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  1. I was actually not talking about ragdoll physics , I was talking about a physics engine , with wind ,cloth simulation , realistic effects ( such as fire )and also a more realistic lighting simulation (you should better advance from what other people have already made and make something better (from something that is free, open source and is almost literarily in front of you) than start from the beginning.If you want to improve a car design , you do not start by re inventing the steam engine, then the gasoline engine (and if you are doing a hibrid car , the electric engine also and the batter
  2. This is a nice game with a nice idea , but when you try it out , it is lifeless, the shadow rendering is not realistic ( shadow contrast is hardly seen where it should be) also , bloom, depth of field, per pixel lightning and high dynamic range (for fast computers) are required. Also you really require a physics engine in this game (the only thing in this until now is the water).(Also , making a new engine wouldn't have much sense since it would be reinventing the wheel, and it could be much better to improve (and in some ways possibly combine) other open source engines , for example a bullet
  3. Id be glad to help , but there is one problem I dont know how to use development tools ( like modeling tools) and I dont really think of using something very complicated. Is there some tool to let me contribute to this game (an example would be an easy modeling tool ) or to help you guys in some other way Thanks
  4. I believe users should be able to change the options of aa/af HDR SSAO and others from within a game since this is super important for users who do not know how to utitilize the control panel or find a way to apply these without side effects( like in AOM when you apply AA the text and other things in it look wierd) also , it should be something incorporated into the graphics engine so as to later not have problems with the engine
  5. This could be another addition to make it more 'newer' : SSAO as a option SSAO definition I also found this : SSAO implementation and script Also advances shadows , shaders , anti aliasing and Anisotropic filtering should be implemented
  6. Thanks for the tip, and also sorry if the way I said it was not nice that wasn't my intention , I didn't think I was saying it in a bad manner . It is just that If you guys need to change something in an serious matter ( since many people "would consider this an'old game' (the website itself in 0 AD said this) " I myself wouldn't. if you want to make it look 'newer ' "you seriously" should change these defects.)I believe that these things I pointed out are some of them.
  7. First and most important , you guys should make a dead zone in the game (this is a zone where if you scroll the mouse to the edge of the screen , the "map" will move eastward or any other direction like in AOE or any other game. Better said , a person to scroll the map should just have to drag the mouse to the edge of the screen instead of using the keyboard ( If you have this "dead zone" made already you should make the zone much more bigger like in any AOE game. Second there is an animation problem concerning the female citizens , if you guys didn notice , they walk in a strange pace, you sh
  8. Thanks I have made a map and am planing on uploading Did you guys try my installer (please try it) I might prove useful making installers for 0 AD
  9. My idea would be that your program which you used to build and make 0 ad is inefficient , build it using the steps shown .
  10. Gustavo Ulate e mail : GustavoUlate@yahoo.es Desirable applications : can make maps (scenario editor) and made an installer for 0 ad ( can make installers ) Contact me at http://www.wildfiregames.com/forum/index.p...opic=12917&st=0 Also please read comments/replies I put in there. I might make new posts concerning this I would be delighted if the 0 ad group would tell me what maps to make since I make beautiful maps if I take my time
  11. I am good making maps for 0 AD( I spend a lot of time in AOM and age of empires making them , maybe I can contribute in that case If you show me of a tool to make maps
  12. please don't respond to this unless you have tried the installer
  13. I made another installer which is more advanced. The download site is here http://www.megaupload.com/?d=SQGJ0X9C (In case you dont know how to download from megaupload :enter the captcha in the "captcha box " at the notheastern part of the website then wait the download time and download) Instructions are included at the installer : update after the installation finishes and compile using the build instructions included in the installer you should read everything in the installer This installer was also autochecked and also note that it doesn't include any virus or spyware , troyan horse , etc
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