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  1. Hey guys, I was one of the original developers of Rise of the East back in 2010 when it was just me and Kimball. I'm totally down with this mod merge thingy.
  2. It's been years since I checked in on this project. All of this looks amazing.
  3. To 3d art: Brightgalrs - Robert D. Schultz Modelled and mapped the following: hell_wall_tower rome_arch obelisk iber_defense_tower Michael will vouch for me.
  4. Tedious micromanagement? No thank you. If anything make it so you can take armor off of soldiers you train from the barracks.
  5. Might I suggest a Buddhist "Stūpa" (reliquary) as the special building? I've done a quick model, dunno if its any good.
  6. Allow me to explain Michael's proposal better. Consider this equation here where Y-axis is the chance for the attacker to hit the defender and the X-axis is the attacker's attack minus the defender's defense. You can see that when the attacker's attack is equal to the defender's defense the chance for a hit is 50%. As we give more of an advantage to the attacker the chance to hit approaches 100% and as we give more of an advantage to the defender the chance to hit approaches 0%. This system is nice because it allows crap units to occasionally hit well uber units and for uber units to miss sometimes.
  7. English Basque "Iberian" port kaiatik kaitik fortress gotorleku gotoŕleku wall horma orma gate atea ate market merkatu merkatu barracks kuartela kauŕtela house etxe ete stable egonkorra egonkoŕa field eremua erema mill errota eŕota farmstead baserria baseŕia tower dorrea doŕe temple tenplu tenblu
  8. I think it would be very easy to "translate" Basque words into fake-Iberian words. We know a lot of about the Iberian language, so it should be possible to retro-transliterate them if we had the Basque words and how they were pronounced. Iberian alphabet: a,e,i,o,u,g,k,b,d,t,s,ś,r,ŕ,l,m,n,ḿ r=[ɾ] ŕ=[r] or [ɽ] s=[ts] or [tʃ] ś= l=[l] (seems that ŕ works in its place) n=[n] m=[n] (nasalizes the preceding vowel) ḿ=[na] Everything else seems to be the English equivalent. Notes: There is no 'p'('p' -> 'b') There is no 'j' or 'w' either. (not sure about 'j') ('w' -> 'b' maybe) If two vowels are next to each other the second one needs to be either a 'i' or 'u'
  9. Dock placement seems a bit picky. It seems that it only allows a little part of the dock to extend into the water. How about as long as the dock is touching land it can be placed?
  10. I think what he's trying to say is that the letters A and D are pronounced differently in other languages so they should use their local pronunciation.
  11. Really great job. Someone moved the page to 0 A.D. instead of 0 A.D. (Jogo electronico), but that's not a problem.
  12. If you guys are itching to translate something 0 A.D. related the 0 A.D. article over at the English Wikipedia needs translating into other languages. Anyone interested?
  13. Nevermind! Lol, forgot to select the "Use UV image mats" while exporting.
  14. Collada (.dae) I export from blender using the built in 1.4 Collada Exporter fails to load in 0 a.d. Any ideas why?
  15. I would love to see something like that. Nothing as advanced as the RTW campaign map, but something more like risk but with each province corresponding to a biome. It would be two player (1v1), yeah...
  16. The cartoony graphics I can deal with, I play games for gameplay (Dwarf Fortress, EU3, Minecraft, Age of Mythology). The real problems are: a) One civilization "at release", aka everything else will be DLC Balance will suck, everyone will be at different homecity levels c) They aren't even trying to base anything off of history - duelwielding hypaspists Michael pointed out
  17. I only did the simple models and mapping, Michael the Modest did the textures.
  18. Quite a nostalgia injection I got off that tower! Age of Kings I believe.
  19. That ford is amazing. Is it terrain with a leafy texture or an actor?
  20. Well first, the link to the plugin for 3dsmax is broken here. Second, I don't think that would help me because it is made for 3dsmax 6, while I'm running 3dsmax 9. Is there another way to add prop points?
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