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  1. A censor system, eh... @#$%, @#$%, darn, @#$%, @#$%, @#$%, @#$%, @#$%, and @#$%. So it replaces most with just "@#$%"...
  2. This idea wouldn't be very good if it was historically accurate. A more fantasy approach would be more interesting.
  3. About the water resource, isn't that represented by building Civ Centers on top of wells?
  4. @Main Post Water is represented in food. Steel and Wealth are represented in ore. Wood and Stone. See? They are way ahead of you.
  5. Hmmmmmm.... I'm getting an idea from all these posts... jk jk
  6. It's a pity that we did not make it to the "top 5 best indie games", but they lumped released indies with the upcoming ones. How can we compare to Mount and Blade, which has a community of hundreds...
  7. Greeks, Egyptians, Norse, Mayans, and Hindus.
  8. You see that? Right next to portal too.
  9. Japan will be hard, they did not have a distinct military like Han China or Mauryan Indian had.
  10. Alphabetical, I thought the same thing too...
  11. Good work Wildfire Games! Here is the link to 2nd phase voting.
  12. Conversion should be a special ability for one civilization.
  13. Wouldn't be too hard, 'simply' add: Myth units to temples A few "mythological" heroes A system for god worship God powers? Easy right?
  14. He offered me nothing constructive. Being in a leading position makes this even more critical. It's that time of the month.... Sorry CheeZy. Why create a suggestion forum? I do not like an idea dismissed without someone telling me how it could be better. Nope. We are thinking now... funny how this idea comes up in the middle of an argument against my idea... Is a few houses enough to house an entire population? I don't think so. Post dissection done.
  15. Would be an abuse of power... wouldn't it?
  16. Yes, seeing a territory revolting, and becoming another belligerent would be very fun. Something as simple as moving a hero into the territory, OMG so much micro. My time! it's.... it's being wasted! Idiot. Their would be condition, not hard ones to meet, space out your resources a bit, build a temple/theatre, move a hero into the territory. Also, congratulations on what you want. It's not like anyone else will be playing.... right? @Your post in general Ignorant, narrow minded, needs more constructive criticism. There's much to be explored in this area, I will laugh at you if this makes it
  17. Taxes? Do you have those in the game? Nah, but probably having too many workers in one region, or the distance from your starting Civic Center?
  18. A territory revolts and starts acting like a separate player, would be cool.
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