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  1. Thankyou guys, Its been so long, that time I was pretty much at the begining of my career but i still keep coming back here and love the way the game is going. And WFG is very unique as it has survived the odds and it has such a super loving community. Saurabh Torne
  2. Hey Paal_101, I am working on my game that will be comming soon. Besides that I did other things. Is there a copy of 0AD out for d/l.
  3. HI everyone.Its been a long time since I worked for the 0AD project. A lot of changes since then. And I like that. In those days around 2001 I had a 33.3kbps connection and was very difficult for me to work on large files and bandwidth. But now things have changed. I have a broadband now, a cool 256kbps++ and I very keen on getting a copy of 0AD. Also this was one of my very first game projects that I worked on and so I will always remember about it though I visited this site after a long time and My Login still works Hurray. Hail to 0AD Community.
  4. I gotit , meet me right now if you read this
  5. Do we have a IRC chartoom? Channel and server please.
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