's listed higher than someone who's submitted dozens. Each and every bit is valuable :) (That said, there are people without whom the project wouldn't have kept on going through the years, and who just by their passion and steadfastness - plus often huge amount of work - have meant that we have a 0 A.D. today. People like Ken Wood (Phoenix-TheRealDeal), Michael Hafer (Mythos_Ruler), Jason Bishop (Wijitmaker), Philip Taylor (Ykkrosh), and I think they deserve special mention. :) As it is now is fine, I'm just saying that they are an exception to the "everyone should be listed equal to everyone else" rule :) )

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