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  1. I have a skeleton rigged to a model and an animation already completed. I have experience in exporting static models into .dae. Some questions: Do I export just the skeleton? just the model? both? There are some options that come up when exporting, do any of them need to be selected? Any particular length the animation has to be? (I'm using 3dsmax 9 btw)
  2. If it's really bad you can always revert to an earlier build.
  3. How do I export an animation from 3dsmax to .dae? The artist design document is rather incomplete
  4. I've been following Wolfire's development of Overgrowth closely. Excellent concept.
  5. I love the enthusiasm, but Wildfire games already has plenty of concept art. Check it out
  6. Ironically, I thought the PMD was the new format. Lol Thanks for the help, but still this is a bit annoying. Almost all of the building meshes are uneditable.
  7. How exactly do you import a .pmd file, and export into it? I've read through the Wiki, but all I can find is a reference to "pmdexp" tool, which I can not find. So where is this pmdexp tool, and if that only exports to pmd, how do I import to 3ds max?
  8. Congratulations Wildfire games and contributing parties! Third place, right up there with Natural Selection 2 and Overgrowth! Not bad at all.
  9. Professional games take 2-5 years to make. It isn't unusual or surprising that this is taking a little longer.
  10. Strong polearms, you say? I am making an outline for both the Han Dynasty and Mauryan Empire, so I will certainly incorporate those ideas.
  11. If china was to be modded in, then it would be represented at it's pinnacle of power or unification.
  12. RTS+RTT=RTO? Real time operational? Cookies for anyone who gets this.
  13. A Civ RTS would be very cool.
  14. This is pretty awesome. Pretty cool how we have Hebrew, but not Spanish. I'm gonna try to get my friend to do Vietnamese.
  15. My friend had the same problem with his ATI graphics card.
  16. http://wildfiregames.com/0ad/album_page.php?pic_id=12162 Take a good hard look. No ladders though.
  17. Simply playing around in the editor and modding a few units is really awesome.
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